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  1. Ripcord

    P3D v3 My AI Is missing

    I sorted it. It was not the AFCAD at all. It was some FS-9 traffic files that were in there. They were super localized, evidently, so that they didn't have an impact in other areas. I used AIFP3 to scan and convert them. Easy.
  2. Ripcord

    P3D v3 My AI Is missing

    Hi Brian. I am also dealing with this in P3D v4 at a couple places - I do have AI traffic, and I see the aircraft at other locations, so this suggests my problem is at my modified airport location - eg., I did something wrong with my AFCAD, I guess. Do you have no AI at all? Or just none...
  3. Ripcord

    P3D v4 Weeze freeware (released)

    He has also posted it to AVSIM - just search his name, or search for Weeze. You will find it.
  4. Ripcord

    P3D airports not showing AI

    fixed - not an AFCAD problem. I needed to track down some FS9 traffic files. It thru me off because most of these AI aircraft showed up fine elsewhere, and I did have some traffic here in this location. I would have expected NO AI traffic to show at all, so I didn't really investigate this...
  5. Ripcord

    FSX Ala12v Torrejon AB

    And here is the email address from their FB page: info@ala12.com
  6. Ripcord

    FSX Ala12v Torrejon AB

    Here is the readme file: VERSION FOR FSX 1.0 INSTALATION ------------------------------ YOU HAVE TO COPY THE FOLDERS INTO "FOR FSX" in this .rar AND PUT THIS FOLDER IN THE MAIN FOLDER OF YOUR SIMULATOR (C:/Program files/Microsoft games/Microsoft Flight Simulator X) FINALLY YOU HAVE TO ADD...
  7. Ripcord

    FSX Ala12v Torrejon AB

    I have it in my files, but can I redistribute it?
  8. Ripcord

    ADE Basics - Videos by Mark from Soarfly Concepts

    FINALLY FOUND THIS! For anyone else sifting thru these forums to solve this conundrum, I was unable to figure out how to rotate textures inside the GP poly editor in ADE. Mark demonstrated this in Part 2 of his video series (right about 24 minutes in). Thanks Mark, I have watched these...
  9. Ripcord

    FSX Airport ground made entirely out of photoscenery, bad idea? (FSX)

    I know one developer that did this with some degree of success. No ground polys just ADE lines. Have a look at FlightSimDev on YouTube - Larry in OZ.
  10. Ripcord

    P3D v4 Unable to create BGL file - error illegal name character

    I am sharing this because I found my own solution, and it was so crazy obvious that I am actually embarrassed. I had no issues at all converting this to a MDL file but I was getting frustrated not being able to use MCX to create a BGL file. Checked all the SDK locations, etc. What was...
  11. Ripcord

    MSFS River Boat AI!

    Wow. Looks like home. I grew up just down river a couple hours.
  12. Ripcord

    My Youtube Channel: The Flight Simulation Museum

    Dude, you got 500+ subs on 6 videos! I'd say you chose a good niche to focus on here - keep it going, man!
  13. Ripcord

    P3D v4 Oakland International Airport (v1.1 released)

    See my earlier posts in this thread (page 2 I think) - there is an exclusion file that addresses this.
  14. Ripcord

    P3D v5 Heading to Ohrid!

    I picked this one up on sale today. Looks nice. I will say that I am experiencing something that causes a hidden collision when I start on the runway. Trying to see if there is something that might be interfering? I came here, just to check to see if this is a known/common problem (with a...
  15. Ripcord

    MSFS Global AI Ship Traffic FSX, P3D and MSFS2020

    Henrik, sorry to ask - is it true that all your ships cannot have hardened surfaces, eg., are not landable, in MSFS? Somewhere I read that only static objects could have hard surfaces. And in fact, my question that have been trying to answer is this: Is this new carrier in MSFS actually...
  16. Ripcord

    P3D v4 KDAL

    I'll take a copy! Nice.
  17. Ripcord

    MSFS MV-22B Osprey Release 3.0

    Hey brother, didn't know you had a channel. Nice. New subscriber here. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to watching more.
  18. Ripcord

    P3D v4 Scenery EBFS Florennes AB (Belgium) almost finish

    I am looking forward to this - hoping you might do more bases like this in Europe.... maybe Spang or Aviano or someplace like these with similar structures/objects.
  19. Ripcord

    River boats (Tugboats or Push boats)

    Those are views of work boats on the Columbia River.
  20. Ripcord

    P3D v4 The new version of Suvarnabhumi Airport (VTBS)

    Looks great sir. I'll get this one when ready, to replace your previous version which I am using.