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  1. sunayk

    UDIM - MSFS?

    Briefly, No MSFS SDK doesn't support UDIM workflow.
  2. sunayk

    Time to Retire

    Thank you for your great contribution to the community, ADE was/is one of the main tools of countless developers for many years. You contributed to the joy of many many users. Enjoy retirement! :) :)
  3. sunayk

    ChatGPT and MSFS developement

    Apart from ChatGTP, the use of DALL-E for parallax image generation is also an interesting idea, a pity the message got lost. Can we have that note again? Or did anybody get the reference before the message disappeared ?
  4. sunayk

    MSFS The shine of the Sun on the trees - impossible to fix

    Have you checked this thread ? Assume vertical normal True +Using "fake terrain" as material..
  5. sunayk

    Custom ILS doesn't appear after SDK version 0.19.3

    Yes, also in my case Navigraph ILS overrides my custom ILS, even though I change the priority in xml/Package Reorder Tool. I guess Navigraph found a way to override scenery ILS data. Or there is a bug in the Package Reorder Tool.. Anyone with a clue or suggestion to chime in?
  6. sunayk

    Custom ILS doesn't appear after SDK version 0.19.3

    To give an update on my situation; the custom ILS export and function of the ILS is now resolved, probably after an update cycle by Asobo, so everything is back to previous normal state again. So I think it was one of those update related temporary situations.
  7. sunayk

    Custom ILS doesn't appear after SDK version 0.19.3

    Grazie tante Paolo, I will try the combinations and hope for the best. Conflicts with Navigraph are tough, there are many Navigraph users. Cheers, Sunay
  8. sunayk

    Custom ILS doesn't appear after SDK version 0.19.3

    I noticed the same behaviour too, the .xml file containing the custom ILS approaches that worked before SU10 update is not producing the ILS now. ILS signals are not detected. It is an airport not existing in the default sim. Has anyone made any discovery or progress in this situation?
  9. sunayk

    How to create a Microsoft account with Gmail?

    Yes, you can create an MS account also with Gmail. Mine is so. I think you can start from this page, select "create account" and continue :) https://www.microsoft.com/en-hk/account
  10. sunayk

    Adding user manual

    Thank you Anthony, with the example it is all clear now :)
  11. sunayk

    Adding user manual

    Hi all What is the way to add a "Documentation" folder and "user_manual.pdf" inside this folder, inside a package before build&export for MSFSMarketplace? I couldn't figure it out. Thanks for any guidance
  12. sunayk

    MSFS Navdata - xml coding (Paid)

    Hi all! We are working on a large scale "non-stock" airport project, and the navdata is missing. So we are looking for a developer with related xml navdata coding experience to prepare the required navdata (SIDs, STARs, approaches) according to the AIP information. For more details and if you...
  13. sunayk

    MSFS Cross-plane shading

    Have you tried selecting first "MASK" alpha mode and then "Fake Terrain" Material Type?
  14. sunayk

    MSFS Reducing aerial scenery cgl file size

    Thank you again, Ok I will work on reducing the area coverage and eliminate all non essential zones. I am open to all other suggestions :) , if any
  15. sunayk

    MSFS Reducing aerial scenery cgl file size

    Thank you for the reply Dick. Yes, evidently making two separate packages is one way to go but I can't imagine doing that for an airport scenery. So I need a way to reduce the size of the cgl file then, but how?
  16. sunayk

    MSFS Reducing aerial scenery cgl file size

    Hello all, I am working on an airport scenery and the aerial scenery cgl file size is larger than 1 GB. In order to make it compatible to XBOX 1GB file size limit (or recommendation?) I need to find a solution; either to divide the file into two or reduce the size of the file. The current file...
  17. sunayk

    MSFS MSFS Marketplace Partner Program

    Yes, I believe in my case my emails made the difference. If you haven't already, try writing to "msfsim at microsoft.com" and inquire the status of your application.
  18. sunayk

    MSFS MSFS Marketplace Partner Program

    Not counting a year of complete lull, after my email push it was about three months.
  19. sunayk

    MSFS Model Converter X > MSFS2020 - MayDay

    For starters you can also follow FlyingTheston's tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/c/FlyingTheston like this one: [003] Adding User Created Scenery - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 SDK Tutorials
  20. sunayk

    MSFS MSFS Marketplace Partner Program

    As a follow-up update; I recently received the approval and started the onboarding process. Yay! :)