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  1. arno

    NVidia vs AMD: Shader differences

    Around Christmas last year I made quite some changes to the shaders that ModelConverterX uses to be able to implement the PBR materials. Around that time I also optimized the code of the ModelConverterX preview to have better performance and less memory usage. This week it turned out that these...
  2. arno

    scenProc 3D buildings available!

    The feature to create 3D buildings with scenProc is available now. Make sure to read Chapter 7 of the updated manual, as it explains how to use this new feature. And I have also make a quick video tutorial to demonstrate the feature. Continue reading...
  3. arno

    NoZWrite and ground polygons

    Hi all, I need some help, as I am confused. By default the GPW sets the NoZWrite material attribute for the ground polygons. It is doing this for many years already and I think in the past we figured out that this is needed for the P3D MDL ground polygons to work fine. When implementing the...
  4. arno

    3D buildings in scenProc

    Creating autogen buildings with scenProc is quite easy. But the autogen buildings also do have some drawbacks, mainly the fact that they need to be rectangular. Therefore it has been on the scenProc wishlist for quite a while already to be able to create MDL buildings for footprints that are...
  5. arno

    Normal maps

    Hi all, As I am updating the MCX preview to support PBR materials as well, I need to make sure that the various types of normal maps are supported correctly. For FSX we always had to do a special conversion for our bump maps. If I understand it correctly for MSFS that is no longer needed and...
  6. arno

    MCX crash with nvidia graphics card

    Hi all, A few users have reported to me that they get crashes of MCX with certain models. This only seems to happen with nvidia graphics cards, as I could load the models fine on a laptop with another graphics card. I recently got a new laptop with a nvidia card and I can now reproduce the...
  7. arno

    PBR support in ModelConverterX preview

    After the recent performance improvements to ModelConverterX, I have been working on another feature that was on my wishlist for a long time and that is supporting rendering PBR materials in the preview. The next development release does add this feature for P3D PBR models. Below you see a...
  8. arno

    Forum software patch

    Hi all, I have just installed the latest patch of the XenForo forum software that we use. As far as I can see everything works fine afterwards, but if you have any issues, please let me know.
  9. arno

    Preview light position

    Hi all, I'm working on adding support for PBR materials to the MCX preview. At the moment MCX uses a fixed light position, which you can change. But I am wondering if for inspecting PBR materials it would not make more sense to have the light at the eye position and thus change location while...
  10. arno

    ModelConverterX performance update

    Over the past weeks I have been working hard to make ModelConverterX work more efficient. And the good news is that I have finished this improvement now, so the next development release contains these optimizations. So this is my (slightly early) Christmas present to all ModelConverterX users...
  11. arno

    MCX performance optimizations

    Lately it has been quiet with new features for ModelConverterX, but that doesn’t mean I have not been busy. After optimizing the import performance of glTF files for MSFS, I found quite a big inefficiency in the way ModelConverterX stores the model data internally. So I have been working on...
  12. arno

    Is FSDeveloper working fine for you all?

    Hi all, A few weeks ago we moved to another hosting company as the previous host made some changes that caused our forum to break down and were not able to fix it soon. I just want to check how the site is working for you all since the move. The fact that I haven't seen a lot of complaints or...
  13. arno

    Back online

    Hi all, After all the server issues of this week we are back online now at a different hosting company. I think the site has transferred correctly, but if you find any issues let me know. Two things are still in progress: The fsdeveloper.com domain has not transfered yet to the new host, so...
  14. arno

    Testing after move to new server

    Just testing, 1,2 ,3....
  15. arno

    OpenGL wrapper update

    Hi all, The next development release of MCX will include an update of the OpenGL wrapper for .NET that I use. You should not notice any difference, but if you see any issues with the preview after this update let me know. The reason I changed the wrapper is that I will be upgrading the shader...
  16. arno

    MSFS Do triangle counts still matter?

    While studying why some default objects from MSFS load slowly into ModelConverterX, I came across some object that have very high triangle counts for a scenery object. For example the hangar below has around 1.2 million triangles. Until now I think the general consensus always was that it is not...
  17. arno

    MCX performance optimizations

    Hi all, The next development release of MCX contains quite some performance optimizations. After some reports about out of memory issues and long loading times of certain objects I spend this weekend using profiler tools to get more inside on why that happens. As a result of that I found out...
  18. arno

    Exporting to glTF changed

    Hi all, The next development release has a change in exporting to glTF. Until now MCX could export as glTF and MSFS glTF. The latter including the MSFS specific extensions. Since this gave a lot of confusing, I have now removed these two flavors and you can only select the glTF format while...
  19. arno

    P3D v4 Test object request

    Hi all, Could somebody make a simple test object for me that I can use to test MCX with? I am looking for a simple test object (might be a cube) that uses the P3D v4 secondary UV coordinates. So a cube that has two sets of UV coordinates that are used for different textures. Thanks in advance.
  20. arno

    An item with the same key has already been added error

    Hi all, In my bug tracking system I recently see errors when exporting to MDL quite often. These always have the error message "An item with the same key has already been added.". Until now I have not been able to reproduce the error with the models that were included in the error report. On my...