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  1. unc1rlm

    MSFS Texture CFG Fallbacks MSFS2020

    Maybe put this in the wrong spot..can I still get a cup of coffee please :) I have an AI Traffic folder in Community for my AI"s.. I have my Textures file with my light maps here. It is outside the Simobject folder..In order for the texture cfg to work with fallbacks..would the Airplanes need...
  2. unc1rlm

    MSFS Standalone imagetool

    I didn't realize but i guess DTX doesn't flip images....I tried inside mcx but don't know where the image is sent to when I import the image and then use the tool but where it goes is any body's guess.....Can I not save it somewhere or is it put in the same folder but i don't see it. This is a...
  3. unc1rlm

    MSFS parking radius not known?

    I just saw this for first time..I have a new VHHX scenery for MSFS2020 and I just notice this...little help? Also i get this..departure/arrival times..is there something that will just correct this? automatically etc? Thanks, BobM.
  4. unc1rlm

    MSFS AI's all over the map

    If they line up and disappear...is that maybe an error in the afcad MSFS or more of an FDE problem. I have ai's that I installed and use AIFP and removed or turned off all the Asobo stuff..seeing if they would show up etc. Any idees? Thanks, BobM.
  5. unc1rlm

    MSFS Getting AIFP to point to IVAO models

    Seems it only loads the default MSFS aircraft......I want to substitute the ivao models for my flight plans? is there a way to point to that? Thanks, BobM.
  6. unc1rlm

    X to MDL path

    If I export a FSX mdl (changing an item in the model) and I get red X to MDL in the sender... What does it mean...what is the correct path ? for the options in export? Thanks, BobM.
  7. unc1rlm

    MCX Changing a visibility condition to "none" and saving it

    I have a models fsx aircraft and I want to change it from this to "none" and save it so it will stick..lol...how do i do that? I know you can double click and select none but maybe going about this wrong? Thanks for any help, BobM.
  8. unc1rlm

    P3D v4 AIFP

    Invalid airport codes detected..How to find out who they are and fix them.. AIM-OCI is finding them but notsure who they are...etc. Using latest development release. Thanks!!....Just found this...Thank you!! will see if i get it to work...
  9. unc1rlm

    P3D v4 Removing a stabilizer texture

    Hey.. I have a M404.. T. Gibson helped me alot...If I go into the "material handler"...of MCX...I can change both the v.stab bmp and the "L" bmp for both sides of stabilizer and it shows in the window but I click apply but I need it to stick so when I open AI Aircraft Editor...i want to see it...
  10. unc1rlm

    What causes this...have no clue

    I have this airport KINT...see pic 1... I just installed p3dv5 and i have the same thing happening. See pic 2. I do not have Orbx..FS Aerodata installed and i see this undelating terrain in most of the default airport KTEB included. Is it me or a setting or what. Thanks, BobM.
  11. unc1rlm

    Missing textures for a scenery object

    I have a bgl...when I load it..it says its missing the texture:::xxxxx.dds.......where would I find these or is it in the options somewhere I need to set up. P3dv4.5. Thank you, BobM.
  12. unc1rlm

    P3D v4 JPEG ISSUE?

    Just curious....when I put a particular jpeg of a terminal building in the Library Object manager... Versions: Application 01.79.7475.29407 Engine 04.75.7475.29405 save as well as the thumbnail...i set to extremely dense and the object shows up...i do the same thing to another...
  13. unc1rlm

    P3D v4 Failed to load texture

    I have an object (which is in the Library Object manager in ADE and also a thumbnail).. I made the object in FSX... I placed the bgl and the dds and the bmp..I think in the right p3d folders but all I get is the image of the spot where the object will sit and a black grease spot and its set to...
  14. unc1rlm

    P3D v4 Unable to select "ALL" in new development release

    Maybe answered before but when I load up the latest aifp development release...when you click on substitute...at the top..you have the option of selecting aircraft from p3dv5 and also p3dv4...but the "all" is inaccessible.... I have a separate simobject folder on a separate drive just for...
  15. unc1rlm

    P3D v4 Black texture and trees?

    Any idea why? UPDATE Figured it out... Thank you, BobM.
  16. unc1rlm

    P3D v4 Objects not showing up

    The objects are in the LOB...they show up as yellow in ADE..extremely dense...there are jpgs of the object in Scenery/Global/ scenery and texture.... Just not showing except as a big black dark area... I do have bgl's of the objects..are they suppose to be somewhere. I save the project in the...
  17. unc1rlm

    P3D v4 Need professional Help...pls...pls

    I finally got it through the extraordinary help of Jon M. Thank you, BobM.
  18. unc1rlm

    P3D v4 getting this message 3.2.19

    Starting to see this when I bulk traffic Update activity level and also randomly getting message about one or more that the activity level is not valid percent.. Look at flight plan #132 ...Any ideas Also whenn I go to compile..its like I am stuck on this screen and can't get the screen where...
  19. unc1rlm

    3 legs have the same origin and destination?

    Is there an easy way to find this for one airline bgl? It validates without errors? Thank you, Bob M.
  20. unc1rlm

    P3D v4 AIFP Help

    I am sure its in the manual...AIFP... I have downloaded and installed all the textures for C208b for say: MountainAirCargo as you can see by the picture..Is there anyway I can substitute all at one time. Doing one at a time is killing me :) Can someone walk me thru this.. Bestest to all, Bob M.