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  1. Felipe Schieber

    Brazilian Sceneries Pack

    Hi, I decided to bring my project here as it is growing. This is an old idea of mine, which consist of creating sets of small sceneries for Brazil. For this, I'm developing a library of objects and distributing these objects over the airports. This is the first of the packs, which I plan to...
  2. Felipe Schieber

    FSXA LODs not switching in Flight Sim

    Since a couple of days, I'm trying to create good 3D runway lights using LOD's+mipmaps, thanks to a help in another thread. I've learned how to switch the mipmaps to get a good result, but I'm struggling understanding LOD's. My problems with LOD is the following: My LOD never switches from the...
  3. Felipe Schieber

    You guys are smarter than me

    I'm trying to use the latest version of Scenery Activator from mendiola_loyola but I can't get it to work following the instructions. I'm posting here because I really didn't find a better place and looks like the author of the program isn't connecting to the forum, so I can't ask him...
  4. Felipe Schieber

    Methods for runway lights using ground polygons

    Hi everyone, So I'm creating some airports with ADE, I'm implementing custom ground polygons and I started to search which is the best method for adding runway lights and others. I've read various discussions about different methods for implementing runway lights with ground polygons but most...
  5. Felipe Schieber

    Night map won't show in renderer

    I'm having a problem with Model Converter for quite some time. I load the night map texture in the material editor, but the night map won't show in the renderer. After exporting to Flight Sim everything is fine, the night map appears correctly, but in Model Converter I'm just seeing the diffuse...
  6. Felipe Schieber

    Tips on creating normal maps for buildings.

    For the first time I'm trying to create normal maps for my buildings. I'm playing with the 3D filter in Photoshop, using this tutorial to make the normal in FSX style, but my normal maps never get similar to the expected. In FSX they show completely unrealistic. So, anyone got a good technique...
  7. Felipe Schieber

    What about a FsDeveloper Discord server?

    I was thinking that would be great to have a discord server to quickly talk about general flight sim development. Just a general chat, not for support or showcase as we already have this awesome forum for it. What do you think?
  8. Felipe Schieber

    FSXA How is a scenery directory related to performance? (if it is)

    Hi, I have a 1Tb hard disk, divided in 3 partitions(C, D, E). My Fsx is installed on disk E, my sceneries are on disk D, this can affect the performance, time to load or something? Do i need to put the folders in the "Addon Scenery" folder? Regards
  9. Felipe Schieber

    ESP and the moon phases

    Besides flight simulation, i'm a enthusiast of astronomy and programming and i was looking how accurate the FSX is about the moon phases. It is always correct. I was trying to figure out how this was made in terms of programming. How the developers created this feature when creating ESP/FS? Is...
  10. Felipe Schieber

    FSX Grass appearing behind objects

    Hi, I'm trying to make some decent grass to my airports, i'm learning more about creating the textures, but i have one problem in the FSX that i can't figure out. When i load the FSX with my grass, they appear like if were behind the objects. I attached two images to explain better. I think...
  11. Felipe Schieber

    FSXA Installer Questions

    Hi, i'm developing a small pack with 8 sceneries and i want to 'make' an installer. I'm reading about NSIS and seens to be a great tool. But i want to know if i can use a way that the users of my pack doesn't need to go in to Fsx/P3D Menu to activate the scenery. And the pack will have two...
  12. Felipe Schieber

    FSXA Create small slope on terrain

    Hi guys, I'm working on my new scenery, i want to create a slope near to the runway like in the real airport. A image to explain better: The airport is at 792 ft above sea level, and the city is about 5 meters below the airport area. Which is the better way to do this? I've searched but...
  13. Felipe Schieber

    FSXA Resample for photoreal with monthly variations

    Hey guys, I want to add three variations to my photoreal: 1 for January, February, September, October, November and December, one for March, April, May, June, July, August and the last as the night. But, what happens: My first source is used in the Fsx in all the months, the second source is...
  14. Felipe Schieber

    FSXA Whisplacer Object doesn't show

    Hi, I'm trying to use Whisplacer to put objects in my scenery, but the objetcs doesn't appear when i open the FSX. I'm seeing the object in the live preview mode, i'm exporting the BGL to an active scenery folder(of my scenery), saving the textures in the corresponding folder, and this only...
  15. Felipe Schieber

    FSX GMAX Ground Poly export problem

    Hi, I'm exporting my ground poly as usual, but my retangle/material of the holdpoint simple don't come, just the asfalt and the taxiline. The same has already occurred with the taxilines, i remade that and the problem was solved, but now is not working. I think that is some option, but i have...
  16. Felipe Schieber

    [Solved] Curves polygon

    Hi, I'm making a ground poly to my project, but i'm having problems in 'draw' the polygon to the backtrack area of the runway. Is this area circle by the red line: I want to attach the area with the runway to use the same texture, so how can i make this area? What tools i have to use...
  17. Felipe Schieber

    FSX Ground Poly heading

    Hello, I'm making my first scenery and im trying to make a custom runway with ground polygon. I saw/read some tutorials, but i have one problem: My runway is like i want in FSX, but not the heading of the runway. I'm using the Ground Polygon Wizard from MCX to set all parameters(lat, lon, alt...