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  1. Geoffb

    MSFS Unable to create packages

    For several months, I have been creating airstrips for PNG, usually from forest/jungle settings etc with no issues using the msfs sdk v 8 and then v 9. However, since msfs updated both their flight sim and their SDK to v10, I have been unable to complete a project. I see the errors coming though...
  2. Geoffb

    One way runway settings in SDK

    I am building a airstrip with a one way runway with left hand circuit. Landing can only be '04', and take offs can only be 22, due to one end of the runway(22) having high trees. What settings do I need to apply to the SDK to only get runway 04 for landing indicated on the MSFS world map?
  3. Geoffb

    P3D v4 AI Aircraft Editor for P3Dv4

    I have been creating aircraft models using the AI Aircraft editor 2.2.9 and noticed when I use the Tools>Validate Aircraft, it ignores sequence numbering in the fltsim, and even reports the test as ok, regardless of the numbering. But, the version I am using stops at P3Dv3, so, maybe this is the...
  4. Geoffb

    P3D v4 Colours in AIFP

    Is it possible anywhere to change the colours of the text? I am colour blind on red, green and brown, your classic colour blind guy.... I have been battling to get a AIG flight plan to display the aircraft list in their "correct" colour. I see colour text that could be red/green/brown/orange...
  5. Geoffb

    Pull down menu lists corrupted

    For some time now, I have noticed an issue in a W7 FSX machine where the pull down lists for some of the FSX supporting software do not pull down fully enabling me to get to any item on the list, other than the top item. The problem does not appear to be with FSX itself, as I can go into its...
  6. Geoffb


    Hi Jeff, I posted this on the Drzewiecki forum, but Stanislaw said it was a SODE issue!! I had UUEE working well, including all jetways. Then I installed Moscow X, and maybe by coincidence, I lost the visuals and use of the jetways at UUEE. This of course could have been some thing else I...
  7. Geoffb

    FSX Missing Terminal

    I have a ORBX scenery YBBN, that for some reason, which I no doubt caused, has lost it domestic terminal and three satellites. Every thing else is there, including the international terminal, all roads, train station etc...just the Domestic terminal building has done a runner. On my FSX Steam...
  8. Geoffb

    FSX Changes not sticking

    A few issues: With ADE running or not, when I run the ADE9X Environment Checker, it say ADE Not found. I set the ADE Path manually using the Set ADE Path button (interestingly, the folder with the ADE.exe file is automatically presented to me, waiting for me to highlight the ADE.exe file). When...
  9. Geoffb

    FSX Compile error

    For some reason, when I compile the airport changes in ADE, it gives me a warning," Could not find a part of the path 'C:\MSFS\FS Design Tools\Airport Design Editor 165\FSX\YBBN_ADEX_GHB_.xml". I put the path, C:\MSFS\FS Design Tools\Airport Design Editor 165\FSX in place. Though ADE has this...
  10. Geoffb

    FSX Complete newbie

    Hi Don, I have installed your AIFP v3.1.13 onto my FSX system. I am trying to work out what I need to do and what AIFP will do to create AI aircraft and the flight plans. At present, I have no AI Planes installed when I installed AIFP. I have your manual next to me(printed out) but hopelessly...
  11. Geoffb

    ORBX Airport Question

    Hi, I have a few of the ORBX airports, which are very good. However, some are now getting out of date and as they do not propose updating them, I want to update mine. As I have just retired...I now have the time. First project will be YBBN, which has a new taxiway and apron joining between two...