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  1. TheJon182

    MSFS New MSFS2020 video reveals me something...

    Ok This screenshot from the recent video shows me that they are working with UDIM tiles (just because there are a lot of materials and each material generates a separate texture), they work with Maya but, im sure we can do this too with blender but I doesn't know how to get this to work...
  2. TheJon182

    MSFS Glass Texture BUT with some color areas.

    Ok so working with MSFS2020 toolkit i can create opacity glass panels but the problem comes when i want to have some areas colored as you can see in the pictures. Do you know any configuration to achieve this? In adittion, im not familiar with ADE for MSFS2020 but im learning it, is it possible...
  3. TheJon182

    MSFS Wrong textures colors once imported into MSFS2020

    Ok, after some months without working on my project. I have imported a new object and im having a problem with textures that i have neved had. Inside the game, colors are not correct, i cant find the problem. Im attaching some images below with the blender toolkit configuration and the results...
  4. TheJon182

    MSFS UDIM workflow

    Does anyone know how to import models with UDIM textures? Is there anyway to do this using the Toolkit?
  5. TheJon182

    MSFS Rain drops on crystals

    I have seen an airport with a tower which simulates rain drops. Do you know how to do this?
  6. TheJon182

    MSFS LOD looses texture when zooming out.

    This is happening to me with the first two objects im importing to MSFS2020 with two LODs. Im leaving the .xml as the MSFSToolkit creates it. Just using two levels (x00 and x01). The first one works great but as soons as i zoom out, the second one doesnt show the texture, it becomes all gray...
  7. TheJon182

    MSFS [SOLVED] Opacity not working on my 3D Model

    I'm using BlenderMSFS2020Toolkit. Trying to get opacity on these holes. The holes are not done on mesh by geommetry, they just are an alpha mask. Some pictures of the result ingame and the toolkit configuration. Alpha Multipier set to 0.0 Render Parameters: Alpha mode: Masked, with 0.00...
  8. TheJon182

    MSFS Crash to Desktop randomnly

    Since last update from SDK i'm suffering some random crash to desktop when opening my project, sometimes it happens, sometimes it not... It exactly happens when clicking Load in editor... I think the problem could be the Aerial image (CGL) folder, because sometimes deleting that folder solves...
  9. TheJon182

    MSFS Unable to load Textures on LODs Models.

    For some reason, i can't see my models with his textures when using LODs. I get tjos error VFS Bitmap Loader | Can not find 'vfs://aimtivity-airport/scenery/global/scenery/TEXTURE/TRASHCANH1_METAL.PNG.DDS' for reloading. (if i go manually to the package.../scenery/global/scenery i can see that...
  10. TheJon182

    MSFS Time for a step back

    Ok so after finishing all my ground textures (including runway, taxiway and apron) I ended having a 10GB file without including 3D models. All I have used has been 4K textures and I’m having the needing to downgrade them to 2K or maybe HD because the file is too big. Writing this just as...
  11. TheJon182

    MSFS Can't draw above a PaintedLine

    So im wondering if it is possible to draw above a PaintedLine, i cant get it, using an apron and an own texture on it.
  12. TheJon182

    Number of vertices on 3D models

    I'm taking great care to make my 3D models with the least number of vertices possible, but this makes my models of poorer quality, especially those with round shapes since they look less defined. I have seen large airports with very round curvatures and I wonder if it is really worth it for me...
  13. TheJon182

    MSFS [SOLVED] Apron lights appeared automatically

    Ok so this is so strange... I have modified the default Asobo taxi paintedlines texture, i only add more opaccity and a bit of dirt. Now some apron lights have automatically appeared, im not sure if that texture is the reason or i have change other thing without knowing it. but this is so...
  14. TheJon182

    MSFS Avoiding Piracy

    After months of creating an airport / scenery, its 3d models, textures, materials, and endless content. The time has come to sell it, but ... The enemy of piracy is there and you wonder if there is any way to avoid it ... All your effort of months of work is in a simple folder easy to share...
  15. TheJon182

    MSFS l

  16. TheJon182

    MSFS Normal, Roughness and Metallic map?!

    Today I saw the bitmaps of the materials inside the SDK and they use two textures. One for albedo. One for normal, roughness, metallic. how can be this possible since normal maps use the RGB channels and in this case G channel is being used by roughness and B by metallic??? Only R channel is...
  17. TheJon182

    MSFS Material problem when using Normal and AO/Roughness/Metallic Map

    After following the SDK documentation, I have managed to create my own material asset and create a new material. As you can see in the images, when I insert the Albedo map, the material works perfectly. But if I place the normal map or the AO / Rougness / Metallic map, the material is no longer...
  18. TheJon182

    MSFS Custom ground textures/materials

    Any idea how to import our own textures or materials from substance to the sim? I would like to use some of my materials and paint some custom runway signs.
  19. TheJon182

    MSFS How to take the exact measurements to create new objects?

    I am modeling some buildings and runways, to get their measurements I have measured them with the Google Earth measurement tool and then I have created those objects with those measurements in Blender, when importing them into the MSFS2020 SDK the measurements do not match the terrain. Do you...