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  1. jtanabodee

    FSdeveloper is not very active recenly, is it?

    Hi, I have been a member of fsdeveloper.com for quite sometime. I think more than 10 years. I found that in the recent years, the activities were not so active. I scrooled through this General Chat and found that there are a lot of questions raised but the Replies are 0 even they were read...
  2. jtanabodee

    Smart Dock or SODE VGDS

    Hi, Anyone use Smart Dock system? https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/smart-dock-vdgs-engine.446000/ It has been a while but no one discuss about it. I downloaded it but I don't know how to make it work. VDGS from 12bpilot is very good, but the users need to buy it. But if someone does...
  3. jtanabodee

    P3D v4 Split parking bay into two parkings.

    Hi, Since in real life one big parking bay can be slitted into two R and L parking bay to accomodate two smaller aircrafts at the same time. Are there any method to do that in ADE? Let's say I have GATE_S 111, I want to split it into GATE_S 111 R and GATE_S 111 L. Is it possible? I cannot...
  4. jtanabodee

    P3D v4 Draw Detail and Draw Surface boxes does nothing in scenery.

    Hi, I have limited experience with native P3Dv4.5 ground poly. There is not much written aboout the properties of it. Or I might miss something here. If you know where to read about that please let me know. I found that the lights and lines from ADE file in P3Dv4.5 has higher priority over...
  5. jtanabodee

    P3D v4 Can we convert ADE P3Dv5 to ADE P3Dv4?

    Hi, Is it possible to convert the ADE file that save as P3Dv5 to ADE P3Dv4? Or they are compatible? I have done my project in ADE P3Dv5 but I am not sure if the bgl files can use with P3Dv4. Thanks Tic
  6. jtanabodee

    P3D v4 Cannot see dynamic light in P3Dv4

    Hi, I am so frustrating. I have done a light pole and attach Dynamic light in MCX. Then I exported it to be P3Dv4.5 MDL and I got MDL together with Fx file. I put FX file to Effects folder in P3dV4.5 and compile the xml with P3dv4.5 bglcomp.exe. I got the model in scenery but I couldn't see...
  7. jtanabodee

    P3D v4 Cannot compile

    Hi Jon, I compile the airport today which normally there was no problem at all. Now there is a message: Compiler Errors Found. These were not identified by the Issue Manager. Please let us know what the compiler error is so that we can improve the Issue Manager. The compiler message is shown...
  8. jtanabodee

    P3D v4 Ground poly problems.

    Hi Arno, I was wondering if it is possible to use both FS2002 style ground poly together with Native P3D GP with Zbias at the same time. Does that will cause some problems? Thanks, Tic
  9. jtanabodee

    P3D v4 Ground Polyp problems.

    Hi, I am not sure if this is the right place to ask, so please forgive me if I post this in the wrong place. I have a couple questions of native p3d ground poly I would like to ask. 1. How is the priority of the native GP compare to the FS2002 ground poly? It seems to me that the FS2002 GP is...
  10. jtanabodee

    Problem with Orbx.

    Hi, I got a problem from mnay users using my WMKK airport. If they have Orbx, there is a duplication or runway making. How can I do to make Orbx to be compatible with mine. I think they might have a file of this airport in Scenery/World/Scenery which cannot overwrite or disable by scenery...
  11. jtanabodee

    P3D v5 PBR material error in 3dsmax 2012

    Hi, I have download P3D v5 sdk and configure 3dsmax 2012 to their Plugin. When I click on material and choose PBR material, there is an error pop up every time. I guess my 3dsmax in not working with p3dv5 sdk. Is anything can be done? Or I need newer 3dsmax.
  12. jtanabodee

    P3D v5 Transparent jetway

    Hi, I am not sure this is the right place to ask, please forgive me. I have WMKK airport and everything looks fine. I move this scenery to work in P3Dv5. Everything seems to work except the SODE jetway become transparent and blue when I get near it. I have updaed the graphic card driver...
  13. jtanabodee

    P3D v5 SODE jetway acting weird in P3Dv5.

    Hi, Help me please, I moved to P3Dv5 but things are difficult. My SODE jetway is not the same as P3Dv4.5. It seems to be ok in distance, but moving near it turn to blue and transparent. I don't know why. The file is from FSX version to make SODE jetway works on different platforms, FSX...
  14. jtanabodee

    P3D v4 Puddles still remain after the weather is fine.

    Hi, I have made puddles controlled by SODE. It worked just fine yesterday. But today I try it again. Turn the weather to clear sky but the puddles do not disappear. I was wondering what should be wrong. <SimObject Name="WMKK"> <Placement Lat="2.7279000282" Lon="101.6877479553"...
  15. jtanabodee

    MSFS Microsoft Marketplace, what is it?

    Hi, Please excuse me if I am wrong. I haven't install MSFS yet but I have emails from Microsoft that there will be a Marketplace and I sent my screenshots and all the informations. I have been approved to be their partner, GREAT! You can call me a dumb person but I don't know what is the...
  16. jtanabodee

    MSFS Dumb question about MSFS2020

    Hi, I have contacted Microsoft about the potential of having my sceneries in their store. I an not totally understand all the process yet. They just emailed me back: I am sorry that I don't know about MSA and gamertag. What are they? I asked them back but no answer at all.
  17. jtanabodee

    Fresnel_ramp texture problem.

    Hi, I am a little bit confused with fresnel ramp texture. Do I need to have this texture in my local Texture folder of the airport I am making? Or just click on Fresnel Ramp in Material Setting to have effect to Diffuse, Reflection, Specular without having the Fresne_ramp.dds in my texture...
  18. jtanabodee

    Water effect on the appron, how to do?

    Hi, I was wondering what I should do if I would like to have water effect like this picture. The water collected here and there scattering thoughout the airport appron. I could not figure out how it is done. Is it PBR material? Is it possible for FSX or P3Dv3 or below.
  19. jtanabodee

    FSX Aircraft doors are not detected.

    Hi, Regarding this thread, https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/the-corrected-aircraft-cfg-collection-thread.435850/ I put all the information in there. But SODE indicated that my default 747 still has only one door available for service. Project Airbus A380 is the same way. No other...
  20. jtanabodee

    How to animate this part of jetway?

    Hi, I would like to do SODE jetway. I asked this in SODE forum but no answer. I think I might ask in the wrong place. The jetway has two rods where the cables pass through. These rods are supposed to attach with Box 2 and Box 3 of the jetway and slide along by the blue and green arrow...