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  1. scruffyduck

    Download for MSXML 4.0 SP3 Installer

    It seems that this is no longer available bia the link I have: http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=15697 Given that its used by BglComp presumably there is another place to get it. Many thanks for any pointers to a download source for this
  2. scruffyduck


    Just to let y'all know that I am away from home now until the weekend with limited internet access. I will therefore be slower to respond
  3. scruffyduck

    MSFS Missing

    Sorry I have been more or less missing from the forums this week. I have had a number of household commitments which, of course, take precedence. Hopefully coming clear in the next day or two
  4. scruffyduck

    Helper Shapes

    There are a number of helper shapes that can be used to form the template for aprons and painted lines. They are accessed from the right click menu Select your choice and you can then edit, rotate or move it into position While it is selected use the right click menu and select Make...
  5. scruffyduck

    Rotating Apron, Helper Shapes and Polys And Most Other Objects

    Select apron and use the center mouse wheel with the Alt key depressed
  6. scruffyduck


    I have added this sub forum as a place to share tips, tricks and frequently asked questions for using ADE with MSFS
  7. scruffyduck

    MSFS Alpha 19 Released

    Alpha 19 is a test alpha. It contains the functionality to support two way editing between ADE and the Dev Mode. I am asking that you test out this function and let me know what works and what doesn't work. Please install it separately from Alpha 18 and please do not use it with your...
  8. scruffyduck

    Projected Mesh - How useful are they?

    Title says it all. I am working around these at the moment but I am not sure what they are useful for. Thanks for any feedback
  9. scruffyduck

    MSFS Send Log Appears to Hang

    If Send Log appears to hang please leave it to time out. If it does this then uncheck the option to send the project. MSFS project files are much larger than earlier especially if they contain models and textures.. I will try and improve its performance
  10. scruffyduck

    MSFS ADE 2020 Alpha 18 Released

    This is a significant update to the last alpha. It contains breaking changes. These mean that certain things work in a way that is not backward compatible with earlier versions. Because of this you need to create a new installation for alpha 18. Do not install it over an earlier version and do...
  11. scruffyduck

    MSFS Jetway Configuration

    I need some help in understanding the way jetways are placed and configured. So far I am unable to place a jetway in ADE in such a way that it appears in the correct place and orientation in sim. I have identified that the normal jetway consists of two elements - a library object which is a...
  12. scruffyduck

    MSFS ADE 2020 Alpha 17 Released

    Added Loading of jet ways from stock or add on airports Simple sim object based jet ways Loading of scenery objects from stock or add on airports Sim object based windsocks Loading of sim objects from stock or add on airports (partial) Basic support for placing sim objects at airports Loading...
  13. scruffyduck

    Potential Issue in Current Update with Taxi Sign Size

    There is a possible general bug in the stock airports updated in the current release where the sign sizes are one size out. The range of values decompiled for a sign size is 0x00 through 0x04. Stock airport LFPG is showing a sign size value of 0x05. We think it might be that the...
  14. scruffyduck

    Adding Jetways

    I am trying to use the in sim tools to add a jetway. I created a gate type parking spot which the dialog is telling me I need to add a Jetway. I have looked at the parking spot properties but can't see a way to add the required jetway. Perhaps someone would be kind enough to show me the way...
  15. scruffyduck

    MSFS Alpha 16 Release

    Now available from here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/d2igiswuromxl8k/ade20_alpha_16_installer.zip/file Added objects for custom stock airports into Library Object Manager (LOM) function to copy updated base object information into LOM Color of Vertex is green if spline not set and blue...
  16. scruffyduck

    MSFS Alpha_15_Release

    https://www.mediafire.com/file/mj03ka2kt6xr7pg/ade20_alpha_15_installer.zip/file This is the replacement for Alpha 14 with fixes applied. Updated Code and options for copying packages to community folder after build Fixed Runway length specified in nautical miles causing CTD Several bugs...
  17. scruffyduck

    MSFS CTD with Stock MYAM

    @art209 This is caused by a runway length specified in nautical miles. I see the bug and will try to fix it shortly
  18. scruffyduck

    MSFS Withdrawing Alpha 14

    I have just found a major issue with Alpha 14 and I am withdrawing it from distribution. There appears to be an issue with the generation of source XML. I will release a new version as soon as I am able Thanks for your understanding
  19. scruffyduck

    MSFS ADE Send Log

    If you experience a CTD and send me the log PLEASE include your email in the log window before sending it, I am getting logs that are not clear without some feedback from the user and I cannot check with you unless you provide a way for me to contact you. Alternatively please report here...
  20. scruffyduck

    MSFS ADE 2020 Alpha 14 Released - WITHDRAWN

    **I HAVE WITHDRAWN THIS VERSION FROM CIRCULATION DUE TO A POTENTIALLY FATAL BUG IN THE CODE. I HOPE TO RELEASE AN UPDATE SHORTLY. THANKS FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING ** Added Option to copy package(s) to the community folder after build Thumbnails for stock objects (courtesy of Dick -...