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    3.4.3 Error at start up and shutdown

    Hello. I have the following error at startup and/or shutdown. System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'AIFP3._4__Dev_.Viewer' threw an exception. ---> System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'ASToFra.ObjectReader, Version=, Culture=neutral...
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    Issues with

    Hi Don I have an annoying issue with giving an index out of range error each time I try to save the mdl or to switch on the viewer. This doesn't happen with the which by luck I have not deleted. With everything works as expected and I'm now sticking with it. The error...
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    Dumb question: green centerline lights?

    I've used AFLT to create blue taxi lights. Now I guess the solution is easy, but I can't figure out how to create the green taxiway centerline lights? May anyone please help? Thanks in advance.
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    FSX:SE Two small issues with 1.75

    Hi Using 1.75 production (with pro key), I've found two issues: - after compiling, if you exit the program it asks to save the project even if it was saved just before compiling; this behaviour did not happen with previous versions; - if I compile a 1.70 project with 1.75, I loose all the GP...
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    GDI+ error

    All of a sudden I've started to get GDI+ error when opening any AD4 file. ADE starts normally. The error only happens at the final stage after opening a file. I can see the airport layout and elements on the screen, then a window appears with this...
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    ADE GP - Invalid version (unable to compile)

    I have updated ADE GP to the latest stable version (downloaded today from stuff4fs). I have opened an airport and recompiled it, but I get this warning and the project won't compile. May someone please help? Thanks in advance
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    Relative paths for background images?

    Hi I'm using multiple computers for developing some personal sceneries. When I move a folder between computers, each time I open an .ad4 file I have to re-address each background image to the correct path. I usually store the background images in the same folder where the .ad4 file is. So it...
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    RAW edit for selected object?

    Hi I sometimes edit the XML for a generic building to better suit the existing airport facilities, using the RAW edit in the PRO version. Simple changes as height and texture tiling. But I have to search each time the entire list for the specific building to edit. It would be nice if one can...
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    FS2004 Generic building collection?

    Hi Does a generic building collection exist for FS9, like the one for FSX? I find it really useful for my FSX projects, so I was wondering how to add more generic buildings in my FS9 ADE projects. Thanks in advance for any help
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    Import FS9 airport layout to FSX project

    Hi It's my first post here so let me say hello to this nice community. I develop my personal airports for both FS9 and FSX. Each one has its own .ADE project file. FS9 projects have only plain airport layout (simple AFCAD), while the FSX version has fences, base library objects, generic...