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    ADE Flatten and terrain polygons

    Hi folks I am using ADE v. 1.79.7475 and P3D V 4.5 I have a question regarding terrain polygons in ADE. To mention, that i already have read the various posts and helpful manuals about this topic (from Jim Ville etc) Still i have a question: when i flatten an airport with the type "Airport...
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    Traffic and Parking analyser

    Hi there I have AIFP Version installed. When i use the Traffic and Parking Analyser and analyse a parking from a stock airport it shows "no parking available at XXX". But on Add-on airports it works perfectly. Is this a known bug or is something wrong with my installation (I did a...
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    ADE add an rectangle exclusion polygon

    Hi there I would like to ask if it is possible to add a function to make exclusion polygons from a helper shape. My wish is to create a helper shape (mostly a rectangle), then using the new function "make polygon" instead of already existing "make apron". With that option it would be more...
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    P3D v4 Runway texture designation

    Hi folks Id like to change some runway textures. Therefore i would like to know the assigned runway texture designations of the runway texture in the main texture folder. I know that for example the "steel mats" is 17. Can somebody tell me which one is the "bituminous"? or even a list of all...
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    P3D v4 Convert FS9 scenery vehicle for P3D (SOLVED)

    Hi folks Just lately I did the swap from FSX to P3D (due to change from WIN7 to WIN10 and the related problems afterwards.....) Now after the P3D runs as I want and expected, I found out, that I have lots of scenery objects in FS9 format, which dont show up in the sim. As such for example a...
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    A tip if AI planes disappear after leaving the runway after landing

    Hi folks I want to share with you another cause why an AI-airplane does disappear when it leaves the runway after landing and after requesting the clearance to the gate. I downloaded the new LTFM Istanbul airport from turkishvirtual ------dot-----com. They have made the sideways of the taxiways...
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    FSX Ground poly problem

    Hi folks I have the following problem: When I make a ground poly or a ground line and use the "gp_Signs_ Yellow" texture, it shows on the Sim as expected. When I use the "gp_Signs_White" texture it doesnt. As for my knowledge I also tried to see any differences between those textures with...
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    FSX Taxiway connecting Runway

    Hi folks My problem is, that in FSX there are no turnout markings from the runway into the taxiway anymore, also the turnout "curved" taxiway is no more. Only if I put two blue taxi point nodes on the runway link near the intersection and then extend them a bit, the markings are showing as...
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    FSX Compile problem double ILS, orphan

    Hi folks I updated the stock ZKPY airport of North Korea. Now when I want to compile I have errors. Now the active ILS are on Rwy 17 and 35 and not 01/19. I tried to erase ILS 01 and 19 and got orphaned, whic usually is not an issue. I tried to chek raw data but have no clue. I attached my...
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    Taxi designators

    Hi Jon First of all, thank you very much for this superb tool which I use almost daily constructing missing airports in FSX (im am doing the missing Chinese airports...i will release the whole package once its completed..) I have a wish: Could it be possible in future versions to show all the...
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    FSX Multiple substitute

    Hi Don First of all, THANKS for this extraordinary tool, which I use daily for my AI traffic. I have a question/request on the "Substitute"-function on the Aircraft List of a flightplan: Already it is possible to choose multiple aircraft from the Aircraft List, but if I go on "Substitute" and...
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    FSX Helper shape

    Hi there I am using ADE almost daily since i am doing all the missing Chineese airports in FSX....and they are many.... When I use the helper shape I encounter the following issue: When I am resizing the rectangular helper shape with the mouse and then leave the left mouse button, the helper...
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    FSX Parking Radius / Aircraft Editor

    Hi Gadgets I have following question: Aircraft Editor - Aircraft.cfg - Other: My Ai 777ER shows a wingspan of 203.4 ft and unter "other" 32 m Well... 203.4 ft with an external converter tool shows me an equal of 61.99632 m (62m) This 62m divided by 2 (which I suppose is the formula to...
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    FSX Traffic and Parking Analyzer new functionality request

    Hi folks! First a huge THANK YOU for the developers of this wonderful programm. I use it daily and helps me a lot while builidng AFCADS and installing AI-traffic files. In the option of the traffic and parking analyzer i would love if in future versions we can: 1. on the list "aircraft...
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    FAIB A318 CFM not showing

    Hi folks. Before I write to you I swear have tried anything possible to analize why the following happens: The FAIB A318 CFM AI-planes dont show up at the airport. I use FS9 textures, have FSX-Simulator If I use FAIB A318 IAE plane it shows up. This happens to all FAIB A318 CFM. (Air France...
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    edit an airport.bgl file

    Hi folks I read many posts here about .bgl and .cvx files, about loosing data while "open" a .bgl What I want to do: I want to edit a downloaded "from AVSIM" airport .bgl which an other fellow simmer has created. For example changing parking sizes, adding more parkings. Since there...