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    MSFS MSFS won't accept the runway selected

    Not strictly an ADE topic as I created my airport using XML code but I guess this is the place where the airport layout experts are. :) For some weird reason I cannot get MSFS to accept certain runways at my airport. For instance when selecting Rwy 25R before starting the flight, the aircraft...
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    MSFS How bring edited mipmaps into MSFS?

    Anyone out there aware of a way to compile materials with edited mipmaps? I'd like to have the 2nd highest and and all lower normal detailmaps "flat" so their details smoothly disappear in the distance. After some experimenting I have been able to achieve with by tweaking the textures after...
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    Custom vector polygons from SBuilderX, QGIS etc. in MSFS

    Has anyone yet successfully imported vector polygons from other projects like in QGIS, SBX or others into MSFS? Here's what I gathered so far: The shapefile format seems to be editable in QGIS. Usually seems to need a "3D shape" with Z-values required for the polygon vertices. Attributes from...
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    Exclude CGL from re-building project

    Hello! Unlike with other scenery content, when building a scenery, the CGL files always get build from scratch. No matter if it has changed or not. Which is quite annoying if you have a large aerial image that brings the build time from something like 30 seconds up to 30 or more minutes... One...
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    Your controller hardware recommendations for MSFS development

    Hi everyone! Since MSFS came out I'm still struggling a bit to work out the best controllers: For flying I have an old MS Sidewinder that was always the perfect choice for flying and slewing around in FSX and P3D. Now in MSFS it can barely be used to control the developer camera in a useful...
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    MSFS How to create a community folder shortcut to packages

    Hi! Anyone knows how I can create a working shortcut folder in MSFS2020\Community that points to the packages folder in my project folder? I see that some devs seem to have been able to create such shortcuts allowing them to place the scenery itself in another folder or drive. Creating a folder...
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    MCX Export ground polygons to SHP - flipped

    Hi Arno, Just a bug report of something I have seen happening in the latest versions (checked today's dev release to be sure it's still there): Whenever I export models (be it terrain polygons or more complex buildings) to SHP shapes, the SHP output in QGIS and all other GIS tools is flipped...
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    SDK Reflections on semitransparent window materials?

    Hi! I've been working on this for a few hours now but haven't been able to get my head around this: My aim is to have my terminal windows be semitransparent so the inner 3D structures are shown, but at the same time reflecting the outside world. Basically the same way like the default...
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    P3D v4 CreateAGNLibObject with heading?

    Hi! I have a points shapefile with thousands and thousands of points including a heading attribute in each point. Is there a way to convert them to AGN LibObject placements with their applicable heading in scenproc? So far I have only found these options: CreateAGNLibObject <- doesn't support...
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    Autogen placement above ~4300 meters not working

    In case anyone wondered if we can still find additional bugs after more than 12 years with the ESP (FSX/P3D) engine: ;) Wondering for days why some autogen villages around Mt. Everest I placed failed to show up: I did the following test, which confirmed by fears. The P3D v4.5 engine (as well...
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    scenproc suggestion: AGN vegetation as XML placement

    Hi Arno, In some cases it can be useful to have AGN trees placed as individual XML objects. For example if they need to be placed on top of a 3D platform terrain, which is not possible with AGN objects, while keeping the tree coverage on the platforms visually similar to the surrounding AGN...
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    Idea: CAD export feature

    Hi! I was just thinking that the ability to export airports as a CAD filetype may be useful to further enhance airports created in ADE in 3DS Max, Blender, ModelConverterX and other 3D applications to or at least to have use the layout of the ADE airport as a background to work on. Filetypes...
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    FX Tool "Do effect" not working

    Hi Guys, I have been doing Effects manually in the past by editing the FX files themselves. Given the new features with dynamic lighting etc. however I would like to do some creating/editing through the FX Tool while visually seeing the effect as any normal person would do. :) Problem is: When...
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    CREATEAGNRECTVEG creates offset vegetation?

    Hi Arno, I added some autogen in Annotator for an area south of Berlin. Next thing I wanted to to is to have ScenProc convert it to SHP and back to AGN to "batch" change some GUIDs since that is not possible in Annotator (for all I know). While doing that I discovered a strange problem...
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    Change surface behavior of existing runway? (Ice to Concrete)

    Hi! I didn't find a solution for the following question after some browsing in this forum and reading the SCASM docs: What I have here is an ice resp. snow runway at McMurdo, Antarctica. The problem is that those runways are slippery like nothing else. There is absolutely no friction and...
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    Adding a new Center Frequency with Name

    Hi! The center frequencies in Antarctica are far away from being realistic (Punta Arenas, Melbourne, Christchurch...) and I wanted to replace them by the real ones like Wilkins and McMurdo. It is good to see that it seems to be rather easy to overwrite an existing frequency without much...
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    Getting False Colors using Resample

    Hi! As some of you may know I'm working on Antarctica X for quite a while. Today I ran into a problem that I don't know how to solve. I'm creating a low resolution LOD0-LOD5 BGL from a raster image to make structures visible in the far distance that otherwise would disappear (vector data...
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    New Wayoints/Routes not showing in FS

    Hi Guys, I collected a list of wayoints for Antarctica from various sources and now would like to see them in FSX. Problem is: They just don't show up there. Here's a sample of a waypoint connected to others. Everything compiles fine but the route (and waypoints) neither become visible on...
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    How to add a custom vector road?

    Hi! I'm currently trying to create my own road class because I need a snow track that isn't available in the set of roads FSX has by default. Here's what I'm doing: Adding a new entry to FSX's terrain.cfg: Adding a similar entry pointing at the same GUID in FSX KML's...