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    Need XML Advice (again)

    Hi, I have run into a number of FS9 models that have an animation I have been unable to get working correctly in P3D (or FSX). This is the animation for things that rotate based on air flowing over them. The animation works fine on the FS9 model but on the converted model the animation will...
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    Animation editor doesn't update

    Hi, I have noticed a minor issue with the latest release of MCX. The animation editor no longer updates the displayed animation when you assign a new animation. It assigns the animation because if you exit and reload animation editor the animation is updated but it isn't displaying the update in...
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    Adding mouse overs or click box to VC

    I'm working with Rob Barendregt to enhance the FSX conversion of the CWDT Hellcat that I released recently over at Sim Outhouse. He is trying to enhance the model by adding gun fire and external stores that can be seen during multi player sessions. Ideally we would like to have click spots on...
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    Getting Unhanded Exception error with zNear

    Hi, With the recent releases of MCX (current v1.5 release, downloaded this morning, and prior release) I am getting this error if I run MCX for a while (around 5 min). It occurs when I am zooming in or out. It is happening with multiple models. I can zoom and move around the model without...
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    Visibility condition triggered by Payload Station?

    Hi, Not sure if this is the best place to post this query but thought I would start somewhere. I'm trying to convert the FS2004 AW Argosy and have had pretty good success. The outstanding issue is around the cargo display. The original model had the cargo displayed by using the tail hook...
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    Animation conversion issue with latest release DEV 2020-07-05

    Hi, Hate to report but there appears to be a bug that has crept into the latest release. It is messing up some animations when importing FS9 models. These are a couple of pictures of the issue. The model is a helicopter with a sliding door on each side of the fuselage. I imported the model into...
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    FS9 to P3D model conversion not accepting visibility conditions

    Hi, I've come across a weird issue converting Dave Garwood's FS9 Avro Anson model to P3D format. None of the visibility conditions seem to be taking. Started the usual way, converted the external model with the Propx_still animation. Isolated the Propx_slow and Propx_blurred animations and...
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    FS9 imports not recognizing tick18 animations

    Hi, I must be missing something in my MCX setup. When I import an FS9 aircraft with tick18 animations the animations are not recognized and are flagged as "unknown" If I try to assign the animation to Ambient nothing happens (ie the animation gets lost during export). Not sure if it is related...
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    Renderer transparent ground colour problem

    With the current release DEV 2019-02-09 (and the previous release) the ground colour "transparent" is no longer working. I get a solid grey "ground" displayed when I look at an object from above level. Below level (ie looking upwards) the transparency works but not from above. This is a bit of...
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    Is there away to attach a sub-model without it moving

    Hi, I am trying to convert an FS9 model with "tick18" animations for the crew heads. MCX doesn't recognize this animation and defines it as "unknown". Thus when you compile the model for FSX it throws away the animation. I have tried changing "unknown" to "Ambient" (the FSX equivalent which MCX...
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    Why do animations get broken during FS9 - FSX conversion?

    Hi, Has anyone come up with a foolproof way of preventing working animations from suddenly breaking when converting models from FS9 to FSX / P3D. I don't mean during the initial import of the model when MCX is trying to sort out the FS9 stuff, I mean later on when you have a perfectly good...
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    Tick18 animations?

    HI, I am trying to convert some FS9 AI models to P3Dv4 format. The original model has a loop animation that animates the pilots head scanning the sky. In FS9 this was done by a tick18 animation. In FSX / P3D the same effect can be done using Ambient as the animation code. Unfortunately the...
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    FSXA Problem editing orientation of attached objects

    Hi, I am messing around with converting FS2004 aircraft. When I import the model into MDLX I also import the attached landing lights. I need to edit the orientation of the converted light so that it shines in the right direction. The issue I have is with changing the orientation values. for...