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  1. Mr_Sloww

    FSX Tardy to the Party

    Morning All Just finished my first time install of the FSX SDK from Sp1, sp2 and the acceleration disc. The in sim tools show up, gmax has been installed per the wiki instructions seems to work as expected. Could some one look at my ADE check report I see a couple of lines with Error in the...
  2. Mr_Sloww

    FS2004 Still another can this be done? Question

    Designing in gmax for FS 2004. I want to create a gauge which functions as automatic switch to turn on a L:Variable part animation at 103 knots indicated airspeed. I found this code over at FFDS forum archive; <Gauge Name="KCAileron" Version="1.0"> <Element> <Select> <Value>...
  3. Mr_Sloww

    FS2004 How to attach .fx file to an aircraft model

    I am working in FS2004 and want to attach a water jet effect .fx file to the aircraft .mdl. Can anyone explain the procedure or point me to a tutorial? For that matter is it even possible in fs2004? Carl
  4. Mr_Sloww

    FS2004 FS9_Unlimited_Export_System_for_Gmax.pdf

    Hi All FS9_Unlimited_Export_System_for_Gmax.pdf Can any one direct me to a download link for this file by lionheart? The link on the original thread is invalid now. Carlton
  5. Mr_Sloww

    FSXA Geo Stationary Orbit Scenery package

    Full release Geo Stationary Orbit v2.1 scenery package just posted over at Sim Outhouse. FS9 scenery re worked for FSX sp1-2 Acceleration. 12 land able scenery items in low earth orbit clustered over Europe. The same 12 scenery items in High Earth Orbit arrayed all around the planet. For use...
  6. Mr_Sloww

    FS2004 Aircraft Airfile Manager fails to start?

    Hi All I downloaded AAMV22 and un zipped to a folder on my desktop. When I click the application icon to start it, opens to a EAccessViolation error window. I am running Windows 7 could it be a 32bit/64bit conflict? Carl
  7. Mr_Sloww

    FS2004 .Air file editor for payware aircraft?

    Morning All As the thread title says, I am looking for an .air file editor that I can use for tweaking the .air files for payware aircraft. Can any one offer suggestions? Carl
  8. Mr_Sloww

    FS2004 Importing Abacus FSDS .fsc files into gmax, possible?

    Hi Guys I seem to remember back in the day, reading on some forum somewhere it was possible to import Abacus FSDS .fsc files into Gmax does any one remember a way to do it? Carl
  9. Mr_Sloww

    FS2004 Generate scenery files using Middleman and MdlCommander?

    I have been developing aircraft now for about 10 years. I have forgotten how I used Middleman and MdlCommander to generate the scenery files from gmax to the bgl compiler for fs2004. I seem to remember a tutorial on how to set up Middleman and MdlCommander and then send to the compiler folder...
  10. Mr_Sloww

    FSX Tdfcalc for FSX?

    Any one know where I can find a copy of TdfCalc for Fsx? carl
  11. Mr_Sloww

    FS2004 Prop spindown gauge

    Good Morning All! I am trying to write a prop spin down and stopped gauge for my 2D panel in fs2004. This code: <Gauge Name="f4u1_Prop" Version="1.0"> <Element> <Visible>(A:GENERAL ENG RPM:1, Rpm) 350 &lt;</Visible> <Image Name="Prop_Bkground.bmp" Bright="Yes"/> <Element>...
  12. Mr_Sloww

    FS2004 Creating reflective textures for FS9

    Hi can any one point me to a tutorial for creating reflective textures, applying them to a gmax part for export to a fs9 aircraft? Carl
  13. Mr_Sloww

    FS2004 looking for old tut

    I remember an old repaint tutorial from my cfs1 days it covered exterior weathering and bullet holes as I recall. Anyone know of similar tuts that they can point me to? Also looking for tuts on panel and vc aging and wear textures. I no longer have internet access at home so it may be a few days...
  14. Mr_Sloww

    FS2004 Hard drive crashed

    My hard drive crashed and I lost everything, I had not backed up. Can some one point me to the fs2004 SDK downloads? And the no cd file for fs2004 also? Carl
  15. Mr_Sloww

    FS2004 Super charger sound problem

    I am designing for fs9 I am trying to simulate a supercharger whine sound. The code below gives the lever movement and sound for the medium and high settings but the sound continues to run when the engine is shut down. <part> <name>spr_chrg_lever</name> <animlength>100</animlength>...
  16. Mr_Sloww

    FS2004 Newbie's Question

    Hi All I am trying to finish the F4u-1 Birdcage payware I have been working on since Ronnie bowed out of the project. While working on the custom sound files I checked the stock sound folder and found that Ronnie had simply aliased the sound to the stock DC3 sound file. For a payware project...
  17. Mr_Sloww

    FS2004 Click mag switch...almost there

    Hi Y'all My editor has been grousing about the drag able nature of the stock DC3 magneto switch part name I have been using for my VC mag switch. So I cobbled up this code to make it left and right click able: <part> <name>mag_mast</name> <animlength>75</animlength> <animation>...
  18. Mr_Sloww

    FS2004 VC Tailhook lever problem

    Hi Guys! I am using this code to control the VC tail hook lever part in my fs9 mkmdl.parts file <part> <name>TailHookLever</name> <animation> <parameter> <code>(L:TailHookLever, bool) 100 *</code> <lag>100</lag> </parameter> </animation> <mouserect>...
  19. Mr_Sloww

    FS2004 3D Kohlsman disc problem

  20. Mr_Sloww

    FS2004 VSI needle adjust?