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    ADE Flatten and terrain polygons

    Hi folks I am using ADE v. 1.79.7475 and P3D V 4.5 I have a question regarding terrain polygons in ADE. To mention, that i already have read the various posts and helpful manuals about this topic (from Jim Ville etc) Still i have a question: when i flatten an airport with the type "Airport...
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    Traffic and Parking analyser

    Ok folks after some more research and try and test i solved the problem: under "Options" i ticked : "acces all drives", and now it analises also the stock airports and gives me the parkings Thank you for your help although. Happy flying Alex
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    Traffic and Parking analyser

    Sorry i have P3D V 4.5 LSZH is my home airport. Just info where i am from AIFP Traffic Analiser shows "no parking available at XXX on every only stock airport in the list
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    Traffic and Parking analyser

    Hi there I have AIFP Version installed. When i use the Traffic and Parking Analyser and analyse a parking from a stock airport it shows "no parking available at XXX". But on Add-on airports it works perfectly. Is this a known bug or is something wrong with my installation (I did a...
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    ADE Wish List

    Any interim result of which wishes will be possible to implement in future versions? Alex
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    ADE Wish List

    Jon there is a second wish from a Helper Shape ability to use a new function maybe called "make terrain polygon" analogue to already existing "make apron" Like that it will be possible to make for example a rectangular terrain polygon (to flatten, exclude, landclass etc.) Thnaks again Regards...
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    ADE Wish List

    Hi Jon First thank for all the work you do for us simmers. I use ADE daily adding missing airports to P3D. When adding a background image to ADE for me it is a bit time consuming to have to enter the top left to bottom right coordinates, even if I use "copy paste" from xml file. Would be happy...
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    ADE add an rectangle exclusion polygon

    To answer Tom This kind of exclusion, acutally in ADE its named "terrain polygon" because not only exclusion but also like landclass etc can be made by those polygons. I am using it to make those runway strip "mask class map exclude autogen".
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    ADE add an rectangle exclusion polygon

    Hi there I would like to ask if it is possible to add a function to make exclusion polygons from a helper shape. My wish is to create a helper shape (mostly a rectangle), then using the new function "make polygon" instead of already existing "make apron". With that option it would be more...
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    P3D v4 Adding ground lighting to apron

    Hi there. Would be interested also in an answer regarding Colins problem
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    Copy Objects from One Airport to Another

    Select the objects you want to copy from the original airport with SHIFT + clicking those objects then select "Copy objects". Close the original airport and open the second airport. There at a free space or wherever you want "paste objects". Then you have to place them to your right position...
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    P3D v4 Runway texture designation

    Hi folks Id like to change some runway textures. Therefore i would like to know the assigned runway texture designations of the runway texture in the main texture folder. I know that for example the "steel mats" is 17. Can somebody tell me which one is the "bituminous"? or even a list of all...
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    Autofill of image coordinates

    Hi Jon I am also using the tutorial from Morten and I would also be happy to see if his above mentioned possibility of reading the coordinates from ADE would be implemented. Regards Alex
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    I'm working on scenery... (2020)

    Hi there ! A "TaxiSign" generator would be nice ! How is it suppose to work? Does it calculate automaticly the taxiway directions and place the right numbers and arrows? For me, the most annoying part of creating an airport is the placement of the many taxisigns. An automatism would be great...
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    P3D v4 Convert FS9 scenery vehicle for P3D (SOLVED)

    Hello Colin As for me I can speak the bmp-textures work fine also in P3D. But maybe Arno gives us an answer about DDS or BMP in P3D. What seems to be lost for example that the lights_ss (Apron lights) have lost the effect, they dont shine onto the ground...... Regards Alex
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    P3D v4 Convert FS9 scenery vehicle for P3D (SOLVED)

    Hi Arno Thank you for your fast answer. You were right. I thought, I had the newest version, but didnt see, that there is a development release available. I installed it, and >> it works now !!! You saved my weekend :-) I think I can close this topic. Again thanks. Alex, LSZH
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    P3D v4 Convert FS9 scenery vehicle for P3D (SOLVED)

    Hi folks Just lately I did the swap from FSX to P3D (due to change from WIN7 to WIN10 and the related problems afterwards.....) Now after the P3D runs as I want and expected, I found out, that I have lots of scenery objects in FS9 format, which dont show up in the sim. As such for example a...
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    A tip if AI planes disappear after leaving the runway after landing

    Hi folks I want to share with you another cause why an AI-airplane does disappear when it leaves the runway after landing and after requesting the clearance to the gate. I downloaded the new LTFM Istanbul airport from turkishvirtual ------dot-----com. They have made the sideways of the taxiways...
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    FSX Ground poly problem

    Don I got it! First of all i checked out the ADE Files. I noticed that I had several older versions installed on my D: Drive where I have the actual ADE 1.75 folder. I erased all the old ADE versions with all their files. Then I noticed that I had an other ADE copy on the root D: installed...
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    FSX Ground poly problem

    Hi Don again Thank you for your further hint. I tried it....well now I have a black polygon on the taxiway but no white letters, see pic