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    P3D v5 Virtual Cockpit for 4 engine jet

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum, mods/admin, please feel free to move to correct forum if needed. Not too long after P3Dv5 came out, I found a flyable A380 from Project Airbus which comes with a VC but the issue is the VC shows as all black aside from the gauges and turning on the lights does...
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    MCX Object placement (ish)

    I'll try to explain what I'm trying to do as best I can. I download and use a good amount of freeware airport scenery but a good amount of that comes with objects placed all over the airport and at the gates such as baggage carts and vehicles etc. I use GSX and a lot of the times, the objects...
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    ADE Stock buildings bleeding in

    For sim P3Dv5.1 using latest ADE I’m a bit confused with this one. I downloaded a freeware KONT scenery from AVSim and it installs fine (it’s copy/paste and add to library) but I noticed default buildings were still showing up around the airport. Using ADE I opened the bgl file and make note -...
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    P3D v5 airport scenery in P3Dv5

    I don't think this has been asked (couldn't find the answer anyway) but I have a question regarding payware airport scenery made for P3Dv4, but using in v5. Simple question, is v4 airport scenery compatible with v5 if you are willing to give up the slopped runways at that location? More...
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    AIFP errors when opening traffic bgl file

    When I open a bgl traffic file, AIFP pops up with 3 errors: 1) Unable to read "Z:\ORBX Library\p3dv5\Global openLC Africa Mesh and Photoreal\add-on.xml", (ExMessage: Root element is missing.) 2) Unable to read "Z:\ORBX Library\p3dv5\NA Pacific Northwest\add-on.xml", (ExMessage: Root element is...
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    Colors in AIFP

    Been a long time since I've used AIFP and just installed the latest version. I noticed that when opening an existing flight plan bgl, some of the flight plans, some airports, and some aircraft are highlighted brown. Seems to be every 3rd one on each list. Is this just to help with visualy...
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    BGL2XML help

    I'm trying to import ARTCC into Pilot2ATC and it needs the bvcf.BGL file in scenery/world/scenery and BGL2XML will create the bvcf.BGL.xml file that Pilot2ATC will use to import ARTCC centers. Issue is, regardless how I try to do this, I always get the message in the log window from BGL2XML...
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    Issue with terrains/ground altitude v5 from v4

    I did a quick flight yesterday from VVPK to VVDN and on approach still about 30-50nm from destination, PATCX kept telling me to “climb to 7,000” when I was still descending to 7,000 and continued the command until turning to intercept the IAF. Just off the edge of the runway, lined up well both...
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    ADE Pro question

    I got the Pro Key and in the info page, it says you can "Nudge objects accurately into position with arrow keys " however the arrow keys are still just moving around the map and not moving the selected object. I don't see where I can assign a keyboard entry for that either. Am I missing...
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    P3D v4 Mass edit airport code in flight plans

    Forgive me if this was already asked and I didn’t see it I’m currently manually updating Turkish Airlines to replace LTBA which is now cargo only with the new LTFM which is pax only. I have the LTFM scenery installed and AIFP has the airport info. Flight plans were installed using AIGAIM...
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    P3D v4 Custom ground lines/markings

    Hey all. I posted a solved issue I was having making custom ground lines. Well, it’s mostly solved. But I got no replies on the thread. I’m hoping there is someone with a bit of patience who’d be willing to teach me the proper way of making ground lines and placing them. Ideally here is what...
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    P3D v4 Ground lines not textured properly

    I've read a ton of posts from the past year or so on issues getting ground lines drawn with ADE to show up in P3Dv4. I'm re-designing an airport and playing around with the ground lines for the 1st time. At first, I couldn't get them to show and was thinking it may have had to do with the...
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    P3D v4 ADE 1.76.6715.14291 deleting _OBJ.bgl file

    If I try to compile and airport that has an _OBJ.bgl (like KATL_ADE4_SD_OBJ.bgl) - bgl that only contains model info - and the compiler has an error (most of the time it's caused by this), then the _OBJ.bgl file is gone and no where to be found all of the sudden. It does not exist on an entire...
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    Objects showing when not in AFCAD

    I downloaded an AFCAD file for ZSPD from AVSIM and I updated it to work for P3Dv4 with ADE 1.76. Since I have GSX, part of my changes was deleting the "JFK_Jetway_1" and "JFK_Jetway_2" models that came as part of the downloaded AFCAD because I will use GSX SODE bridges instead of the JFK jetways...
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    Tee line offsets

    Other than trial and error, how does one determine the position for the Tee offset in a parking spot? I get that everyone has different traffic models, but is there a utility somewhere or a simple method that can be used to see the distance form the AI that one has installed for the center...
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    ADE and objects

    I know I am about to beat a dead horse with this because it has been addressed many times, but answers are always different. I converted from boxed FSX-A SP2 to P3D v4. Got everything moved over and updated. I'm having trouble with AFCAD files. Not getting P3D4 to render them correctly, but...
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    Terminal builsing for MBPV

    Hey everyone. So I'm just finishing putting the final touches on this project. I've worked on it for about a week and it's the first time I've ever built a 3D building, and first time anything I've built will be going into the sim. This is the terminal building for Providenciales International...
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    building dimensions

    Does anyone know where scenery developers get building dimensions from? I'm still new to scenery development and design. I'm trying to design the terminal building for a scenery project and google earth doesn't have it as a 3D building so getting the measurements for height, roof overhangs...
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    Jetway height from ground

    Hey everyone. I'm working on a terminal building for a scenery project and in the model for the building, there is the beginnings of the jetways. What I want to do is get the jetways that I can add on ADEX to match in height to the model jetways, so the end of the model jetways will intersect...
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    Gate numbers with letters

    Hey everyone. Just a quick simple question - Is there a way to assign gate numbers including a letter in ADEX? I'm working on a scenery and at the real airport, there are some gates numbered like 5A, 5B, 14A, 14B, 14C. When I try to put a letter next to the gate number, ADEX dings at me. Thanks...