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  1. awreaper

    Another airport beacon question. :)

    I created my own custom airport rotating beacon in Blender. It rotates and looks fine, even has light cones that go out and illuminate surrounding scenery as it rotates, until you get a few hundred yards away and then it disappears. I tried changing the watt setting in Blender for the lights...
  2. awreaper

    MSFS Requesting assistance with taxi light

    I am a beginner Blender user and wanted to create a blue taxiway light for FS2020. I created my model and it looks fine. I then added some point lights around the globe and set them to be small. In Blender it doesn't appear they are lighting the ground below the taxi light but when in FS2020...
  3. awreaper

    Autogen annotation tool question

    I am using the autogen annontation tool and for the life of me I can't figure out how to delete a vegetation poly that I drew and now want to delete. How do you do this? Thanks in advance for the help.
  4. awreaper

    Remove shine from texture

    I have a roof shingle texture on top of a building that is shiny and I need to make it dull or non reflective. Can I do that in MCX?
  5. awreaper

    GP Layering problem

    I am experiencing an issue where higher layer polygons are not being displayed on top of lower layer ones in P3D v3. An example is the attached. I created a parking lot and gave it a custom asphalt texture and a layer 24. I created a custom parking lot stripe texture and applied this to...
  6. awreaper

    Ground Poly Wizard question

    Per some suggestions from other developers I am using the ADE ground poly wizard to import my custom ground polys and covert them so they don't suppress autogen. I created an airport runway (layer 24) as a custom ground poly and gave it an asphalt texture. I also created three runway stripes...
  7. awreaper

    Bring to front, back missing.

    I just switched to ADE 1.75.6241 from an older version. I noticed that the bring to front/back option seems to be gone. What happened to it? It is a very handy feature.
  8. awreaper

    Autogen trees not showing up

    I am trying to place some autogen trees around my custom airport using the annotator. Unfortunately none of them are showing up. I decided to test to see if the annotator is working and it appears so. I used SBuilderX to create a photo01.bgl of a test airport and then used that .bgl file in...
  9. awreaper

    Seasonal textures

    I am placing autogen trees using ADE and the Forest Placement Tool but I notice the trees I place are not changing with the seasons. I notice in ADE there are several trees listed for a given size and type. One for each season and then one that doesn't list a season. I picked the one without a...
  10. awreaper

    Flatten issue

    I am starting work on 2M0 airport in Princeton KY. I am using the same process that i have for my previous airports but something is not right. I use ADE and open the stock airport. I then create a poly of type exclude > airport background and then another poly of type airport background >...
  11. awreaper

    Transitioning from ADE 1.7 to 1.71.

    I have been using ADE 1.7 for some time. When I compile my airport I select the first radio button that says "Single Ref. Point ARP Elevation, Full Visibility". I notice in V 1.71 that the "ARP Elevation, Full Visibility" option is disabled and it defaults to "Local Elevation, Full...
  12. awreaper

    Controller question

    I am attempting to replicate a airport beacon with a green and white pulsing fx. I have the green and white effects and set up a controller but I cant get the timing down. I would like the controller or controllers to runt he green light, pause a second and then run the white light and then...
  13. awreaper

    Effect and MCX question

    I know how to attach an effect to a static model but can you attach an effect to an animated model and have it move with the model? Thanks in advance for the help.
  14. awreaper

    3DS Max to MCX animation issue.

    I have a simple box object that I created in 3ds max. I used the auto key feature and set key frames so the box would rotate. It rotates fine in 3ds max but when I export it and import it in MCX, it shows the animation slider with the play buttons but when I play the animation, the box does...
  15. awreaper

    3DS Max animation export problem

    I have a simple box object that I created in 3ds max. I used the auto key feature and set key frames so the box would rotate. It rotates fine in 3ds max but when I export it and import it in MCX, it shows the animation slider with the play buttons but when I play the animation, the box does...
  16. awreaper

    Editing bmp file problem

    I can create photo scenery in SbuilderX but I would like to edit the base .bmp file to remove some issues. When I use GIMP to edit the file and then export it as a .bmp and then try to compile it again in SbuilderX it will not compile. The command box flashes up for just a second and it...
  17. awreaper

    New to SODE, need help please.

    I am new to SODE and do not know how to get started. I have a windsock model that I want to use and have SODE control its direction. I have the .mdl file made. I have SODE downloaded and installed and it shows up in P3DV3. I checked for simconnect and it says its installed so I assume I am...
  18. awreaper

    Developer build Win 10 - MCX not working now.

    I just installed the latest updates for Win 10 Pro (version 1703 OS Build 15063.296) and now MCX is not working. Uninstalled it and reinstalled it but no luck. I get the red X when I launch it. Here is the error details. Any suggestions? See the end of this message for details on invoking...
  19. awreaper

    Error when launching SAMM

    I downloaded version of 2.2.04 of SAMM and extracted it. I placed this extracted folder on my desktop and also tried it on the C drive. I run the .exe file either by double clicking on it or right click > run as administrator and I get an unhandled exception each time. It looks like it can't...
  20. awreaper

    LOD question

    I designed a runway light and it looks fine as long as you are within 1/2 mile of the airport or on the ground. Farther away and it disappears. I believe what I need to do is create a less detailed model of the light with a bigger light bloom, perhaps even a couple more with varying bloom...