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  1. Ripcord

    FSX Matching water textures

    What is the generally accepted method here for making a small patch of water (photoreal coverage) match up in terms of color with the waterclass textures around it...? It is important to have some degree of water PR coverage. Sure I could probably color sample it and get very close to the...
  2. Ripcord

    Removing seams in rivers

    What is the best method for removing these ugly seams that run down the middle of these rivers/channels? I know how to do photoreal with blendmasks and all that, but then it becomes a question of color-matching the water. And not everybody uses the same water textures. Is there another...
  3. Ripcord

    2 Aircraft Carrier Questions

    Got working catapults, got working arresting gear. All good there. My problem right now is getting the steam effects to trigger when the cat shot is triggered. Right now the steam just happens right away as soon as the flight starts on deck (or carrier is spawned). I've been messing with...
  4. Ripcord

    AI ship traffic -- one model won't complete its route

    OK so one small little issue I've been wrestling with is that I have one ship model that doesn't want to proceed all the way to end of it's assigned route. It seems to go to the next to last waypoint and stop there. I am pretty convinced now that is not the route that is the problem -- if I...
  5. Ripcord

    FSX Toggling lights on AI objects

    OK so today I was trying to work on a little feature here, but no luck so far. See the light effect on the helo deck on the ship below -- it is set for day/night and it works fine that way. But when the ship is in port, at night, it is still on. I would like to allow for the user to turn...
  6. Ripcord

    P3D v3 Animated FLAG - exporting from blender.

    I used the blender toolkit, and following the instructions with amazing success, but I could not get the animation to show up in MCX. All I got was a flag, and even that was just one sided. I did initialize the toolset and set the animation to ambient. I've been able to export animated...
  7. Ripcord

    Edit Object Placment BGL

    So I have an airport here, and there a couple library bgl files and a few object placement bgl files. I want to remove or reposition a couple of these objects. How can I do that? I know that it can be done by using Instant Scenery but that is tedious -- first you have to guess which placement...
  8. Ripcord

    P3D v2 Using Gauges to control AI aircraft

    So I was thinking -- is it possible to use a gauge to 'hook' an AI aircraft and modify it's flight plans? Ok let's we have an AI airplane that is flying from point A to B, and we want to issue new instructions for it: make it turn left and fly on a certain heading, etc.... We know that...
  9. Ripcord

    P3D v2 Ship textures

    Please take a look at the two ships on the right of the photo. Notice that they are much lighter in color. If you were to get closer to those two ships, you notice that they are reflecting light more than the others. How can I adjust the textures so that those two ships are more dull, or...
  10. Ripcord

    P3D v2 Helo Deck (on ship) lighting effect

    OK this is really what I am hoping to achieve here, as an objective for this effect> And this is my first attempt that even got close. I think I need to dial back the intensity just a little, and then I want to make the light a little 'flatter' meaning make it show up more on the deck and...
  11. Ripcord

    A series of gauge-triggered animations?

    So now we have learned (in a couple other threads) how to make a custom animation tag, with a custom LVar and how to build a gauge that reads a A:Var which assigns a value to this LVar, and triggers the animation. That was exceedingly cool, and it was really all that I was hoping to achieve for...
  12. Ripcord

    Basic Trigger Gauge -- need some assistance

    I do have a working gauge that triggers an animation (on AI ship object), so at least I have gotten this far. <Gauge Name="CarrierElevator" Version="1.0"> <Element> <Select> <Value> (A:EXIT OPEN, percent) 5 &gt; if{ 100 (&gt;L:CVelevator) } els{ 0...
  13. Ripcord

    Need help with textures in Blender

    Have a number of great models not originally built in Blender, but they have been converted to Blender. Unfortunately there are parts of them, here and there, which do not the textures assigned, and are not showing up when exported. I've been doing my best to learn Blender and I'm making...
  14. Ripcord

    ambient animation at regular intervals

    So I would like to run a simple animation, like a door opening or closing, or an elevator on a ship moving up/down, but I do not want the action to happen continually? I am using it as an ambient animation in FSX. Not triggered by anything. Is there a way to 'program' the animation so that it...
  15. Ripcord

    Textures misaligned

    For some reason I am able to export this model pretty easily out of blender but..... .... my textures are misaligned when I import it into MCX. Doesn't matter what format I use either. Even when I export it straight to FSX, I get the same effect when I use MCX to open the MDL file...
  16. Ripcord

    P3D v2 Building ports - with piers/docks & seawalls

    There might be a couple questions here in one. The idea is to build the US Naval Station at San Diego. You can see in the above photo the white arrow -- that is more or less the port area. I am somewhat familiar with Sbuilder and I have built PR scenery with blendmasks and watermasks. But...
  17. Ripcord

    P3D v2 United States Navy -- all of it.

    Working on a comprehensive AI pack that provides each and every hull number for each surface unit on duty. Finally got the Harry Truman CVN-75 converted yesterday. Still adjusting tweaking, etc. Right now they all have hard platforms for landing as you will see but still not there in terms...
  18. Ripcord

    Need expert help converting models

    I have a couple of 3d models (various formats) of navy ships that I need to get imported into FSX. So far I am managing with most of them, but having trouble with 2-3 of ships also. To be more specific, I have them open in GMAX and in BLENDER but I don't know enough to correctly apply the...
  19. Ripcord

    FSXA Animations on moving ground object?

    I understand the value of SODE for static objects, particularly in P3D... It is possible to program a simple animation on a moving ground object, like a ship?
  20. Ripcord

    FSXA Proper Installation?

    I was having troubles getting the SODE section to show up in the Animation Manager in GMAX -- FS Tools. I was following these instructions: http://sode.12bpilot.ch/?document=filefolder-setup/the-modeldef-xml-file My problem turned out to be that I had multiple FSX SDK's installed on my...