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    MSFS Texture Distortion when Importing into MSFS

    Very nice, glad you managed to resolve that. Would be cool to see more screenshots of this in future; looks like an awesome building!
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    Help in extruding please

    As @WTFlorian rightly pointed out, there are more than one way to achieve the same result. While there might be more complicated tools available in Blender, it is sometimes more convenient to stick with workflows you are comfortable with. The more control you have, the better. Using some tools...
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    Help in extruding please

    I would start with a default cube, change the dimensions to match your building footprint outline so it looks something like this: Then go to Edit mode and select the two wall edges as so: Then do a bevel on the edges with Ctrl + b; move your mouse but don't click anything yet: You want to...
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    MSFS Texture Distortion when Importing into MSFS

    You are not using any edge seams on your curved areas - I am not surprised that you are running into those issues. Start perhaps by placing a seam along to centerline of the roof at least. With the number of vertices you are wasting on your curved roof you can more than half your vertex count...
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    MSFS Texture Distortion when Importing into MSFS

    I think the stretching you are referring to pertains to varying texel densities between UV islands or non-planar UV projections. Seeing that it is a flat face, the stretching can be solved by applying a uniform texel density to the blue frame area. This can be done by eyeing it using a UV grid...
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    MSFS Performance difference between multiple objects per gltf and one object with multiple meshes?

    I think what you are saying is that you want to bake different materials into a single image texture. That single image will then be used for a single material applied to your entire object. I have only baked the diffuse of one material into a texture (haven't used the Blender baking workflow...
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    Blender model coming out in with different location ingame

    I think it comes down to experience with other sims and game engines. It also depends very much on how the specific engine renderer works and what it efficient. I don't know the inner workings of the MSFS renderer, but I do know that vertex count is important when managing performance. Many...
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    X-Plane Curved Earth Correction

    Corrections in terms of? The only issue I can think of is having a town/city level of buildings as one object where various buildings might be sticking out of the ground (or sunk in), but that will happen in any sim where there are elevation differences. As far as I know no special 'corrections'...
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    I need your advice

    EDIT: I see now you previous post refers to building objects - have you tried the .Org forums under scenery development?
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    Blender Baking in Blender - need advice. Noisy baked image.

    Just a question - does this kind of baking have to be done with the 'Selected to Active' checked? For my recent diffuse + AO + shadow baking I usually leave that off. It is also interesting that only certain areas are affected. Could there be a hidden object in the background that could be...
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    Blender Baking in Blender - need advice. Noisy baked image.

    That only relates to denoising; start setting of 1 is correct there.
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    Blender model coming out in with different location ingame

    If these components are meant to be static, I would also suggest joining them into one object before your final export to FS. As @karlo922 advised, make sure you apply scale (which you should have done before UV unwrapping), check that your normals are facing outward, and apply rotation as well...
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    Blender Precise planar UV mapping?

    There is also a plugin for Blender that manages texel density of your UV's called Texel Density Checker. It can detect the texel density of UV's, and apply a specific density if you want certain objects to match in resolution. It is very handy when you modify/add parts and you don't want to...
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    Workflow when updating a gltf object in scenery

    Wow, thanks a lot for that. So no need to clean the build or anything - will this method automatically detect the new version of the gltf file and build it into the package?
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    Workflow when updating a gltf object in scenery

    Hi there I have recently tried my hand at MSFS scenery again and trying to get to grips with the system. I am creating a custom object using Blender and have successfully imported it into my scenery. With the object being work in progress, I do update it often to see if it still works within the...
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    Blender object - Some bridge questions

    After further experimentation it appears that more than one material is supported. I joined the meshes for the two lanes into a single object, assigned a new material to it and checked the road material attribute. Imported into MSFS again and now it seems to convey traffic correctly (although...
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    Blender object - Some bridge questions

    I am working on a bridge that covers a portion of the Swan River in Perth where the default road runs under water. I built a rough bridge object in Blender for testing and successfully imported it in MSFS. The object has currently one material in Blender, and I have assigned a road parameter...
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    MSFS Unable to build sample packages in FS2020 SDK

    Some kind of documentation on how you guys achieved success compiling scenery with the fspackagetool would be greatly appreciated. I have done scenery development in X-Plane mostly and my last MFS scenery I dabbled with was a hangar object back in FS9. I have managed to create a custom airport...
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    MSFS MSFS2020 SDK, is it available??

    The SDK is downloadable from outside the sim (a simple MSI package) and the documentation can be viewed directly from there without the sim entirely (html pages). Edit: The download link however appears to be generated by the sim and could be unique, so a registered license of MFS may still be...