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    MCX dev release 1.5 not loading textures

    Hey there guys, Just updated to the newest dev update for mcx, and my aircraft texures are not loading. Just get that special checker texture. Im using P3d V4.5. Paths in the options page are correct. MCX folder is located in the main p3d folder. Not sure what to do. It will not load any...
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    P3D v4 Project Opensky CRJ700/900v3

    Hey there guys!! I hope all is well, please forgive me if this model has already been converted. I was just curious if someone might be willing to convert those to models to be able to work in p3dv4? For the 700, there currently is one that's on simviations website, and I might be overly picky...
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    ATC not assigning ils runways to traffic

    Hi there to all I have a very strange and prolly diffucult problem. Recently my atc hasnt been assigning me and my ai traffic ils runways at places that have ils runways. I have no idea why. At first I thought it was a simulator problem, but after some research I have found that it most...
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    AI distance to User aircraft, FSX

    Hi there I am not sure if any of you will be able to help me with this or not, or if this is even the right forum to post this in. But here is my problem. I have my ai slider in fsx at 100%, when I had fs9 I had it set the same way. When I or the ai are taxing, the ai aircraft will not get...
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    No Traffic after converting to FSX

    Hey there to all This certainly looks to be a good program. It was really easy to navigate to get it to convert traffic files to fsx. I do have a question though, I tried converting one of my traffic bgls to fsx format because it was previously in FS9 format, and when it finishes and all...
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    FSDT Afcad help

    Hi there to all I orignally downloaded a FSDT ORD afcad from avsim, which has the multiple runways in use, so thats all good, I made some changes to it, gate types, gate assignments and such, went to comple the airport, and it doesnt work. Any suggestions or help?? Thanks
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    Select Multiple items

    Hey there I have a suggestion and a request for a future update. WOuld it be possible to be able to select more than one thing in the ade program. Like selecting multiple gates to change their airline that parks at the selected gates. It would speed the process up alot if that feature would...
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    Hi there Wow man congrats on the great program!! it really is great!. I have a quick question. is the a feature to add jetways? and one other thing, is there a way to turn down the senstativity to the program, like when u click quick and u move your mouse a bit and then the gate or what ever...
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    Simconnet Noob

    Hi there to all How do i connet to the simulator using the newest release of fsxplanner. I have never previously had the need to use this feature, but now i need to use it, and have no idea of how to do it. i tried just going to the simconnect menu and pressing connect but it said unable...
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    FSX Traffic Compile

    Hi there to all I know this is the wrong forum for this but i keep getting a sim1.dll error. and i dont know why. I read that it was cause of traffic not having a sim= line in the cfg and that it has to match the .air. but i just went trough all of my ai and change what i found was wrong and...
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    ramdomly floating jetways

    i have three random jetways floating around. i dont know why or how to fix it help is appericiated. attached it pictures of the problem and the current xml. also when is the bgl feature going to be added?