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    MSFS Helicopters

    Hi I'm using AIFP, and what a brilliant programme! I'm now hoping to include helicopters for AI, so far I can see the helicopter(s), but not actually seen them fly! Can AIFP use helicopters? Steve
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    MSFS Make an ADE project from MSFS BGL

    I, at some point seemed to have deleted the project file for my small airport (Portland Airport), so I thought I'd use the ADE make project from MSFS BGL, but I'm having no luck :-( Tried version 17, 18 and 19. I've attached the BGL. Thanks Steve
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    MSFS Reflection windows

    I'm trying to make my windows on my model reflect the real world (i.e. reflect aircraft etc in the windows) I've followed a youtube video It says in the video to change some settings in the properties. Under "Special Functionality" I change "Reflection scale" to 1 and then change "Use global...
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    MSFS Individual airport a.i. files

    Something just popped into my mind, can you make individual files for specific airports, so that you can run different a.i.files at the same time? If so is how? Many thanks! Steve
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    MSFS AIFP MSFS Importing fictional airport

    Hi, Can someone tell me how to bring in (import) a fictional (addon) airport (MSFS)? I have tried collect Airport data add-on menu and it find nothing. TIA Steve
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    MSFS Materials editor

    Most probably an error somewhere on MY side, but I'm using the materials editor to convert jpg files to dds, but after selecting the files, and trying to convert, nothing is saved. I'm presuming I have a setting missing, can someone point me in the right direction?
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    MSFS Taxiway direction (ADE 17)

    Another quick question, when I draw a taxiway, in between the taxiway points, the line is showing an arrow, does the arrow denote a direction that is used by A.I., If so how do I make the taxiway bi directional (two way)? Many thanks Steve
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    MSFS Reimporting a Model

    Hi, ADE Alpha 17. If I update a model (i.e. made changes in Sketchup, then converted in MCX), do I have to reimport in to ADE (i.e. delete the model from airport, open model list delete the model, then reimport it)? Thanks Steve
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    MSFS Electric Pylons

    Afternoon everyone! Quick question. I'm making a fictional airport using ADE alpha 16, I have put in an exclusion poly, to exclude base scenery stuff, but it didn't exclude the electricity pylons, so I tried using a exclusion rectangle and got the same result. :-( Any ideas? Many thanks Steve
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    Converting dae file for msfs

    Sorry to be a nuisance, but a quick question. When I convert sketchup made (exported) dae file to msfs format, the textures go into a subfolder called the same name as the model name. When importing the file into msfs, I have a problem with the textures not showing. I think it's because the...
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    MSFS MCX not exporting textures

    Hi, can anyone help. I have made a model in sketchup, and export it out as a dae file. I save the dae file in my models folder. In the directory I have the dae file, and a sub directory with the textures in. Textures are in JPG format. I open MCX and import the dae file. Everything looks...
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    FSX No Entry Taxiway

    Is there a way of making a one way only taxi way, so that you can only enter from one end? Thanks Steve
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    FSXA Jerking

    Hi Everyone, I'm fairly new to all this design stuff, but I've managed to start a "New" airport for self use. Before I carry on adding features etc, I've come across a problem of FSX freezing for a period of time. Its only started to happen after using my new airport, and when I'm in the...