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    MSFS Reading traffic information

    I am trying to read traffic information from MSFS and I use the Coherent.call("GET_AIR_TRAFFIC") that is used by Asobo and all mods. As I am not very familiar with using Promises in JavaScript, I wrote a very simple code to test it was OK, something like this: As you see, it is extremely...
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    MSFS Struggling with Moving Map

    I am now struggling for displaying navaids on my ND, the airports, VORs, NDB, intersections that are around my aircraft according to the ND range. I used the code in NearestWaypoints.js and it works perfect and MUCH faster than in FSX, this is good. The problem I have is when I request a type of...
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    MSFS Where is the code for "aircraft logic"?

    I don't know if this post should be here or in the "aircraft design" section. My question is about the aircraft "logic", to know where it is located. What I mean here is the code that is executed to manage some aircraft system that is not related to any display. I am especially interested in the...
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    MSFS Event management

    I am building an alternative PFD for the Asobo A320 Neo in JavaScript, for training purpose. It works quite well but I still have questions about the interaction between the virtual cockpit and the instrument code in JS. I found out some interactions works through local variables (L:vars) but I...
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    MSFS VOR1 is not ILS

    As I dig deeper and deeper into the Asobo A320 code to understand how all this works, I noticed that VOR1 and ILS are different in this A320. In fs9/FSX/P3D, the ILS frequency was set by setting VOR1 frequency, so ILS and VOR1 was not independent. In MSFS, you can set a frequency for the ILS and...
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    MSFS GetGameVarValue

    As I was digging into the JavaScript code, I found call to the GetGameVarValue function, something like: It looks similar to the well known GetSimVarValue, but I don't know the difference. And "AIRCRAFT CRUISE MACH" is not part of the sim vars, so what is it? Is it a specific variable created...
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    MSFS Flashing light or label

    I am working on a gauge developed in JavaScript. I now need to have a flashing label and I don't know how to do this... I used to work in C++ in the past (fs9/FSX/P3D) and I was using the ELPASED_SECONDS variable that was increased every 1/18 second. It was easy, I just had to use this timer to...
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    MSFS Coherent GT Unable to load js code

    As my JavaScript is more and more complex, I split it in several classes, using several JS files. They are all referenced in layout.js as expected, but one of them fails to load. I see this message in the console: There are some other JS files, but this 'util.js' is the only one that causes...
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    MSFS Autopilot settings

    I made a quick video to illustrate a problem I encountered, it is here: As you can see, the automatic ILS approach with autopilot is not perfect at all. It looks OK at the beginning, but as the aircraft gets closer to the runway, the autopilot deviates from the FD, which is corrected only when...
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    MSFS Panel instrument - Kickstart

    Hello, I know I may look ridiculous here, I take this risk :) I would like to create a panel instrument that would replace an existing one in an existing aircraft. Let's imagine I want to replace the Garmin PFD in the C172 G1000. I know some others developers did it, it is certainly so...
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    Querying DirectInput button status

    Hello experts, I know how to use DirectInput to read a DirectX device status, axis and buttons, no problem. The question I have here is about the ability to read a button status even if nothing happens, no user action. What I mean here is that DirectInput is event-based, it will give you the...
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    MSFS COM1 swap and SimConnect

    Just in case you didn't see it, I created a new post in the SimConnect forum here: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/com1-frequency-swap-event.450206/ I am so desperate about it that I ask for help everywhere 😅 Eric
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    MSFS COM1 frequency swap event

    In order to have my CockpitSonic RMP operational (radio management panel) with MSFS, I wrote a small 64 bits app that uses SimConnect to communicate with the sim. It works both ways, which means if I change a frequency on the device, it changes the frequency in the sim, and conversely, I read...
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    FSX:SE XML gauge file locked

    Hello experts, I am sorry for such a basic question but I am surprised by what is happening with my FSX-SE. I am an absolute beginner regarding XML gauge coding (you probably know I like C++ much better), I wrote a very simple XML gauge that I integrated in a panel. I selected the aircraft in...
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    MSFS Toggle taxi ribbon

    Yes, I known the taxi ribbon is ugly but sometimes useful to get taxi guidance to the parking. Many people, including myself, think that turning this on/off through the assistance menu is a pain. Does any of you have an idea about a way to make it toggled by a key press? I am not sure it is...
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    MSFS MSFS 2020 SDK for Gauge Developers

    Hello, I didn't have a look at the latest SDK after the patch but as far as I know, there is still not much information for us C/C++ gauge developers. At this time, I would like to know if you have any clue about these questions: Is it possible to develop "modules" like we used to do...
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    FSX Bright Displays

    Hello experts, I am sure this question has been asked a million times but I couldn't find a good answer at this time. I have developed many aircraft displays for glass cockpits, using GDI+ in C++. When setting up the gauge, I always used the IMAGE_USE_BRIGHT flag so that the gauge always...
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    FSX Change MDL

    Hello Experts, I know it is may look like a crazy idea, but I would like to change the way a 3D cockpit works by changing the MDL. Some of you may say this is forbidden for intellectual property reasons, and they are right. But in that case, I would like to modify an aircraft I developed with...
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    FSX:SE Unable to assign Ctrl-Shift-0

    As I keep working on my camera module, I have just added the ability to store and restore camera positions using Ctrl-Shift-0 to 9 to store and Ctrl-0 to 9 to restore. All works fine, except that it appeared that Ctrl-Shift-0 is unusable, it just does not react, pressing this key combination...
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    FSX:SE Using timers

    Hello experts, For those of you who develop in C/C++ using the Windows API, I would like to share a problem I had. I am developing a DLL module that is loaded when FSX starts, it gets the FSX window handle to get the messages such as key up/down events to manage them. In addition, I had to use...