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  1. Clutch Cargo

    P3D v3 What version of P3Dv3 was the add-on.xml method introduced?

    Searching right now but thought maybe someone might know off hand? I see it listed in P3Dv3.4 SDK as Add-on Packages and not listed in P3Dv3.0 SDK so I figure it's gotta be 3.1, 3.2 or 3.3? Maybe it was 3.4 . Scrounging to see if I can find any of those SDKs as online they only list 3.4...
  2. Clutch Cargo

    Latest ACM - download from where?

    Arno, I just noticed that when I download ACM from your top post 'Autogen Configuration Merger released versions ' that is an older version 1.2.6949.36366. Needing the latest 1.4.XXXXXX. Where can I download the latest?
  3. Clutch Cargo

    P3Dv5 compile error of default airport

    Thought I would give a quick of your latest version with sloped runway integration. So I: 1. D/l and updated my old version of ADE to the current verion. 2. d/l and copied over the patch (my current version is now 1.79.7415 (Pro version 00.00.7416) 3. Started program and opened the default...
  4. Clutch Cargo

    P3Dv5 ACM compatibility

    Now that P3Dv5 is released I would think ACM might not be compatible in its current state? Granted, I need to update my installers which include ACM. But I think (haven't tested yet), even if I install it manually it will not function correctly with P3Dv5? Maybe if I add it to the addon.xml...
  5. Clutch Cargo

    P3D v4 Need a little help with Python...

    Any fellow simmers good with Python? I am stuck on some coding I am developing and what could take probably a "true coder" a few minutes has stumped me for days o_O (you guessed it, my Python coding is in its beginning stages). Has to do with "randomness" and using QGIS so I guess technically...
  6. Clutch Cargo

    P3D v4 Orbx libraries circumventing ACM?

    I have a customer who purchased simwestSOCAL ( which has some custom tree groupings based on default trees), and also has installed many Orbx airports, sceneries, and the like and the Orbx Libraries. He told me that he was missing all trees in my product. During our several months of beta...
  7. Clutch Cargo

    P3D v4 Water colors

    Lately (as you may have noticed with my posts), I've been tinkering with water combined with photoreal imagery: 1. Can one change the color of water? I know you can do this with landclass/water polys? But hhen I apply a watermask over a photoreal lake the color always appears the same color...
  8. Clutch Cargo

    P3D v4 Combining a Watermask and Blendmask for a lake?

    Let's say I want to add "water" to a lake in my photoreal scenery. So I create a watermask... no issue. But let's say I want to add a blendmask for the shoreline. Now here's the tricky part. What if the default lake in P3D (FSX) is smaller than what is shown in the photoreal scenery? So I...
  9. Clutch Cargo

    P3D v4 Water masking - an automated process?

    I thought I had read or downloaded an app that described a process on how to automate watermasking. Of course I now cannot find that information, article, forum post, or app. Does anyone recall any information on this topic? The key word is automated. I already can create water-masking...
  10. Clutch Cargo

    P3D v4 Resample creates bgl with black border line

    This is an issue I just encountered that I don't believe I have seen for years. I created some ground imagery where the resulting .bgl is creating a single pixel-width black border on the right border side only. At further inspection the line is actually not black but water. My process as...
  11. Clutch Cargo

    P3D v4 ACM updating AutogenDescriptions.spb despite addon deactivated

    Arno, Through my testing of adding new vegetation, I just noticed that ACM is updating the AutogenDescriptions.spb file even if there are no add-on sceneries activated. The only way to prevent this is to delete the add-on from the Scenery Library. I thought this was addressed? I d/l the...
  12. Clutch Cargo

    My first attempt at agn tree... is missing!

    So I am attempting to create my very first tree to be used as autogen. I believe I have followed most steps correctly: 1. Created tree in Sketchup 2. Created properly sized texture 3. Imported into MCX and all looks good. 4. Created a mdl and a scenery .bgl file in MCX 4. Created a .dds...
  13. Clutch Cargo

    Updating script to cenPROC 2.0

    Been using scenPROC 1.1 for years but thought I would see what differences in output would be if I use scenPROC 2.0. So I need to convert my scripts. I take it there is no quick module that does this (fingers crossed) :p I noticed if I open a "virgin" 1.1 script scenPROC 2.0 will display it...
  14. Clutch Cargo

    Congrats to Arno...

    ...and to scenPROC. It made the cover of LM's Prepar3D News with regards for tools on creating one's own scenery and scenPROC was recommended. good goin'!
  15. Clutch Cargo

    P3D v4 Unable to delete airport library objects

    Using the version of ADE I have been trying to delete the KSAN default airport tower and two storage tanks without success. Reading up on posts, this is what I am doing: 1. Open the default KSAN airport in P3Dv4. 2. Create a project name for it and saved it. 3. Re-opened the project (just to...
  16. Clutch Cargo

    Are signature images allowed?

    I think not as I haven't seen any but thought I would ask... plus I haven't been able to load any. Just curious. Clutch
  17. Clutch Cargo

    simwestALBQ Released

    Just wanted to post an little announcement and a big-big THANK YOU to Arno and all who contribute to the FSDeveloper forums. Without you guys I never would have had the inspiration, the drive and dedication it takes of several years of leaning to code, learning to design and develop in order...
  18. Clutch Cargo

    P3D v4 ACM message appears every single P3D boot

    Arno, I came across a repeatable instance whereby ACM will produce its GUI info window every time P3Dv4 starts (have not checked for other platforms). I am not sure if this would be considered an issue so let me explain the situation. I have an add-on where I have my latest custom autogen...
  19. Clutch Cargo

    Issue of objects not working in both P3D and FSX

    I have come across an issue that I need some advice/insight/help on. I created some lights that work as agn. If I process them using MCX as P3D and place them in my addon scenery folder (not the flightsim platform's folders), they work in P3D but not in FSX as I would expect. Again using MCX...
  20. Clutch Cargo

    Correcting Airports - more than just moving?

    I have noticed several bush strips, dirt strips and single runway GA airports not aligned with my photoreal scenery. Most are fairly close, maybe just requires a little rotation or small movement. Planning to use ADE for this. But I fear there is more to it than just moving an airport. For...