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  1. gaabne

    Attach point and effects issue

    Hi, I am not sure if this could be a MCX issue, but I have some strange behaviour, with attach points. I am adding attach point (for private use - until we succeed to get in touch with the developper) in a FSX vintage aircraft. The same effect (standard basic beacon) added on two positions...
  2. gaabne

    P3D v5 Sode and P3D Instant replay issue

    More and more sceneries use SODE to select the right BGL to display (usually based on date). Unfortunatly when using the Instant Replay of P3D, this does not work and you end up with NO display.... When I am to busy landing, I can't go outside to see that ;) and replay is my chance to get it...
  3. gaabne

    Material template editor error

    Hi, When trying to add a new template, I get the following error message, as well as each time I try to click on the newly created entry in the template list. But, if I change the "Material Property" dropdown at least once, I can create and select the new entry. But trying to the use the...
  4. gaabne

    ModelDef Editor question

    Hello, ModelDef editor "Only show used" toggle can make a huge difference in the number of lines dispayed. Does the "unused" lines are stored in the model file, and suppressing them (from the ModelDef source) can make a sigificative difference in the model size and impact the simulator...
  5. gaabne

    [Solved] XMLTools slider event capture question

    Hi, Problem solved ! I was using Slider instead of ZAxis :( Thanks for this great tool ! Gérard Slider The variable position slider on the joystick. The actual values returned can vary widely on the joystick, though...
  6. gaabne

    P3D v4 Detect sceneries created for FS9

    Hello, I think a lot of people would like to know if a scenery as any chance to be compatible with P3D V4, before testing and crashing it ;) An acknowledged minimum condition is that the scenery must have been compiled for FSX (or latter). With all the tools you, "the experts", have created...
  7. gaabne

    FSXA I don't understand that XML error

    I am using the option discovered on this forum (with success so far) [PANELS] GaugeDevDebug=1 I get the following error message Gauge: Overhead_left Error: Boolean does not evaluate to TRUE or FALSE I have narrowed the source of the error on the following code (in a large gauge)...
  8. gaabne

    FSXA Confused with TOOLTIP syntax

    I am an european user with hybrid unit measure settings, trying to fix some tooltips not working. I discovered that within the same panel and the same cab, sometime <Tooltip ID="TOOLTIPTEXT_AUTOPILOT_APP_HOLD"/> works fine, displaying the french tip as expected while I need to add the...