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  1. 11jovic

    Landclass issue

    Hello, hope your all keeping well. I want to add more land the main Maldives island of Male in my FS2004. anyone can help me. I have ADE for Fs2004 and have tried to watch videos but i dont have the same options. Anyone can help me here. i want to add land to the area with the blue line...
  2. 11jovic

    Adding new Airport

    Hello all, This may have been answer before. i use fs2004 and i have added all the current Belize airports to y addon scenery folder. i have done the collect airport option and it collect everything i select from the flight simulator 2004 folder. However i click save and when i go to create a...
  3. 11jovic

    FPS for aircraft

    Hello, Would it be easier to just have aircraft to load rather than different liveries. for example British airways a319. New colours livery Old colours Crest Olympic Dove Would it be easier for me and help with FPS if i just used one type of aircraft such as the New colours livery for all...
  4. 11jovic

    Changing % of flights

    Hello, hope everyone is well. i wanted to know if there a way to quickly change the % of traffic shown. for example i have a Boeing 747 flight plan set at 1% but have 10 of them any way to randomised so 1 is 1% then then next is 65% and so on and so forth. the 1998 project im working on for...
  5. 11jovic

    DXT3 and 32 bit textures

    Hello i am using DXTBMP program and i save the texture as 32 bit but when i go to the fs2004 game and check the plane the textures seem blurry. any idea why?
  6. 11jovic


    Hello, I have some issues: Firstly i want to change the airport "ENFB" to "ENGM" without having to do it manually (I Am using fs2004) Is this possible? i have tried the reroute but i get "the offset time is not set for ENFB". secondly i have some flight plans that do not include airports is...
  7. 11jovic


    Hello, Firstly happy new year im not sure if its a setting. i have some addon airport i have added but i have removed them and collected airports but they still are showing? how can i load just the default airports? Kind regards Jovic
  8. 11jovic

    Traffic not showing

    hello all, So i have the latest version. i have created a flight plane. updated the airport list. But when i go to see the traffic its not showing? Any ideas? kind regards jovic
  9. 11jovic

    Runway Priority

    Hello, So i'm working on an Austrian airports / airline project. I am trying to make runway 11/34 be for landing aircraft and the other runway for takeoff but when i change this it still just uses one runway dependent on the wind? Any ideas? I have attached the file for you all to use if you...
  10. 11jovic

    Water Ai traffic

    Hello, How can you create a water airport with full AI traffic available. Im doing a Maldives pack with all Airports and islands. HELP PLEASE.... Kind regards Jovic
  11. 11jovic


    Hello, i have added some new airports in my addon folder/scenery in fs2004. when i try to collect airports i get this error. "INVALID CONTROL REGISTRATION - rbFScontrols_Base. does anyone know how to resolve this at all? Jovic
  12. 11jovic

    removing fs2004 waves

    is there any way to remove the coastline waves at all from fs2004?? Jovic
  13. 11jovic

    Fsx to Fs9

    is there any way you can get a fsx airport file even if you don't have FSX and then transfer to work in FS9???
  14. 11jovic

    Adding building

    hello all, so i know how to add generic building but is there anyways people can tell me how to add ground at all? i still use fs2004 im afriad. if anyone is able to let me know that would be great. i have added library objects and all of this but want to see if i can add generic houses if...
  15. 11jovic

    FS2004 Trees on the Runway

    i use FS2004. I am wondering is there a way i can male sure no tree are visible on the runway??? I'm using a great Costa Rica package but some of the airports are coverage in trees :( can anyone help with this? Kind regards Jovic