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  1. Piet de Geus

    Seaports no longer availabe

    Hi, Up till a few weeks ago I had 3 seaports working. I had developed them with ADE MSFS-version, they consisted of fust one waterrunway (not visible) and two starting points. They were working fine. But now for some reason they will not show up any longer. My MSFS is up to date . Who has the...
  2. Piet de Geus

    In ADE fos MSFS no show of objects

    Hi, I am building a new airport with the Alpha-version of ADE. Placing of runway and its elements goes well, is usable. Positioning of a couple of hangars and other construction-elements (tower e.g.) is O.K. also. Everyting shows up. However, placement of the stock aircraft-objects (747, Cessna...
  3. Piet de Geus

    Unable to select liveries MSFS

    Hi, Aircraftselection of the base models is going well as well as the liveries that are in the base-folder itself. However. selection of aircraft that are in additional livery-folders will not work, mostly commented with the message that the modelfile cannot be found. In the MSFS...
  4. Piet de Geus

    Compile errors on surfaces

    Hello, Further to our earlier e-mails: I now found out what is going wrong. In my operational airport I have parkings and taxilinks. When trying to compiule the errorlistings always speak about surface 122. Now looking at the list of parkings aand parkinglinks is see quite a lot of entries with...
  5. Piet de Geus

    Runway some 4 m above groundlevel of AP

    Hello, On my home-airport, developed by myself already many year ago, now suddenly (maybe the combination ADE for Prepar3D V5 and Prepar3D V5 itself) the runway is hovering some 4 meters in the air. I see no possibility to lower it. Who knows what to do? Hopefully awaiting a solution, with kind...
  6. Piet de Geus

    Library creator for Prepar4d v4.5?

    Hi, My Librarycreator is based on Prepar3D V4.4. That is the last line in the Settings window and it will not work in V4.5. Is there a special version for 4.5? and if so, where can I download it? Piet de Geus
  7. Piet de Geus

    Invalid version

    Hello, I am using the P3D v4 version. I am adding a ground-poly to an airfield and during the edit of that poly I get a list of gp_textures presented. Then I choose one ot them (e.g. pg_dirt) and the area nicely fill with that texture. I also set the layernumber in between 16 and 62. Then...
  8. Piet de Geus

    Unwanted scenery-objects

    Hello, I made an airport for myself, long ago, and added things, deleted things, partly with ADE, AFX and Instant Scenery. The IS-elements are stored individually in bgl's. Ity works fine in Prepar3D V4, houses, trees, static aircraft etc. they al work fine. HOWEVER: On unwanted spots now...
  9. Piet de Geus

    Elevation of FX_WING_GUNS

    Hello, When using FX_WING_GUNS the ray, course, direction of the bullets is too elevated, too much upward., they go too high . Is there a way to lower that ? Their location, position is right. Hoping someone has a solution, with kind regards, Piet de Geus Netherlands
  10. Piet de Geus

    Hard skin of ships

    Hello, We have nice aircraft that can carry a torpedo (Swordfish, Baracuda etc), we have nice torpedo's that have an explosion effect (in MISC) and we have nice ships that could be torpedoed. However, when launching a torpedo (as droppable object) the torpedo passes right through the ships and...
  11. Piet de Geus

    Hard skin of ships

    Hello, We have nice aircraft rhat can carry a torpedo (Swordfish, Baracuda etc), we have nice torpedo's that have an explosion effect (in MISC) and we have nice ships that could be torpedoed. However, when launching a torpedo (as droppable object) the torpedo passes right through the ships and...
  12. Piet de Geus

    Disappearing AC's in Seaports

    Which "Seaport-expert" can help me with the following. I designed two seaports on Dutch lakes, with parkings, taxiways and runway, no faults found. I made two groups of AI-seaplanes, at the same moment with 1 minute intervall one group leaves for the other seaport and vice versa. Now the problem...
  13. Piet de Geus

    P3D v4 Stops immediately with message

    Hello, I just installed version 3.2.09 for P3D V4. After opening the program the choice-button is active for FSX. As soon as I check Prepar3D V4 I get an Exception-message, as in the uploaded screenshot. Clicking it away, the program does not work properly, What can be wrong? Piet de Geus...
  14. Piet de Geus

    C47 V3 sound.ini

    Hello, When loading the new C47 V3 aircraft I get the message that the file "C-47_DSD_FSX_XML_sound.ini is not in my Gaugesfolder. Indeed, it is not there. Where can I find it or can someone send that file to me? degeuspiet@gmail.com Thanks in advance,with kind regards, Piet de Geus Netherlands
  15. Piet de Geus

    P3D v2 Waypoints in AI?

    Hello, How about adding waypoints in an AI-flightplan? There are many circumstances that an airplane is not flying a straight line from A to B or from A to A but passing a waypoint, like bombardmentflights, tours, avoiding high mountains etc. I think of two possibilities: a. adding one or more...
  16. Piet de Geus

    Instant Scenery not compatible with latest patch

    Hello, Today I installed the latest patch of P3D. No when starting P3D there is a message that the actual version of Instant Scenery is not compatinle. I have to ignore it, then P3D starts up quite well but without IS. reg., Piet de Geus Netherlands
  17. Piet de Geus

    No faults found and disappearing aircraft

    Hello, I made an AI program to have 10 aircraft fly from 1 airport to another. On both airfields with existing runways I made taxiways, hold-shorts and parkings. ADE indicates there are no errors. (No faults found) When time is there, the 10 aircraft show up at the parkings, but when their time...
  18. Piet de Geus

    Removal of inserted objects

    Hello, In P3D and ADE I inserted some objects (hangars) on a default airfield. Then I stored it in a new add-on folder. After activation they showed up quite nicely. Now I wanted to edit (reposition) those objects, so I reopened my bgl-file. The airport shows up in ADE but the objects are not...
  19. Piet de Geus

    Prepar3D and ModelconvertorX

    Helllo, I made a static model without any problem, nice look pre-view, complete, and exported it to an existing modellibrary. Then with Instant Scnery3 I tried to place it. The model was presented as round label in its library but did not show up on the filed in front of the aircraft. Could...