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    ADE crashes with new MSFSF2020 update

    With the latest update, when ADE starts the build the Sim starts and I get a package built small screen. I close the Sim and start the build and it does so.
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    MSFS2020 new update affecting ADE

    Just hit build project again and it will with no errors.
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    ADE crashes with new MSFSF2020 update

    When ADE finish screen comes on, even though the MSFS loading screen is running, hit build project again and it will build the project OK.
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    MSFS 2020 May 13th, 2021 Development Update "Where to Install?

    Hi guys. I have MSFS in my X disk and All updates have detected the disk location---Not this one!, it selected the C: Location which I find strange. Should I install this one there or change the location to my X disk like all other ones? Thanks...
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    MSFS ADE 2020 Alpha 18 Released

    I opened an airport made with ADE18 in MSFS to edit it and everything looked as if all was fine. I added some objects which could not load in ADE saved them, proceeded to compile and received No errors. Opened the airport but None of the objects I placed appeared!....
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    MSFS ADE 2020 Alpha 17 Released

    Hi Jon, I finally got my new rig setup, so am back to check the new 17!....
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    Black spots and dark ground in Dev Mode

    I am getting a bunch of black spots and black lines all over as soon as I change to Dev mode. I can still wok ok but is this some bug or did I punch some button I should not? as soon as I turn dev mode off, everything looks fine.
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    FSX -> MSFS: Using SDK

    Great Tutorial, thank You....
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    P3D v4 MHTG Toncontin for P3Dv4 v5 and MSFS

    Do you know that MPTO in Panama is totally absent in MSFS, a total shame...Best airport in Central America and beyond.
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    MSFS Alpha_15_Release

    Strange, FSUIPC did not show location and altitude.
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    MSFS lost ability to Change weather in flight

    Hi, all of a sudden MSFS does not let me change weather while flying. the weather menu is not available and its icon is grey....is this thing still in Alpha?
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    MSFS Location/Elevation with ADE

    Like Jon said. I loaded FSUPC7 and made an airfield where I landed and "WALLA"!!! it gave me the exact location (lat/long) plus elevation...Just Great, like all ADEs, Jon you "da man!!!"
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    MSFS-Acraman Impact Crater Lake Station

    Scientific station on one of the islands.
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    The Hub of the Americas MPTO

    thanks, I'll take a look
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    The Hub of the Americas MPTO

    Hey "airport creator guys"....Asobo completely forgot MPTO, Tocumen Airport in Panama City. It's the largest, most secure one in all Central America. The only one with two runways and going to three and to boot its the most modern, the new building was finished late last year !! and these guys...
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    MSFS Bush Trips Creation

    Am still looking to see where voices would go and trigger....
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    MSFS Airport Essen-Muelheim (EDLE) released

    .great looking work May I suggest you make Icao MPTO..
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    I'm working on scenery... (2020)

    I do a lot of non available Bush airfields in MSFS , but I notice that the largest and most modern airport in Central America Asobo just forgot, hope one of you professional airport builders get to do it--Icao MPTO.
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    MSFS searching a B737-800NG for FS2020

    Try this tool and import an FSX one, some work and some don't. check it here: http://www.allflightmods.com/microsoft-flight-simulator-2020/msfs-legacy-importer/