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  1. Flattermann

    FSX Unable to use a stockairport for AI-traffic

    Hi, in the past I have made a lot of AI-traffic airports. Now I tried to use a lonely stockairport in Albania for testing AI-models LAGJ. I added little parking places and a asphalt apron and connected with the trafficpath. I constructed a trafficfile with AIFP. The aircraft was at the starting...
  2. Flattermann

    FSXA missed airport MZ61 (MZSJ)

    Hi, for the first time as old FSXdog I don't find a little FSX airport in ADE. It should be a stockairport in Belize named Sarteneja. I found it in FSX and AIFP2 but not in the airportlist of ADE. How can I add this FSXairport to the list? greetings Christian
  3. Flattermann

    FSXA Suddenly no Compatibility FSUIPC4 and FSX?

    After working for years with FSUIPC4 and FSX Acceleration I got now an errormessage, FSX recogniced a incompatibility to the Addon FSUIPC4 I reinstalled FSUIPC but there was the same effect. I retried to start FSX three time and it works again. Now I fear such a errormessage could appear again...
  4. Flattermann

    FSXA Error with exporting a simple sketchupmade lamp

    Hi Arno, after a long time I tried to use MCX again. I took an object from Warehouse exported it in old sketchup to a dae_file. I imported it in MCX, tried to export the object as FSX MDL object (*.mdl) and got an error message. So I load the stable MCX-version and tried it new but no...
  5. Flattermann

    FSXA Faultfinder problem with fixing a Wrong Link ID

    A long time ago I created an airport in Greece in Stefanovikion LGSV. It works fine. Now I visited this Armyairport again and opened my LGSV_ADEX_CR.ad4 and tested the project with the tool faultfinder. Surprise it says: The Runway ID associated with this link does not match the runway it is on...
  6. Flattermann

    FSXA How to get rid of (default) Taxi Signs?

    I downloaded a freeware scenery Loneys Alaska_FSX. It containes some little airports. They work more or less fine even though they are original made for FS9. At one airport KTS Brevig Mission there is an issue because the Taxi Signs from the default airport are visible. The freeware airport...
  7. Flattermann

    FSXA How to find and collect right airports with AIFP3323

    Hi Don Coming home from my vacation I tried to update AIFP3323 from stuff4fs (automatic doesn't work). I installed it new and tried Find/Collect airports. It works and I saved the collected Data. Then I tried to make a flightplan for my problemairport TUPA (Virginisland). "TUPA is not in the...
  8. Flattermann

    FSXA I can't save collected Addon airports

    Hi, I made a new airport and tried to proof using an AI-aircraft on this airport. The new airport with an unique ICAO is naturally not in the databank. So I tried to collect all addon airports with find/collect menu sucessful. The airport is in the list but the savebutton seems not to work. I...
  9. Flattermann

    FSXA Updateproblems?

    Hi, today I tried to update the announced new version and get a errormessage. Using the version3.2.22.2 there are no problems.
  10. Flattermann

    FSXA AI-floatplane produces sparks and smoke on the water

    Hi friends, I downloaded the FSX Kenmore Air DeHavilland DHC3 from FlightSim (dh3f_kex.zip) and tried to use it as AI-aircraft. First I had to change the contact points because the aircraft floates above the water. Then I tried to use it, but it shows sparks and smoke - the same as I had tried...
  11. Flattermann

    FSXA SKMD Traffic, landing impossible

    I tried SKMD (Medellin, Columbia) for AI-Traffic. The airport is laying in a big valley but the rounding mountains are very high. So it is not possible for AI-aircrafts to land because they are too high over the landing runway. Landing with a pilotable aircraft is no problem but the AI-aircrafts...
  12. Flattermann

    FSXA Installing ADE without Framework

    Hi I had a bad crash and had to change my SSD. The backup doesn't work and so I have to install ADE 176 new. The installing from my old download doesn't work either because there apparently is no framework3 on my PC. The hint with the link to microsoft download doesn't work anymore. How can I...
  13. Flattermann

    FSXA FSX Gold-Edition Acceleration DVD for SDK?

    I installed FSX and SDK with my 3 GoldEdition DVD's in the past more times. Now I had a crash with my PC and try to install my FSX one more time. I installed FSX with the 2 DVD's (they are the professional) activated FSX and then I installed the Acceleration DVD and activated it also. Now I...
  14. Flattermann

    FSXA On the FSDeveloper YouTube channel there is now a video tutorial about converting COLLADA objects to FS using ModelConverterX. I can't find this video

    Hi Arno, I try to fix a picture on a scenery object in FSX. I try to construct this picture without the white background. Using Alpha? I have no many experience and tried to find your video on YouTube for beginning. There are some more other videos but not for beginners, but the performance is...
  15. Flattermann

    FSXA Can not save my edit and add a second leg with a new airport

    Hi Don, I fear there is a second bug. If I have created a new airport and try to make a new flight plan with this airport I come until the 'save' my first leg. This doesn't work because the 'save' button is greyed out. See attachment. Comment: If I try to click in the white blank area in the...
  16. Flattermann

    AI-Seaplane doesn't return to it's parking dock.

    Hi, I am disturbed because I have a problem with unexpected 'no return' of a seaplane from a take around flight at a new created waterairport in Hawaii. I named it HNLW. It is not my first work, I think I made ca 100 such airports with ADE. The seaplane starts to it's time, went on the links to...
  17. Flattermann

    Adding new airport at database doesn't work

    Is this a bug or I forget something? I developed a new waterairport in Hawaii Kuhului and gave it the name OGGW. Then I tried to make an AI-flightplan from this airport. Of course there isn't such an airport in the airportbase of AIFP. So I tried to add the new one. Please see the attached...
  18. Flattermann

    FSXA Faultfinderproblem with two runways

    Hi, I am not a newbe to ADE but for the first time I tried to construct two runways on an airport in Greece for more reality. Using ADEX v01.76.6715 (Pro): - (Ver. 00.00.7156) I added a runway to LGBL (Almiros AB). Ready I tested with the Fault Finder and it found 6 fault with the same wording...
  19. Flattermann

    FSXA Sound effects, what means radius?

    Hi, I tried to install the bellsound of a church as effect to a little village. It works but you can hear the bells 15 km distant. I tried in the Cntrl-fx as Radius 5 then 3 then 1 but there was no change.
  20. Flattermann

    FSXA Wrong file format loading SAMM?

    Hi, I used SAMM with Win7 without problems. Now I try to use SAMM with Win10. I can do this but I get error messages. I installed the latest version 2.2.06. at C:/FSX_Programme/SAMM FSX is saved at C:/FSX SDK is saved at C:/SDK Trying to start SAMM as administrator I get the message about a...