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  1. awreaper

    MSFS Requesting assistance with taxi light

    I will give that a try, thanks.
  2. awreaper

    MSFS Requesting assistance with taxi light

    Nothing so far.
  3. awreaper

    Taxiway lights

    If you are just getting started I would watch this video. He shows how to set up the folder structure (which is very important) for an airport. This seems to work very well and he has a bunch of videos covering the SDK and how to use it to do various things. Yes there are some generic...
  4. awreaper

    Taxiway lights

    Its not simple, nothing about the SDK is what I would call "simple" but it can be done. However with the current limitations of the SDK I haven't found a reliable way. Just setting the taxiway to have edge lights is a disaster. You never know where it is going to place them. There are light...
  5. awreaper

    Another airport beacon question. :)

    I created my own custom airport rotating beacon in Blender. It rotates and looks fine, even has light cones that go out and illuminate surrounding scenery as it rotates, until you get a few hundred yards away and then it disappears. I tried changing the watt setting in Blender for the lights...
  6. awreaper

    SDK Crash when click on build package

    As a side note, because of this CTD issue I started making a backup copy of my airport each time I successfully built it. That way if I started experiencing the CTD, I would just roll back to the last good copy. I probably don't need it now but I am going to keep doing it as it is insurance.
  7. awreaper

    SDK Crash when click on build package

    I found the problem that was causing my CTD on package build. I have a model that I made of a parking T (see attached). The white area of the image is transparent (it's actually a .png image. This graphic image is used as a texture on a flat plane and that is placed on the ground. In P3D I...
  8. awreaper

    MSFS Requesting assistance with taxi light

    I am a beginner Blender user and wanted to create a blue taxiway light for FS2020. I created my model and it looks fine. I then added some point lights around the globe and set them to be small. In Blender it doesn't appear they are lighting the ground below the taxi light but when in FS2020...
  9. awreaper

    SDK Crash when click on build package

    I am having the same issue. I have built 10 airports and 3 of them are CTD when building the package. I opened two tickets with Zendesk about this and sent them the Windows event log for each. I hope they get this fixed. I even went in to one of the projects and removed the polygons and then...
  10. awreaper

    Creating MSFS scenery, some questions. (windows, streets, textures, MCX)

    I can speak to #3. I take actual pictures of the buildings that I am creating and use those for textures. Of course I have to resize them. Paint and Gimp comes in handy for that. I figure the real thing is as close as it gets so why not use it if it is available. :D
  11. awreaper

    Missing textures and distorted textures?

    I too have had an issue with this. I have an airport FBO building built in Sketchup using MCX and all looks fine on export from MCX but in game one side of the building has distorted textures. I retextured the entire building but it persists. I just put it on the back burner and figured it...
  12. awreaper

    Removing Animated Objects

    Following this as I cant seem to find out how to remove autogen vehicles, fuel stations, etc.
  13. awreaper

    Autogen annotation tool question

    I am using the autogen annontation tool and for the life of me I can't figure out how to delete a vegetation poly that I drew and now want to delete. How do you do this? Thanks in advance for the help.
  14. awreaper

    Tree shadows & building textures

    I would also recommend adding some shadows to your textures. See how his has a shadow under the overhang of the roof? Yours doesn't. Shadows go a long way to adding to the feel of a model.
  15. awreaper

    GP Layering problem

    Don, it is happening with any poly line or poly that I create. I created several polygons for runway markings such as threshold stripes, numbers, center line and even hold short lines that are on the taxiway.
  16. awreaper

    GP Layering problem

    Don, I noticed this behavior using the default and custom materials. As an example I used the add ground line tool to add a line which would be the taxiway center line. I set the line width and then for the main texture I used gp_PatternedLines_40F and for the line pattern style I used single...
  17. awreaper

    GP Layering problem

    I started messing around with the MCX G-Poly wizard and it is a pain because of the coordinates, but I think I am going to experiment with this.
  18. awreaper

    GP Layering problem

    I have P3D v3 and v4 installed on my development computer so I am prompted to select one. I select v3. I do not have FSX installed so that is not an option. Under the "Material (for P3D only) drop down box, it is set at Default, by default, which what I leave it at. When I click the drop...
  19. awreaper

    GP Layering problem

    I am applying a texture to the ground polys in ADE. I am not aware of where i can change the Z-Bias settings in ADE.