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    MSFS Horrible performance when using the SDK

    If you have any windows partially off-screen then performance can drop, so check that nothing goes over the edges.
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    MSFS Getting rid of photoscenery planes

    There's a quick video from BenneyBoy444:
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    MSFS MSFS Marketplace Partner Program

    I'm in the same position (coming up for 3 months), so I'm planning ahead based on never getting access. So far the delay has suited me, giving me more time to fine-tune things, but sooner or later I'll need to release something. Quite disappointing if I can't get access.
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    MSFS What causes shimmering of Blender made object

    I have seen this with a couple of default objects, mainly a timber stack, which I would think was very similar to your model. Looking at it now, it isn't so much of an issue, which probably means that either the sim itself or my settings have changed. It seemed to me that this was an issue...
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    The evolution of FS / P3D extension software

    Yes, probably worth a discussion, although I have no clue what the answer is:) I'm not sure that users are necessarily becoming more demanding of quality, I think that users have seen that the inherent increased visuals of MSFS gives a huge pay-off, and that a lot of developers, caught out by...
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    MSFS Color Matching aerial imagery in MSFS

    Interesting stuff. I would assume that colour would vary wildly by location, so I tend to adjust visually, same as Prepar3d, but add a much higher gamma to prevent that lightening. Then load it and do any tweaking visually from there. I prefer my preferences even if there's a slight mis-match...
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    MSFS COMP textures too shiny in MSFS

    A black ambient occlusion map (R) is not what you want, and a dark Roughness map (G) will be very shiny. So try a simple white Ambient occusion and a light grey/white Roughness map. Plus your material settings of 0.0 for Metallic and Roughness will negate the effect of the comp texture, so I...
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    MSFS SDK ver 12.0

    Asset Groups are described in the online documentation. Although the list on that page misses a few of the asset groups, it does describe the groups you'd need to make a simple scenery.
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    Please tell me how to apply a custom jetway!

    What do you mean by the export/open in MSFS steps? How is your project set up? Did you create an xml file for the model? I normally build outside the sim, using FSpackageTool, and then copy the built package into the Community folder before I start the sim. After the recent changes to the SDK...
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    MSFS Duplicate GUID

    I wonder if the problem is that some don't use randomly generated GUIDS. I remember a library tool for FSX which just incremented the GUID for each new model, and I've recently seen someone post a MSFS XML file with incremented GUIDS. Make sure you use a proper generator for every GUID!
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    MSFS Animated flag duplicated since MSFS update

    Well, this is fixed now, I suspect the trouble was that if I copied the built scenery folder to 'Community' while the sim was running, it wasn't able to replace the scenery placement file, so it duplicated it. So actually I had two of everything. Just a matter of sorting out a method which works...
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    MSFS Animated flag duplicated since MSFS update

    Is anyone else seeing any animated scenery objects duplicated since updating this week? Not too sure what is wrong with mine, apart from my animation is a bit naff, but there are now two flags which behave slightly differently on each flag pole.
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    SDK & update

    Ok, after trying to sort out why the solution in the link above didn't work for me (it is basically the same method as mine, except I don't build in-sim), I've finally figured out why. My normal process is to only add/edit within the sim, and I then build externally. Same as adding objects. But...
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    SDK & update

    This is an issue within the scenery editor, so if you don't use it then it won't affect you.
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    SDK & update

    I've just tried separating out the library to a new project, and it works -- I now see the list of objects while I edit the scenery. The scenery continues to disappear when I close the scenery editor, but by then I've finished whatever I needed to do:) I left everything in the same locations...
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    SDK & update

    I haven't tried it, but pending a fix from MS I would think that moving your library to a separate project would help, as it wouldn't then be disabled when you load the scenery editor.
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    Workflow when updating a gltf object in scenery

    I put a shortcut to FSpackageTool.exe into each project folder, so when I add or edit an object I just drag the project xml file onto the shortcut to rebuild without having to load the sim.
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    MSFS SDK/Sim Update - no objects visible anymore....

    Sorry, still trying to sort this out myself -- the strange thing is that if I open my current project, I don't see any library objects for that project, but I do see objects for my other projects. However if I (re)start the sim and load another project, I don't see that project's objects, but I...
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    MSFS Textures in shade are black

    MSFS PBR textures use an albedo map, a 'comp' map and a normal map. The comp map has is made up of: R channel: ambient occlusion G channel: roughness map B channel: metal map I've never used MCX for MSFS, as I export directly from 3DS Max, and make my own comp using Materialize, but from a...
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    MSFS Textures in shade are black

    Do you use a comp map? This may be that your ambient occlusion map is too dark.