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  1. gaabne

    How to read RPN and convert to C++ code lines

    Use Infix2Postfix program from SDK, option PostFix to Infix. Should translate it in almost "readable" format. Gérard
  2. gaabne

    Attach point and effects issue

    Not getting any suggestion, I tried to add other attach points with the "fx_dummy" as effect. Some improvement - but... I suspect this trick hide some serious issue I would really appreciate some advice or opinions Gérard
  3. gaabne

    Attach point and effects issue

    Hi, I am not sure if this could be a MCX issue, but I have some strange behaviour, with attach points. I am adding attach point (for private use - until we succeed to get in touch with the developper) in a FSX vintage aircraft. The same effect (standard basic beacon) added on two positions...
  4. gaabne

    P3D v5 fx_landing.fx lights up VC

    Is there a document which explains effets a little more than the Learning Center (did they they say learning :( ) Specially what's are the units and are the signed value (wondering for the offset) A big thanks in advance Gérard Looking for P3DV5
  5. gaabne

    P3D v5 Sode and P3D Instant replay issue

    Thanks. I was fearing that :( It's a pitty, because the internal replay is not so bad... and greatly sufficient for my "needs"... Gérard
  6. gaabne

    P3D v5 Sode and P3D Instant replay issue

    My name is Gérard You are right concerning MDL not BGL (my bad), but the issue remains... I don't want to create sceneries, but use existing one... it's the reason why I put my message in this forun.
  7. gaabne

    P3D v5 Sode and P3D Instant replay issue

    More and more sceneries use SODE to select the right BGL to display (usually based on date). Unfortunatly when using the Instant Replay of P3D, this does not work and you end up with NO display.... When I am to busy landing, I can't go outside to see that ;) and replay is my chance to get it...
  8. gaabne

    ADF ident sound problem

    Congratulations - that was a tough one... Gérard
  9. gaabne

    VC tooltips

    May I add that the Learning Center list a lot of TooltipID which can be used asis, But also show the corresponding TooltipText from which you can easily derive most of what one needs, the syntax being a real nightmare.. My two cents... and Mery Chrismas Gérard
  10. gaabne

    P3D v4 Chesapeake Regional Airport for P3Dv4 [Chesapeake, VA] (KCPK)

    Thanks - hopping for a V5 compatible... Gérard
  11. gaabne

    P3D v4 Chesapeake Regional Airport for P3Dv4 [Chesapeake, VA] (KCPK)

    Which simulator ??? Gérard
  12. gaabne

    Is FSDeveloper working fine for you all?

    Working fine - thanks Gérard
  13. gaabne

    Some planes refuse to be exported-->Ju-52

    I tried your model. You have two textures with an "&". Replace it with an undescore for exemple. I was able to export after that modification. Gérard
  14. gaabne


    Yes, direct quote from the learning center. But AXIS_ELEVATOR_TRIM_SET is -16383 to +16383... Very confusing :( The accelerated thing is completly new for me and very interesting. Thanks.
  15. gaabne


    Do you know if the ELEVATOR_TRIM_SET works the same ? (also described "position (0 to 16383)" ) Thanks Gérard
  16. gaabne

    HTML5 + JavaScript VarGet/VarSet or LUA

    I did. I also asked for varset to local variable and suggested they allow this new HTML5 thing for the Kneeboard in the future. It would allow for perfect interactive checklist. Gérard
  17. gaabne

    HTML5 + JavaScript VarGet/VarSet or LUA

    The LM example is missing the A: before the VarGet : ContentError.txt is not happy ! Gérard
  18. gaabne


    Great Event versus A-Vars table - something I was dreaming for long time. Some relations are not obvious at all - does this exits for other Avars/Event family ? Gérard
  19. gaabne

    An item with the same key has already been added error

    I noticed it when converting from FS9 and not cleaning the duplicates attach points - cleaning the useless point solve the problem. Gérard