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  1. DragonflightDesign

    MSFS SimObject and Wav file

    Christian: as far as I know it can't be done directly from an XML file. You will need something like Doug Dawson's sound gauge which provides an interface between XML and a C library, with C doing the actual sound calls. Your zombie will need a full simobject folder structure which includes the...
  2. DragonflightDesign

    FSX Making a wobble pump (manual fuel pump)

    Tom is right - you'll need to roll your own system. The default max value is 10psi. [Edit] Sorry - default is 12psi. The sim appears to be modelling a Stromberg-type carburetor system.
  3. DragonflightDesign

    MSFS Fantasy of Flight for MSFS

    On my 'to visit' list next time I can haul ass across the Atlantic.
  4. DragonflightDesign

    P3D v5 Virtual Cockpit for 4 engine jet

    np. Sometimes all it takes is a very little push :)
  5. DragonflightDesign

    P3D v4 Aircraft textures to .DDS? Is a tool available? Global conversion?

    I tried that a while back, Rafal. It doesn't work.
  6. DragonflightDesign

    P3D v5 Virtual Cockpit for 4 engine jet

    Two thoughts: 1. One or more of the textures in the \texture folder is missing 2. Check you have this entry in the panel.cfg file: [Vcockpit01] size_mm=1024,1024 visible=0 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$<the_aircraft_name>
  7. DragonflightDesign

    G1000 simconnect MSFS

  8. DragonflightDesign

    MSFS Managed SimConnect Library doesn't take negative values using VB .NET 2019 and TransmitClientEvent()

    The managed SimConnect libraries are simply wrappers around COM calls. My bet is that the documentation is wrong (again!). Try it - you can't break anything.
  9. DragonflightDesign

    Gauge lighting by 'candlestick'

    To answer my own question for anyone else looking at this... I didn't actually find an answer. What I did was to add a second effect and initially set it to bright green (Color Start/End=0,255,0,255), then moved it around the gauge using the Emitter X,Y,Z Offset until all the gauge was bathed in...
  10. DragonflightDesign

    P3D v5 Syntax error in data struct C++

    I completely agree Ed, for those very reasons. This was a 'first pass' PoC to be tidied up later. I now have tidy code with no 'on-the-fly' declarations that gets all of the payload station weights. And no potential memory leaks :cool:
  11. DragonflightDesign

    P3D v5 Syntax error in data struct C++

    Thanks Ed. I spotted the floats/doubles finger trouble after I'd posted. Your comment about the memory leak has just helped me make sense of a Visual Studio tooltip popup - I think I know where to go from here. I was going to dispose it later in the sequence. [Edit] Yup - problem fixed. Bit of...
  12. DragonflightDesign

    P3D v5 Syntax error in data struct C++

    This is my first attempt at creating and reading a data definition dynamically. It all works well insofar that the data definition is created and that 'RequestDataOnSimObject' is fired off because if (pObjData->dwRequestID == REQUEST_PAYLOAD_INFO) gets hit successfully. The syntax problem...
  13. DragonflightDesign

    Sodeplacer and UK2K difficulties

    At the moment it appears that SODE are not answering emails or support questions. I have no idea why... otherwise they would be answering.
  14. DragonflightDesign

    MSFS Recording Engine Sounds

    I'd get a db reading first before going for microphone placement. I don't know much about recording aero-engines but I know a bit about sitting behind them. A nice fat P&W Whirlwind has you shouting in the cockpit even with a good headset. I'd guess the Hirth has little-to-no silencer so it's...
  15. DragonflightDesign

    P3D v4 Prepar3D v5 effects photoscenery issue...

    Take the original fx and try dropping the alpha figure by between 90 and 100 for v5. That's what I had to do for the landing light splash on the PILOT'S B-314 Clipper. And yer man JRBarrett is right - it's not a bug. It's also worth temporarily removing the landing lights fx from the \Effects...
  16. DragonflightDesign

    P3D v4 Prepar3D v5 effects photoscenery issue...

    Ahhhh.... you're modifying existing aircraft? Then you will need to create a gauge (XML or C) that detects the landing-lights-on/off event and drives the separate splash fx. Check the aircraft.cfg file to make sure that the landing lights are listed under [lights]. If they are not, they will be...
  17. DragonflightDesign

    P3D v4 Prepar3D v5 effects photoscenery issue...

    For intensity of illumination at night, concentrate on the alpha channel. To fix the landing light as you describe, break it up into two separate fx: the light itself on the aircraft and the ground splash. Turn the ground splash off during the day. You need to abandon the [lights] section of the...
  18. DragonflightDesign

    BGLcomp not working

    Do you have the bglcomp.xsd file in the same folder as bglcomp.exe?
  19. DragonflightDesign

    (fixed) c++ simconnect overriding sim provided simvars

    PRE_UPDATE. If you want to know which case statements are called when, download sd2gau38.zip "C-Language Gauge Creation" and read the section on "Gauge Callback Case Statements". Watch out for the nasty: during a window resize PANEL_SERVICE_CONNECT_TO_WINDOW executes before...