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    MSFS Animated flag duplicated since MSFS update

    Is anyone else seeing any animated scenery objects duplicated since updating this week? Not too sure what is wrong with mine, apart from my animation is a bit naff, but there are now two flags which behave slightly differently on each flag pole.
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    P3D v4 add-on.xml autogen not working for default.xml

    For some reason, I have always believed that the new add-on.xml support for autogen -- merging rather than overwriting as it did prior to 4.4 -- worked with default.xml as well. But now I find that it doesn't, with 4.5 at least, not sure about 4.4 at all now! I've used this to add my custom...
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    P3D v4 A ground poly issue -- flashing polys

    I'll put this here, although I don't think it's a MCX issue, rather a problem with Prepar3d v4. And I don't mean the new PBR textures, but it did only turn up in P3Dv4.4, I think. This shows up as some textures dropping out and reappearing as you change the view. It first showed up with a...
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    P3D v4 So, what's the current thinking for approach/runway lighting?

    I'm just putting the finishing touches to NZCH (although that's like saying I'm just putting the final coat of paint on the Harbour Bridge) and I am looking at the options for lighting in Prepar3d v4 mainly. I have 3D models for approach lights and runway lights etc, and in the past I'd just...
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    P3D v4 Scenery developers -- have you checked the children yet?

    And by children, I mean your project in Prepar3d after the 4.4 update. I've been trying to get to the bottom of an issue which seems to be affecting at least one of my airports, plus one from another developer. In my case, it's an older airport compiled with the P3Dv2 SDK, but recompiling it...
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    SODE installer giving 'repair' option

    I'll post this here rather than the 'official' forum... I'm putting together a beta installer for my next project, but there's one thing thing I've noticed with the SODE installation. In the 'old days' I used to check the registry for the current SODE version so the SODE installer would only run...
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    What is this thing?

    I need to model this, but don't have a clear image!
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    Giraffe and Zebra on the plains of...

    ...Canterbury, NZ. I've been making a list of POIs for my upcoming Christchurch Airport scenery, including a few animated features which probably won't be released with the full package, but as an extra down the track a bit. Things like the Haglund ride around the Antarctic Centre, and the new...
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    Dev GP wizard imported layers not exported

    Just noticed this with the last Dev update, when I load the settings within the GP Wizard the layer numbers load and display ok, but default to 8 on export.
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    Dreaded GMAX right-click issue

    I know that there have been various issues both here and on other forums regarding quad menu issues, but none of the suggestions I've come across fix this for me. A few days ago I lost most of my right-click-ability. I'm aware that there are driver-related issues, but this is different. I'm not...
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    Equivalent of Sketchup's Geolocation...

    Now that they've taken Google out of Google Sketchup, I'm looking for something as simple as Sketchup's geo-location feature, which was the only reason I kept Sketchup. This would give me a photo of the area which I could transfer directly to GMAX to give accurately sized building footprints...
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    What's the 'state of the art' method for sloped runways these days?

    For me, it's always been 'step 1: flatten the airport', but I'm wondering if it's time to change for my current project. This is single sealed runway in a glacial valley, and there's a 21 metre difference in elevation end-to-end. It's really just the runway I'm concerned with, the airport...
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    P3D v4 Prepar3d addon folder location

    I've posted this on the Prepar3d site, but there's probably a better chance of some quick, meaningful replies here... I have always chosen my own installation location for Prepar3d, since v2, for brevity's sake I've called them 'P3D' for v2, 'P3D3' and 'P3D4'. I notice that I have folders called...
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    v1.5: just one simobject missing

    The updated SODE installed a treat, well done. Funny to load up P3Dv4 to test my jetways, only to find that I don't have any aircraft to test them with:) Just one issue -- I am missing one windsock -- I have a large and small windsock, which I use in Real NZ Dunedin, but only the larger one...
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    P3D v3 Default facilities showing over GPs at some angles

    Ok, one of the last steps with my airport is to convert my ground polys for use in Prepar3d -- there are two airports, the first one worked without a hitch, but the other has the tarmac and default markings showing up at one particular angle. Things have changed a bit since doing the first...
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    Installing SODE for users

    I'm putting together Real NZ Dunedin, which will incorporate SODE, and I just need to get it clear in my head how this would be installed. Really it's just updating SODE which is not clear to me, as anyone who has installed a previous version will need to update to the current version. When I...
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    Real New Zealand Dunedin

    This is almost ready, I've been at it for a looong time, as I got off to a bad start, in Dunedin hospital instead of taking photos as I'd planned.. I really appreciate FSDeveloper, it is the one great resource for developers, and I don't think this would be as much fun without it. In particular...
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    Can I make a short stumpy 'N' jetway?

    This is a great tool, that's for sure, works beautifully for one of two airbridges at my airport. However I've had problems with the other, I just can't make it budge at all. I am hoping for a clue or two on how to get this working. However I'm not sure whether my problem is the actual stumpy...
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    Global vegetation AGN GUID update

    Just looking for some ideas to automate the change of GUID for a few agns... In the past I've offered a new native bush texture for New Zealand, which replaces the default texture, but now that there's Arno's config merger tool, I've just created a new autogen entry for my bush, which works...
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    Custom Autogen Building roofs

    After a good look at Arno's config merger tool, I am keen to start customising some autogen for my NZ scenery, and my next release will include custom vegetation, probably just a few to start with. The merger tool makes it such a simple system to add my own trees, he's done an amazing job. The...