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  1. BlackOdinAN2

    MSFS Problem to create a airplane

    this is my first try to import the Plane, OzWookie are you gifted at blender? or someone? I've already rotated the plane in blender globally with around the Z-axis but it is still like this after the export, so no matter how I turn it globally, it's always the same direction :D
  2. BlackOdinAN2

    MSFS Blender Export settings to get things done.

    Nice Vitus, now works, now there are still small problems with the ingame PackageBuilder, but I have to try how the workflow is with MSFS :) :D
  3. BlackOdinAN2

    MSFS Blender2MSFS support thread

    Hey Vitus, is there a plugin only for scenery files or is there an airplane to export? Because I currently have problems so that no .bin files are exported and my gltf is supposedly empty despite 1.9mb:scratchch :D
  4. BlackOdinAN2

    MSFS The Basics of creating an aircraft for MSFS 2020

    Hey isaacmx50, I started like someone in the forum grated me, with the Simple Aircraft from the SDK folder. In FS2020 create a new project with the Developer mod "file path of your choice" create a simobject there. And insert the Simple Aircraft(the Simobject folder with all cfg's) into this...
  5. BlackOdinAN2

    MSFS Problem to create a airplane

    i will post screenshots of course, but Blender have problems with export the Aircraft, the glFT have 1,9mb looks good but has create no bin file and when i open the glFT file his is empty, thats my problems what i have, hope i can fix that or anyone have a idea, is saw many post in this forum...
  6. BlackOdinAN2

    MSFS Problem to create a airplane

    It work, thanks a lot m8 :p :D
  7. BlackOdinAN2

    MSFS Problem to create a airplane

    Ok, so just this whole folder from the example aircraft where the aircraft.cfg is contained with model, panel, etc.? :)
  8. BlackOdinAN2

    MSFS Problem to create a airplane

    Of course, I only copied a small part of the SDK's sample aircraft. Normally, creating the aircraft with the FS2020 editor should be the start of development?
  9. BlackOdinAN2

    MSFS Problem to create a airplane

    Hey guys, I have a little problem that I've been struggling with for days. I have followed the instructions in the SDK and created all the folders and created a project for an airplane via FS2020. In the packet creator there are error messages that the .cfg are not available, but they are in...