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  1. Tasmanet

    Ideas for future versions of ObPlacer XML

    Move everything in an Add On Scenery Quote: Originally Posted by MarkkuS View Post Suggestion: A function which can move an object in a certain direction and amount. Example: Move object XXX 1.6 meters in direction 125 degrees. Good suggestion, I'll put it on the list of ideas . Move...
  2. Tasmanet

    Walt Disney World

    Walt Disney World Available at AVSIM Search for Steve Rathbone
  3. Tasmanet

    How to replicate wire rails

    How big is it How big is it :confused:
  4. Tasmanet

    Photo Scenery?

    Go to this link Go to this link and all will be answered http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7448
  5. Tasmanet

    Thanks Luis for Make_photo-real_ground_textures_in_FSX

    Create Photo Ground Textures FSX A great Tutorial on making PhotoReal Ground Textures FSX
  6. Tasmanet

    FSX Night Lighting Environment

    Have a look at this tutorial Have a look at this tutorial http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6850
  7. Tasmanet

    Taxiway Signs

    I am sure you meant Black Text on White Background White Text on Red Background :cool:
  8. Tasmanet

    Water Taxiways

    just forget it O.K. .
  9. Tasmanet

    Re. Car Park

    I would try to use the FX roads for a Car Park I have not worked on FX yet :p But if it were me I would try to use the FX Roads/Freeways and use different traffic levels. Just a suggestion :eek: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/showthread.php?t=4913&highlight=traffic Steve
  10. Tasmanet

    Ramp lights tutorial for FS9

    great tutorial Great tutorial Very easy to understand :) and worked in FS9 straight up. A couple of dumb questions :o I tried to make multiple lights and using clone the names don't seem to be right way to go. ie light_land_02 ,light_land_03, light_land_04 etc and these did not...
  11. Tasmanet

    Longitude Latitude

    This has been the closest I can get to one format for all
  12. Tasmanet

    Viewport Gauge?

    Gauge that represents a camera Hi I just did a Gauge that represents a camera above the landing gear in a A380. Bank and Pitch do not appear to work. From memory this also applies to placing Fireworks etc <Gauge Name="Nose_Camera" Version="1.0"> <Element> <Position X="0"...
  13. Tasmanet

    Update feature?

    I have XP with AVG and had no trouble I have XP with AVG and had no trouble
  14. Tasmanet

    How to import other Gmax object?

    File>Merge File>Merge
  15. Tasmanet

    Power Plant Simulation

    Has this hobby finally ate my brain? YES ........................
  16. Tasmanet

    Tree Performance: X plane or rotate to user?

    One thing I have noticed in FS9 Hi One thing I have noticed in FS9 is that if your machine is struggling a bit that rotate to user always look O.K. Even Clumps of a hundred trees is fine but the norrmal FS9 trees look like crap. I am using the default textures on the RTU Steve
  17. Tasmanet

    FS9 Battery and Avionics Switches

    . FS9 Battery and Avionics Switches don't work at 2 new Airports. Not sure what causes this but a new panel I have constructed for dual monitors or a Widescreen monitor suffers from this problem. This Panel for A380's has worked at these Airports but I reloaded Fs9 to check for any...
  18. Tasmanet

    r23 Display Tower Scenery Objec

    . There is a problem in Error Checking with Tower Viewpoint Altitude Tower Data When Display Tower Scenery Object is ticked the Altitude should still be able to be changed as Tower Viewpoint would normally be higher. Steve Edit Also Print Airport seems to be far too large ie 1 to 9999...
  19. Tasmanet

    Re.Airport Ground Traffic

    There is an example of a Vehicle Path in KLGA Hi There is an example of a Vehicle Path in KLGA which comes with FSXPlanner Steve
  20. Tasmanet

    Im new to FsX planner can i get help please?

    Under Compile Under Compile you will find Compile to BGL File ;)