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  1. bobbyjack

    Another sighting

    Once again, driving between San Diego and LA, I saw something new, for me anyway. It was a squadron of F-22 Raptors. I've never seen a real one before. Aside from photographs, the only reason I know what they look like is that I had an AI version in FS. They flew relatively low overhead. What a...
  2. bobbyjack

    I saw an Osprey

    So It's probably no big deal to you guys who are plane watchers or have more opportunity to see special aircraft. I was driving through Camp Pendleton on my way to LA. A trip I've made hundreds of times before. But this time, over one of the combat towns by the beach was an Osprey. I've never...
  3. bobbyjack

    FSX In 1.50.09 aprons dissapear,W7

    I didn't see this mentioned anywhere else. When I left-click on any apron, it goes away leaving only the outline, instead of turning orange. Selecting other objects seems to be OK. I looked for the invisibility setting, but can't find it. Bob
  4. bobbyjack

    FS as a general education

    Recently, Jon used a word that really made me think about FS and life in general. In a post he suggested that a procedure would probably be “pernickety”. At first I thought it was a misspelling of one of my favorite words, “persnickety”. I looked it up, and “pernickety” is indeed a word whose...
  5. bobbyjack

    Gimp perspective tool

    I'm trying to follow the " build your house" tutorial to make a texture sheet. I can't get the perspective tool to have any effect. I can drag the four boxes to where I want them on my photo, but when I hit transform, the progress bar goes goes across the screen, but nothing changes. I've...
  6. bobbyjack

    Not smart enough, once again.

    In January, I got a new W7 laptop. I'm trying to do everything on it, though FS is a bit of a bummer because of no graphics AA. It is a wide screen laptop. My first wide screen computer. I have a small display problem with AIFP. I posted this in the AIFP forum, but no luck. This is what I...
  7. bobbyjack

    Not smart enough to figure this out

    Ok. So I am at a loss as to how you guys post full screen images. I've seen it done with Image Shack, but I can't figure it out. Can someone help out an old guy? Bob
  8. bobbyjack

    FSX Collect Airports

    Don I have a new installation of FSX and FS9 on my W7 laptop. I have added an airport to FSX. When I use the Collect Airports function, my airport gets collected( I see it in the list that shows up), but the updated list does not get saved. AIFP won't let me write a flight plan using my...
  9. bobbyjack

    TnG touchdown

    I don't think this is an airport issue, but who knows. Some time ago I used TnGs at a few airports in FS9. The addon fighter jet I used would come around, touchdown on the runway than speed up and take off to go around again. I was just messing around with the same thing in FSX, and I see the...
  10. bobbyjack


    OK, the last viable thread I can find on this is from 2005. That means that it's so simple that my dog (an air head that chases dust molecules) can do it, or I might not be smart enough to turn on my computer. Years ago, before FSX, I did TNGs with FS9 and TTools. I gave up TTools when I moved...
  11. bobbyjack

    New install info

    Hey, Don. I didn't want to clutter up Mameni's thread, but what I encountered may be of interest. I have everything working, but how I got there might help others. Though I do have a question. I got a W7 laptop for Christmas. An i3 with 4gbs of ram. No real video card so no AA(bummer)...
  12. bobbyjack

    Fsdeveloper not working?

    Have I been the only one having trouble logging on to the site the last few days? Bob
  13. bobbyjack

    Placing photo textures

    Is there a way to move photos around on a surface? I thought I saw this somewhere. Maybe it was in Building Maker. Or did I just dream it? I'm thinking of putting a photo of a building on a surface. I can resize the photo and resize the surface. It would be nice to be able to slide the photo...
  14. bobbyjack

    FSX I dream of scenery...

    Well, I'm just kinda' thinking out loud (or on the screen). I'm not really interested in developing for other people, just for myself. Here's what I think would be fun. I fly in a plane I made (right off the bat, that's not going to happen, so I'll just do a cheap repaint of some other plane)...
  15. bobbyjack

    'nother MCX suggestion

    How about compass orientation. If it's in MCX already, then I sure missed it. I'd like to be able to place my buildings facing the correct way the first time. I realize that alot of this is trial and error. I made in GSU a giant crayon like thing with wings. I know nothing about making...
  16. bobbyjack

    FSX Lighted windows

    I'm looking for a way to make my Sketchup buildings look like there are lights on at night. Doesn't have to be fancy Bob
  17. bobbyjack

    DRAT! Curse you FS

    You know, I was happy, for the most part. I don't have any add ons for FS. Oh, you know, a few free planes, mostly for AI. I've made a few simple airports just to fly in and out of, along with some flightplans. Just some little fun stuff. I'm not smart enough to figure out X wind and approaches...
  18. bobbyjack

    FSX Parking T obsevation

    At my own airport, I noticed that most of my parking T's were not showing. I am aware of the three things that are needed for the T to show. So I dragged the parking node around. I tried from a few degrees to almost 45 degrees offset, and no show. I have a vehicle path through the middle of...
  19. bobbyjack

    ADE9X feedback

    What can I say,so far. Installed the new ADE, installed FSUIPC4, connected FSX to ADE, added a building, compiled. No problems. Great! Now, I have FSX on one computer and FS9 on another. No plans to have both on one box. Any chance of not having the "Choose FS Version" box come up if I don't...
  20. bobbyjack

    Opening previous work in 1.4

    This happened when I moved up to 1.39, but I've forgotten what I had to do to be able to open an airport I created in an earlier version. Because, when I open a file, that I last worked on in 1.39, in 1.40, not all the info is there. When I open from BGL., there is no ILS info. If I open from...