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  1. downscc

    MSFS ILS/LOC Navaids Stop Working in MSFS

    A month or so ago, when I started this project, we (we being myself and others that helped me here) found that it wasn't possible to remove the stock ILS/LOC navaids for runway 13/31. That is when I discovered that 13C/31C would work and for weeks I've been working on and testing my...
  2. downscc

    MSFS Airport Beacon Object N/A

    In ADE Alpha 18, the airport beacon does not work. Neither it's daytime representation nor nighttime light effects work. My assumption that this is WIP.
  3. downscc

    MSFS Exclusions Not Working for Stock Windsocks & Approach Lighting

    In modifying a stock airport, KCRP, I have found that the exclusion rectangle does not seem to work for windsocks placed in that stock airport. It appears in my modified KCRP along with some of the stock approach lighting. The exclusion rectangle I placed at that windsock specifically excludes...
  4. downscc

    MSFS Glideslope Library Object Help

    I've looked at the asobo airport generic library and at a lot of airports in the model library, finding the ILS localizer antenna was easy but I have yet to find the glideslope facility. This is a specific antenna/tower/radio shack configuration pretty common at all ILS installations. Help...
  5. downscc

    MSFS ILS Components Not Working in MSFS

    With ADE Alpha 18, I created a new project from the stock KCRP. The stock airport was missing a runway (and the child ILS) and the second runway has been lengthened in the years since MSFS captured the satellite image. I added the missing 18/36 and lengthened 13/31 based on FAA NASD data and...
  6. downscc

    MSFS MSFS Stock Terrain Bleed Through

    I tried to resolve this with ADE Alpha 19 by placing a polygon with concrete material selected but the old scenery still bleeds through.... looking for suggestions. Problem: Stock KCRP (my home base) is configured as it was several years ago when one of the two runways was closed for...
  7. downscc

    MSFS Compile Errors with Loaded Stock Airport

    Used Create Project from Stock Airport, which is KCRP Corpus Christi Intl. Only made one change to the project: Opened the Airport Properties and set the version to 0.1 then saved the project as "KCRPmod." When I run Build Project there are compiler errors and I am quite lost as to how to...
  8. downscc

    ADE 1.79.7475 Order Change Menu Missing - Keyboard Shortcuts Not Working

    I am trying to layer a ground poly below a taxiway or apron in P3Dv5 but the menu items such as Send To Back are missing and the keyboard shortcut such as Alt+End do not work. Am I doing something wrong? I've tried setting the gp layer to smaller numbers but even at layer 5 the item still...
  9. downscc

    Compiler Error on P3Dv5 Stock Airport

    ADE 179 with P3Dv5 HF2 (Client and SDK updated to HF2). Load SBEG, do nothing to modify the stock airport and attempt to compile. Compile fails with attached message. Error appears to be related to a stock instrument approach procedure, I never use the stock ones so I'm not familiar. Dan...
  10. downscc

    Feature Request: Import/Export ADE Objects to Include Helpers

    I've found a need to mark the location of such navaid objects as localizer, dme and gs and transfer those locations to a new AF file for same location. I found a work around: I place beacons at those locations and export/import the beacons. This works as long as I delete the beacons after use...
  11. downscc

    PANC Either Lose Entire Airport or Lose GPs

    I've been working on this pretty much every day for a lot longer that is healthy. See also posts related to this topic here: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/ade-gps-gps-displayed-below-taxiways-aprons.441482/ And here...
  12. downscc

    P3D v4 GP Lines Unsteady

    Over the years I've maintained a pretty nice representation of my home base, and in P3Dv3 I add ground poly lines for all surface markings such as taxi lines, well all but runway. It looked and performed very well in P3Dv3 but I am having problems with ground poly lines in P3Dv4 such as...
  13. downscc

    P3D v4 Isolated Parking Errors with Beta 1.75.6372

    When using FSDT GSX and an airport bgl compiled by ADEv1.75 all parking spots are reported as isolated by GSX, which means GSX does not see a taxi path connected to the parking. This problem arises when I simply open the airport from the airport bgl (e.g., Flightbeam KSFO, FSDT KLAS or T2G...
  14. downscc

    P3D v4 Unable to Delete Orphan Runways

    In P3Dv4 with Flightbeam KSFOHD (for v4) and ADEv1.75 Beta: I copy the KSFOHD.bgl original airport file and save as an ADEP4 file. The file has a set of 11 10ft wide 10ft long ICE surfaced runways numbered 01/19, 02/20, 03/21 etc., all located same longitude as KSFO but at 85 N. I delete from...
  15. downscc

    P3D v3 UV Map Troubles

    Learning the basics of using the UnwrapUVW tool in 3DSMax2015. I can create a red and white checkered box that appears in P3Dv3.3.5 using this tool and my own .dds texture created using Gimp and ImageTool from current LM SDK. Problem is that when I try to create a slightly more complex texture...
  16. downscc

    Updating Stock ILS/DME Data

    Using v1.9.5930 at RJAA Tokyo Narita ILS/DME 34L stock DME location is incorrectly located at localizer. I've used the ILS/Runway Inspector and Editor by Herve Sors to modify the stock BGL to locate the DME at the GS. However, the ADEX project file retains the original stock data. Opening the...
  17. downscc

    Select FS Not Working

    On launching ADE (downloaded yesterday for a new computer build) the small Select FS version dialog box has a blank dropdown box where I expect to see my installed P3Dv3 as an option. The background color is red. Clicking the close X results in ADE launching but something is amiss. P3D is only...
  18. downscc

    Generic Building Properties

    I am using ADE 01.67.5684.29938 The Properties window for any generic building does not have either a check box for "Altitude is AGL" or a text box labeled ALT within which to enter an altitude. I have XZ size, latlon location, etc., but no way to adjust the altitude. All my generic buildings...