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    MSFS Modding a 3rd party airport scenery installed in Community folder

    Hello all, I am not entirely new to scenery creation for MSFS but now, again, I run into a problem that I am unable to solve myself. Hence my shout for help to you here :-) I got a commercial 3rd party airport scenery. It is installed in a dedicated folder and activated in Community folder by...
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    MSFS Attached lights showing on ground level in MSFS 2020

    Hello Arno, one thing I have noticed with exporting attached lights. Some updates ago, this feature was working fine - lights attached to a model exported properly into MSFS 2020 (I was working with X Plane obj file). However, now the lights show below the model on the ground level in the sim...
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    MSFS Sim crashing when terraforming and corrupting the associated shp file

    Hello to all, Hopefully this might help if someone runs into similar situation :) The sim crashed several times on me when I was adapting the terrain mesh with some polygons with terraforming properties. I have to admit the project was already quite extensive and the work took place in a dense...
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    MSFS Alpha channel & MCX

    Hello Arno, thank you for adapting the MCX for use with MSFS 2020. I appreciate it! Let me please ask one question regarding transparency: I am converting my scenery objects from FSX/P3D to MSFS 2020. Some of the models contain alpha channel for transparency. However, I am not able to export...
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    FSX CZ autogen 2017 - new autogen for the Czech Republic is out

    Hi all, I have just released a new version of autogen for the Czech Republic - CZ autogen 2017 The main tool behind this work was - of course :) - Arno's fantastic scenProc. I also used extensively QGIS for data pre-processing. I consider this not to be just another plain vanilla...
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    FSXA Height of row houses

    Hello all, In my project, I have identified the right footprints for row houses. Now I am trying to fiddle with their heights. It appears that the height of row houses is random and there is no way to influence it, right? I have read Arno's manual for scenProc (I am using this tool to generate...
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    Filter in CreateXmlLibObj step

    Hi Arno, This is just to make you aware that I have found that the filter for CreateXmlLibObj step when creating xml placements from a point shape file is not happy with anything else than = in it. When I tried to use filter containing <, > or <=, >= it returned 0 objects created. With = it...
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    Broken filter in the 8.1.2017 update?

    Hi Arno, This is just to draw your attention to a syntax that (at least for me) stopped working in 8.1.2017 update: ...the original syntax from your manual... AddAttribute|FTYPE="POLYGON" And building="*" And FAREARAT>0.80|Integer;BUILDTYPE|1 AddAttribute|FTYPE="POLYGON" And building="*" And...
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    A high number of small simple custom lib objects - how to improve performance?

    Hello all, I would appreciate your help / ideas on the following issue. I want to populate the FSX / P3D world with some solar power stations. As you can imagine, this task consists of placing an enormous number of small solar panels on the ground. What I have done: - I have created a very...
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    FSX Polyline Buildings created but not all show up

    Hello all, My issue is exactly as described in the heading :cool: (EDIT: only the issue is applicable to P3D, not FSX) All of them show up nicely in FSX. However, not all of them show up in P3D (v2 and v3; both sims at max autogen settings). Any idea why some of them remain hidden in P3D...
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    Using Cell attributes in filters

    Hi Arno, Just a question... Is it possible to use Cell attributes in filter in (e.g.) CreateAGNGenBuilding step? What is up my mind is: Say I assign an attribute to all cells with certain building density. Then I want to place certain AGNLib objects (e.g. Urban Highrise 35x35 16-20 stories)...
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    P3D v3 GP with associated textures in Prepar3D v3\Texture

    Hello, I came across an interesting issue with P3D v3: I have a number of airfield sceneries and all of them include GPs (all created via ADE). Since the GP textures are common for all the GPs, I decided to remove them from airfield sceneries' texture folders and place them into the...
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    FSXA Cannot change radio type and frequency

    Hello, I have the following issue with ADE 1.70 For some airfields, I cannot change the radio frequency to desired value and type. The value does not appear in the drop down list of frequencies when working in the Comms editor. Let's see if you can replicate this - try to load stock LKCE and...
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    FSXA White line around Ground Poly with alpha channel when seen from distance

    Hello, I am aware that a lot was written and discussed about the topic above. I used the typical "trick" of mapping the GP texture with a certain offset from the texture edge. It works OK when close to the GP. However... I still get a white / black line (depending on the texture) around the...
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    Ground Poly cm/pxl resolution

    Hello all, I am not new to FSX / P3D design but I am definitely new to Ground Polys... therefore I would appreciate your advice. The question is what is your preferred resolution of the GPs in cm/pxl? I tested the following: 128x128 cm of ground covered by textures with resolutions...
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    FSXA Transparency and/or LOD issues preventing from dislpaying correctly

    Hello Arno, I would greatly appreciate, if you have a minute, if you could have a look at what is preventing this model from being displayed correctly by the MCX? I suppose it has something to do with transparency and/or LODs... but I am just guessing... Thank you Milan
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    Object placement - version of Google Maps

    Hi Arno, Just a quick remark - would you please change the Google Maps version in Object placement window to 694? The old one does not return any tiles for some parts of Europe and the new 694 works well. Thanks, Milan
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    FSXA Cannot import FS2004 scenery bgl

    Hello, Maybe someone came across this issue? Usually I have no problem to open a FS2004 bgl with an object inside. But for some of them, I get a following error in the latest development version of MCX: MDL9Reader - Unsupported RIFF section: 8 SCASMReader - This is an empty object! and an...
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    FSXA Photo scenery bgl as background image in ADE

    Hello, My question is actually fully entailed in the heading of this thread :-) I have compiled a photo scenery with FSET and would be happy to use the resulting photo scenery bgls as background images. Is that possible? Thank you. Milan
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    FSX Ground Poly Copying the Terrain Mesh

    Hello, I am twisting my head around the following issue... with no success so far: I am aware that the usual way of creating a ground poly requires also the elevation of the ground poly which is supposed to lie on a flatten poly. However... Is it possible to create a ground poly that would...