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  1. bobbyjack

    AIFP3 - AI Planes that fly to their destination but never actually land

    And to add to the mix.... Totally default FSX, except for some repaints. No add ons. Default traffic bgl removed. Only your plan installed with your depart and arrival times. Had to use a King Air. King Air departs MYAM at 18:00 Arrives KFXE, taxis to parking and stops by 19:15. Departs 19:27...
  2. bobbyjack

    AIFP3 - AI Planes that fly to their destination but never actually land

    While not a guaranty, it is at least a hopeful sign that there are already default AI aircraft at both of these airports.
  3. bobbyjack

    FS2004 Flightplan utility [Solved]

    It is odd to me that two drives failed in so short a time. I assume you tried them with another computer?
  4. bobbyjack

    AVSIM broken?

    Seems to be OK today. I don't recall trouble yesterday. But then, I'm not sure I remember yesterday.
  5. bobbyjack

    FSX FsDeveloper ficitional airport

    Years ago,I had a blast creating fictional airports all over the US. I made some custom buildings with Sketchup. I created AI traffic between them, as well as my own airline. Complete with rather poor quality repaints. I didn't care that much because it was just fun. All with tools here at...
  6. bobbyjack

    Win10 upgrade nightmare

    So, M. Was this an in place upgrade, or a wipe and fresh install of W10?
  7. bobbyjack

    Having a large party?

    Let's define "medium size elephant", because that might change some of the other ingredients. Sure, mom may have been able to fudge the amounts, as needed. But we need precision, here.
  8. bobbyjack

    Screen capture software for Windows 10

    Steps Recorder (part of Windows) will take screen shots of each mouse click and show the cursor.
  9. bobbyjack

    Flashing BIOS

    Couldn't find anything in those links that talked about enabling 16 MB from the original 4. Especially from a BIOS update. I might have missed it, maybe.
  10. bobbyjack

    Flashing BIOS

    It's news to me that the BIOS controls how much ram you can install. Normally, the OS, chip set, and cpu control that. And the number of slots. But I guess most anything is possible. The motherboard in combo with the cpu support a certain maximum of ram. My old elitegroup MB will support a...
  11. bobbyjack

    New Computer Blues...

    I'm no expert, but, as I understand it, FSX has so many bottlenecks that the more you can eliminate, the better. When I started running FSX on my SSD, it was much better. Anything where files and data have to be swapped out fast, probably needs to go on the SSD. It's not just an oddity drive...
  12. bobbyjack

    New Computer Blues...

    Yup, 240 gb SSD is a lot, but can fill up quickly. Sure less important software can be installed to to the HHD. In my case anything important, that I want to happen as fast as possible, that can have long loading and rendering time, that's on the SSD. I have FSX, music notation (40 gbs worth)...
  13. bobbyjack

    New Computer Blues...

    Very nice, Bill. Though you'll like it even better if, down the road, you can slip a bigger SSD into it.
  14. bobbyjack

    Helicopters: The Jesus Nut

    Where I once worked in Denver, The local radio traffic pilot landed his helicopter in our parking lot and was going to give us all rides. He walked around his craft, telling us about how things worked. He would describe some part and said if it failed or came loose, it could be "97% fatal."...
  15. bobbyjack

    Another sighting

    Once again, driving between San Diego and LA, I saw something new, for me anyway. It was a squadron of F-22 Raptors. I've never seen a real one before. Aside from photographs, the only reason I know what they look like is that I had an AI version in FS. They flew relatively low overhead. What a...
  16. bobbyjack

    Some videos needed for presentation...

    Still..I feel bad. You are most gracious. Glad the presentation went well.
  17. bobbyjack

    Some videos needed for presentation...

    Drat! I would never suggested something that I hadn't tried myself without problem. I had no warnings from my ad blocker or my AV from that site. I am extremely sorry that you had this happen. I use a lot of freeware and it is very annoying to have to weed through all the junk just to get to the...
  18. bobbyjack

    Some videos needed for presentation...

    You don't have to download their software, the free download of a video I tried is fine. Mp4, medium quality. I don't usually download youtube videos this way. but it works.
  19. bobbyjack

    Some videos needed for presentation...

    To download a YouTube video, try this. Step 1: In your Browser, go to "https://www.youtube.com" and open the video that you want to download. ... Step 2: Go to the address bar and add “ss” (without the quotes) before YouTube then press enter. ... Step 3: Choose Your desired Format and quality...
  20. bobbyjack

    Some videos needed for presentation...

    Bill, Well, you don't have much time. I imagine YouTube is full of videos like you are after. Better yet would be screenshots from your computer of things you are working on. Or strip down some of your models and show how you put them together. Or or actually have your software open and do a few...