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  1. FlyPIA

    Is there a current source for the Adam Howe guides for FSDS?

    I wanted to get a set but the Abacus website won't come up and they don't appear on FSPilotShop. I did find a site that listed them but the link for them there was to Abacus.
  2. FlyPIA

    Starting point for Paintkit

    I'm sure this is a basic question but I can only find older posts about this and they didn't really answer what I need. So I am making a new post as I understand it's bad form to bump up a years old previous post. :) I use Paint Shop Pro. Used it for years to paint cars for a popular racing...
  3. FlyPIA

    Best source for satellite photos of airports?

    I have been using Google Maps but am getting fed up with working around all the labels that's on them and the fact I can't seem to zoom in without losing a ton of resolution. Any suggestions? Thanks, Vance
  4. FlyPIA

    Thank you all

    I hope this kind of thread is acceptable in General Chat. If not, please feel free to move or delete it. I just feel compelled to post my thanks to all of you that have developed and support the various tools that enable me to update FSX so it's more realistic for my locality. And to those of...
  5. FlyPIA

    AIFP update throwing Index Out of Range error

    I just got notified that a development update 3.2.19(f) was available. I went ahead and downloaded it. I updated a flight plan, saved it and then tried to compile it. But three times it abended with an Index out of Range error. I reverted back to 3.2.19(c) and everything is working fine...
  6. FlyPIA

    Technical question

    I had FSX Deluxe and ADE gave me bgl compiler errors and wanted me to update to Sp1a or higher. I followed the Wiki as close as I could but still got the error. Nothing I did seemed to update the SDK. Someone suggested that I find a copy of FSX Gold as it already was updated with Sp1a and...
  7. FlyPIA

    Need help with disappearing AI plane.

    I've been making updates to local stock airports. I make changes gradually and then test. I've done something that I can't seem to figure out. I have added a number of military AI aircraft. 8 C-130s, 16 F-16s, 8 KC-135s and 6 CH-47 helicopters. I have ADE 1.75 and AIFP 3.2.19. I also have...
  8. FlyPIA

    I updated my first panel last night......

    I added gauges to a C-152 panel to make it IFR ready. I snagged the gauges from the default 172. I added the transponder, the panel annunciator, the GPS/Nav annunciator, the Nav/GPS switch and the OMI lights. Everything works great and looks great. But it seemed to take forever to position...
  9. FlyPIA

    Need some assistance getting some AI planes to appear in FSX

    Recently I downloaded some AI planes from various developers, AIG, MAIW and AIM. I went about installing them and setting up flight plans. I didn't notice anything odd during the installs and AIFP found them and didn't give me any errors with them. I went into FSX and they all appeared except...
  10. FlyPIA

    General question about the AI Traffic view.

    As I am planning my first AI Traffic flight plans in FSX, I've come across several items that I had to figure out. But I have one that I would like to ask help with. After I create the plan, I have the plane fly it to make sure it is doing what I tell it to. Today I sent up 5 planes and...