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  1. Fern

    Contrails, vapour trails

    Hi, All I would like to know where the contrails and wingtip vapour trails are hiding. I don't need a recipe on how to do it, as I probably won't bother, but I can't find where they are and how the wingtip vapour trails are located. I am guessing that the jet engines will produce a contrail...
  2. Fern

    Intersecting Runways

    (If there is an answer to this question already I apologize. I couldn't find it) Hi,All If two runways intersect, how can I move the "main" runway so that it appears "over" the "secondary" runway? Can the runway order/layer be changed after it is in place? Or do I have to delete it and...
  3. Fern

    FSX - AI Tail Dragger taxi turning circle to wide

    Hi, all I made some AI traffic with one of my planes, a tail dragger, and the turning circle is way too wide. Tried changing the tail wheel angle, rudder effectiveness, rudder maximum angle, no big change. Than I tried the Maule, which is a Microsoft-native aircraft, SAME THING. I tried a...
  4. Fern

    FSX - AI aircraft ground steering

    Hi, all I have a plane, my own creation, that flies just fine. It is a tail dragger and it steers on the ground just fine, too. But I made an AI traffic for it, and it doesn't steer well on the ground at all, curves way too wide. Following a tip that I don't know where I found, I used FSEdit...
  5. Fern

    gmax - can't re-open .gmax file

    Hi, All A few times, after I have made an object and, sometimes, even after I have created the mdl, gmax refuses to re-open the .gmax file, telling me File Open Failed. Now, when the file was open in gmax, I generated the mdl, used that mdl to locate the object several times, so the mdl is...
  6. Fern

    Model Converter X - Export Object Problem - FSX Library

    Hi, I could not find this problem anywhere in the forum. My newest version of Model Converter X (Dated 20161228) has problems exporting library objects as 3ds. Specifically, the library is "vehicles_land.bgl", and any object in that library will give the same error. I did click on "Send" the...
  7. Fern

    FSX Scenery Static Cars

    Hi, All I am looking for cars to be used static in FSX scenery (of FS2004, for that matter). Problem with the library objects is that the individual vehicles have lights on at night, and the parked ones don't always fit the space available. Does anyone know of a gmax/3ds bunch of cars...
  8. Fern

    FS9 aircraft carrier arresting cables

    Hi, All I know, I know, FS9 is old. But there are many people who still use it, as it is a superior product. If CFS2 had a carrier landing that worked, is it possible to place the CFS2 carrier (the Essex) in FS9 and somehow make it work? Thans, all. Fern
  9. Fern

    gmax - Aircraft appears black

    System: i7 6700K, Graphics GeForce 970 FSX, but I am sure P3D will be the same I have a very simple plane (Cessna 150) that I use specifically for AI around the airports where I used to fly, and now I "fly". The plane was made by a friend of mine using FSDS. This plane appears fine in 5...
  10. Fern

    Prepar3D: Timed objects

    Is there a way to "tweak" objects so that we can time their showing in Prepar3D? Thanks Fern
  11. Fern

    Model Converter X - Texture assignment

    Hi, Everyone Is there a way of seeing in Model Converter X (any version; I use 130 and 140) the textures assigned to each piece of object? I ask because, when exporting as 3DS object, when importing into gmax, many of the texture names are so messed up it bcomes impossible to figure them out...
  12. Fern

    Prepar3D - Converted bgl files with Model Converter X

    This question is for a friend of mine who doesn't speak English and lives in another country (other than Canada). I convert bgl files made for FS9 to FSX (using Model Converter X) and everything shows in the Prepar3D of a local buddy, no problem. When this friend in he other country tries to...
  13. Fern

    Model Converter X / MDL Tweaker - Timed objects

    Hi, Just one more time, to make sure I understood Arno's sticky and everything else: I have some timed objects (day of the year, time of day, hour of day) and the only one that gets converted to work in FSX is "time of day". Is that the way it is supposed to be or am I missing something...
  14. Fern

    Static Aircraft MDL Maker - Textures very complicated

    Hi, All I just stated using this SAMM today. I have version 2.2.03, which is the latest I could find. //Important: EVERYTHING I create is to be used in other PCs. I run these tools in "work" PCs that are NOT the one I use for flying. I also give some of my scenery to friends. When I use...
  15. Fern

    REIL lights - effect?

    Hi, Are the REIL flashing likghts and effect that appears on the effects list (FSX) and, if so, which? Thanks, all Fern
  16. Fern

    Windows 8 Paint fuzzy text

    Hi, I know, I know, this is not a forum for MS Paint, but I can't find the answer for it anywhere else, and if you guys haven't figured this one out yet, no one will. When creating textures for my gmax objects (or planes) I used to be able to write really tiny texts with Paint. While...
  17. Fern

    gmax icon - where is it?

    Hi, guys and gals I know this is not a "functionality" question, but... Where is the icom for the gmax program, the picture with the little fellow with his arms up? And what is the name of the graphic? Thanks. Fern
  18. Fern

    gmax Windows 8.1 - Shortcut doesn't work but Run command does

    Hi, Everyone This is NOT specific to FS2004, but that is what I am creating. System is Windows 8.1 I installed gmax (new PC) and all was well. Had a little problem with OpenGL, but that was fixed. However, with the gampacks installed properly, running gmax from the shortcut inside the...
  19. Fern

    gmax not responding after changing to OpenGL

    Hi, I just bought a new computer just for working with scenery (gmax, paint, PhotoShop, that sort of thingn). It is pretty fast, 3.9 GHz dual core. I installed gmax, no problems. But when I change from HEIDI to OpenGL, close gmax, and re-open it, the viewports are white, the cursor has a few...
  20. Fern

    Lots of birds

    In my Ascension Island airport FHAW, I have lots of birds flying right beside the runway. Now, I made the scenery for this airport myself, but I never added any birds. Does anyone have birds in their default scenery for FHAW? Thanks Fern