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  1. xbuddy

    FSX jetways with transparent windows

    I know that transparent have often discussed here, but this time I found the transparent collided with transparent. :confused: I search in the forum and tried to research with trial and error but no luck even I separate with different bgl. the problem is "the transparent double sided"...
  2. xbuddy

    FSX Multiple mdl into one bgl

    I've searched the forum but did not find how to compile multiple MDL into one BGL. Let say I have a big airport with single GUID number, I export into 3 mdl with different filename, so... how do I create with a xml file and compile that 3 mdl into 1 bgl file. Or you guys have a brilliant...
  3. xbuddy

    FSX Indonesia Soetta-X

    Hi, just want to share my working progress. Our main biggest airport in Indonesia, Soekarno-Hatta. Domestic terminal International terminal Still no have clue to make a taxi line, many efforts if using a gmax poly. Test rendering the airbridge Still have a problem, can...
  4. xbuddy

    FSX Tools for taxiline

    To make a taxiline besides use a line in gmax, do we can make it from existing tools like afcad/ ade9/ else? I wish there is some tools can help us to build a taxiline so just drag n drag. The tools what I mean is visible on top layer when we make a ground scenery from fs2002 makemdl.
  5. xbuddy

    FSX Addtocells

    I just installing sbuilderx313 and when compile to FSX the message show up: shp2vec Shapes _PROJECT -ADDTOCELLS what is that mean? I have checked shp2vec has in correct location.
  6. xbuddy

    FSX Spin Texture

    Hello Master, please see my picture I created a line (1) then I convert line to editable mesh (2), but I am confused how to put texture that is drawn yellow (4) into the mesh and spin (3) Because after I apply editable mesh texture the results look messy.
  7. xbuddy

    FSX put image in gmax

    Hi , Need your advice how to put image in gmax, I have an image with 7168 x 5120 pixels. If I create a Plane in gmax how to determine width & length for my image? bad news, I am not write a lat & lon :(
  8. xbuddy

    TIFFReadDirectory: Warning, wrong data type 1 for "XMLPacket"; tag ignored

    I have large image for bitmap : 7168x5120 pixels, tif : 7168x5120 pixels, but always got error when compiling bgl. It successfully bgl file when loading in fsx, but there is a boat in my runway. :eek: If I remove a tif file then there is no error. this is my inf file: should...
  9. xbuddy

    FSX Straighten poly

    And how to fit this, I have gmax, afcad and photoscenery from resample. its very complicated to straighten between three of them. if you hav a simple trick please let me know
  10. xbuddy

    FSX resample vs fs2002 makemdl

    what usually you use for best technique for apply ground photoscenery? use resample from sdk / fs2002 asm file? I try compile from resample but result more blurry than fs2002 makemdl bgl file. I think fs2002 makemdl is more sharpen and clearly image, not much different but just wanted to...
  11. xbuddy

    FSX did sbuilderx can make it?

    As you can see in the picture there are drawn there on the highway that circles down the street and then turn down. In the center of the image. how to make this happen from sbuilderx, there is existing highway above and below the existing highway. do you understand what I mean? :confused:
  12. xbuddy

    FSX Cropping Fences

    hello, Any clue for cropping fences from this image? http://www.jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=6651174&nseq=184 I want to make a transparent bitmap with black color behind, using gimp or photoshop.
  13. xbuddy

    FSX View Distance

    Besides crash setting [/crash], if we still can set viewing distance through the xml file? I had to use search facility but did not find anything about setting view distance of an object. Makemdl for fs2002 had it.
  14. xbuddy

    FSX LOD again

    after searching and reading tutorials about LOD, I still can not make it. I've made 4 pieces object with the name Box01_LOD_300 Box02_LOD_100 Box03_LOD_050 Box04_LOD_005 and which appear in the scenery is a Box04_LOD_005 only. although I zoom in and zoom out still another box does...
  15. xbuddy

    Convert Standard to FlightSimX material

    How to convert FS9 object material (standard) into FSX object material (FlighSimX) I am trying to convert airport from FS9 to FSX but for transparancy in FSX use FlightSimX material right? can I just convert DXT3 to DDS bitmap and relocation material only? :confused: Or I must create a new...
  16. xbuddy

    City of Sketchup

    Member of other communities are building our cities in Jakarta with using SketchUp to put in GoogleEarth. I take it from SketchUp into FSX. here it is the result: JW Marriot and Ritz-Carlton Jakarta World Trade Center Jakarta Grand Indonesia at Bundaran HI Bakrie Tower and Rasuna...
  17. xbuddy

    Get Photoscenery

    So much to talk about groundtexture photoscenery with FS2002 makemdl, but where we can get it for free in order to be published? Can we use the results from google earth or yahoo sattelite or liveearth and publish them to the flightsim / avsim? if not then where can we get it? because of...
  18. xbuddy

    DXTBMP cannot open file

    After dxtbmp install the latest version 4.00.96 all files could not be opened and perform error message: "can not open the file c:\Documents and Settings\[username]\local~1\Temp\xnorm.bmp" but when I open the file xnorm.bmp the result is an image that I will open. if anyone has ever...
  19. xbuddy

    Import 3DS failed

    if anyone has ever experienced something at the time of import from 3DS into GMax? I just downloaded from the SketchUp skp, export to 3DS and want to import it in GMax but found this error, after the error it will close GMax.
  20. xbuddy

    How to lift up

    how to make this terrain lift up and not flatten with water.