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  1. xbuddy

    Værøy (ENVY)

    Loves the island, can't imagine how you to make it.
  2. xbuddy

    King Abdolaziz International Airport-Saudi arabia

    nice, better you apply the textures, because it will help the model to more realistics :) keep up the good work!
  3. xbuddy

    LOD and drawing distance

    wah, thanks a lot, now I understand. fusion between LOD and DrawCalls. vehicles, trees, taxiways, taxilines, taxilights --> DrawCalls so LOD still can be applied to building.
  4. xbuddy

    LOD and drawing distance

    means "Draw Calls" ? , I still using LOD's in my FSX, is there any method to apply something like LOD do?
  5. xbuddy

    FSXA Custom Made ALSF2 light

    PM me too.... :D
  6. xbuddy

    Effects cause fps drop?

    Nice tutorial :cool: have you test if the day weather is low-visibility? the light is on/not?
  7. xbuddy

    Detailed textures and rain effects on runways

    how do you make a sloped runway? :D
  8. xbuddy

    FSX jetways with transparent windows

    Yes, it works :D many thanks Darren.
  9. xbuddy

    FSXA ฺBangkok Airports from A_A Sceneries

    "Specular light from the glass concourse. " I remember this terminal is transparent building, can you zoom it? :D
  10. xbuddy

    Thank you Arno

    Thank you Arno... every time we convert a model to FS, mcx always show us whether we have got permission from author for convert copyrighted the model. so... if we using this tools, I am sure many of us use this tools to produce a payware sceneries, don't forget credit to Arno :D
  11. xbuddy

    Detailed textures and rain effects on runways

    Nice :greenflag:wizard:
  12. xbuddy

    Object disappears

    sometimes this happen to me too... :( can we use hierarchy tool then 'center to object' rather than create a bounding box? :D or separate a terminal with pieces of bgl?
  13. xbuddy

    FSXA Fragmented Uv_Unwrap

    usually I use collada(*dae) object to remove the mini polygon. when download from warehouse sketchup, pick *.kmz file then remane to *.zip extract the *.dae only and convert with modelconverterx into *.3ds :p
  14. xbuddy

    ICAO Runway Number Font

    thanks mate!
  15. xbuddy

    Taxi light

    wow... this is what I am looking for :D many thanks jtanabodee
  16. xbuddy

    Disappearing objects....

    happen to me too, even a huge terminal can disappeared. don't know why :D
  17. xbuddy

    FSX Flourney Valley and Riverview

    your texture rocks.....:eek:
  18. xbuddy

    Down time

    Yes look weird, I can open the general forum but cannot open subforum. thanks Arno.
  19. xbuddy

    FSX jetways with transparent windows

    I know that transparent have often discussed here, but this time I found the transparent collided with transparent. :confused: I search in the forum and tried to research with trial and error but no luck even I separate with different bgl. the problem is "the transparent double sided"...
  20. xbuddy

    FSXA ฺBangkok Airports from A_A Sceneries

    Love the light :coffee: