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  1. Lane Street

    FSXA Is Steam DLC not editable?

    Title says it all. I purchased some DLC thru Steam. Tried to open a .bgl and ADEX says there is no airport in the file. I have no problems opening default airports and addons that were not bought thru Steam. cheers, Lane
  2. Lane Street

    FSXA Textures and rendering in GMax. <Solved>

    I am learning how to map in GMax and have a question for the more experienced users. Is this normal? Hopefully you can see the top left corner of the wall and the corresponding vertex in the UVW mapping editor. The vert is clearly in the middle of a white line that borders the wall. So...
  3. Lane Street

    GMax noob question RE: gizmo

    Is it possible to get the axes labels on the gizmo in D3D mode or does it only work in OpenGL? cheers, Lane
  4. Lane Street

    FSXA G-Poly Wiz error ?

    Trying to convert a GMax poly. The GMax generated .mdl loads in MCX without errors. When I try to process it with the Wiz I get half a dozen of these... 7:42 PM SCASM Error Error in line 1211 7:42 PM SCASM Information -> RefPoint( 7 :ReturnDummy 0 0 0 v1= 0 v2= 0 ) 7:42 PM...
  5. Lane Street

    Some thoughts on designing for performance.

    Based on a conversation found here I have decided to start a new thread instead of driving that one further off topic. The gist of that discussion was polys and texture verts in regards to performance and how to best model in Sketchup. Note that this is all my opinion and I might be wrong. OK...
  6. Lane Street

    Moving and duplicating elements in Sketchup

    Rather than hijack this thread I am starting a new one. In that topic Robystar mentioned frustrations caused by placing multiple copies of an element, which is easy to do in SU. Here we start with a simple .15m square that could represent any element. We want 3 of them, evenly spaced, with an...
  7. Lane Street

    FS2004 Is a momentary switch possible?

    I know they exist on the GPS, can't get them to work in my gauge. I am wondering if <Click Kind="LeftSingle+Leave"> is restricted to use in the GPS? cheers, Lane
  8. Lane Street

    FS2004 Kinda proud of this...

    ...even though it took way to long and probably looks a bit crude to the pros. The mission: a new switch for the taxi/landing lights on the default Lear 45. The goal: taxi lights dependent on gear position. They should only be on when the gear is down. The code... <Gauge...
  9. Lane Street

    FSXA SbuilderX314 error connecting with FSUIPC

    Win 8.1 FSX and SBuilderX not installed in Program Files. Latest version of FSUIPC installed in ...\FSX\Modules SBuilderX "Run as Administrator". Deleted the .ini file. SBuilderX has correct path to FSX. Still no joy. Any ideas? cheers, Lane
  10. Lane Street

    Looking for SbuilderX314

    I cannot get into the ptsim website to get 314, is it available anywhere else? cheers, Lane
  11. Lane Street

    Zoom and Raw Data View

    Hi Jon, When closing the Raw Data View in the current version ADE resets the zoom level. Can this be easily changes to not happen? cheers, Lane PS. I seem to remember at one time "the list" being posted in a sticky. Seems to me, if it was, we could check for issues before posting something...
  12. Lane Street

    FSXA 1.65.5380 List questions

    Getting my first chance to test drive 1.65 and it seems we have lost the "Set to first" button on the Multi Edit list? Any chance for it's return? Speaking of lists, would it be possible to have the ability to have a list open and switch focus to the main ADE screen? And if so I think it would...
  13. Lane Street

    Is the Wiki offline?

  14. Lane Street

    FSXA Setting taxi link defaults

    I have a Pro Key and have read and understood the manual pertaining to the new procedure for setting taxi link defaults. Or at least I think so. I select the taxi link tool. I draw a random taxi link, not connected to anything. Switching to Select tool I select that link, then right click...
  15. Lane Street

    FSXA Problems at default KABQ

    All I wanted to do was add fuel trucks to the default FSXA KABQ. I new I was in trouble when I opened the default KABQ in ADE, updated to 1.61.5238, and saw all of those little black boxes. Without making any changes I compiled the airport and added the .bgl files to Addon Scenery\scenery...
  16. Lane Street

    Minor bug report

    Hi Jon, When using the "Position Image" GUI to place a background image, if you click on the "W" button the image moves to the west. If you click on the "N" button the image moves to the south. Can I get this fixed today? Just kidding, just kidding. cheers, Lane
  17. Lane Street

    Low priority bug report.

    Hi Arno, If one resizes the Animation Editor window the "Assign animation type" dropdown does not cooperate. See pic cheers, Lane
  18. Lane Street

    Updated links.

    Arno, If you get some free time could you please update the links in this topic? - http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/download-modelconverterx.14215/ Thank you. cheers, Lane
  19. Lane Street

    1.60 install questions

    I had 1.50 and 1.55 installed on a Win 7 machine and wanted to uninstall them before installing 1.60. 1.55 showed up in Control Panel>Programs and Features and successfully uninstalled. 1.50 does not show up there, can I simply delete the files? I installed 1.60 and updated to 5153 on my Win...
  20. Lane Street

    FSX texture.cfg