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  1. Captain7

    P3D v4 PBR and wrong reflection

    Hi, I'm currently playing around a bit with PBR material. Do you guys have an idea why the reflection is turned by 90 degrees? And furthermore you see that the square with the PBR material is reflecting itself (left part of the muddy water). Is there any way to fix this problem? I'm modeling...
  2. Captain7

    Another MCX Material Template Issue/Question

    Hi Arno, I ran into another problem using the material templates in MCX. May it be that something changed in the way how texture file name information is handled in the templates? In the past, I made a material template from an existing material and if I'm correct, texture files names had not...
  3. Captain7

    [SOLVED] Material Editor Bug

    Hi Arno, I found a bug in the latest development release (Downloaded MCX today 03/25/2019). When adding a new material template from an existing material and then close the Material Template Editor window, I get the following error: In English: "The process cannot access...
  4. Captain7

    Change material drawing order through Hierarchy Editor?

    Hi! I'm currently dealing with some drawing order issues (the well known xray effect of transparent windows not showing whats behind). Given a building model: If I'm not wrong, materials of objects inside a building should be drawn before the material containing the semitransparent window...
  5. Captain7

    Light source offset (bug?)

    Hi, first of all: You made a great tool, thanks a lot for giving it to the community! I enjoy using it very much :) If have 2 questions: 1: The lights are placed with a little offset as you can see on the image. This is true for my custom runway edge light model but also for the untouched base...
  6. Captain7

    FSX EDBC Magdeburg-Cochstedt WIP

    Hi all, I put the EDVK Kassel-Calden Scenery on hold because of some terrain design issues that I wasn't able to solve. I probably reactivate the develpment sometimes when I'm in the mood ;-) Instead I started with another, easier project. EDBC is a mid-size regional airport in Germany, just...
  7. Captain7

    FSX EDVK Kassel-Calden 2014

  8. Captain7

    FSX Why do my FS9 style DXT1 Models work well in FSX?

    Hi, I just began with the conversion of my FS9 scenery into a FSX scenery. The first thing I did was throwing the untouched FS9 scenery into FSX and see what happens :cool: I read about heavy transparency issues with FS9 style models and DXT1 alpha bmp textures. But my trees appear...
  9. Captain7

    FS2004 MDL Conditions and Sketchup

    Hi, I know that the MDLTweaker is not being updated anymore. But I discovered a bug with models that had been generated with SU and then converted through MCX and opened in MT. When adding (any) condition to a MDL, the object shows up wrong in FS9. It's flipped by (I guess) 90 degrees on the x...
  10. Captain7

    FS2004 How to edit the order of parkingspots in FS-menue

    Hello, title says it all. I successfully created my airport files with ADE but after choosing my airport in FS9, the order of entries in the menue to choose runway or parkingsspot/gate is somehow random, something like: GA parking 1 Runway 28 GA parking 5 Gate 2 GA parking 3 and so...
  11. Captain7

    FS2004 Possible feature?! 'No shadow' for FS9 MDL

    Hi, since I deactivate the shadows for all my scenery objects I wonder if it's possible to add this functionality/option into the MCX FS9 MDL compiling process? This would reduce the process from MCX, ModelTweaker, ObjPlacer to MCX only :D Cheers Volker
  12. Captain7

    FS2004 Mayday - one lightmap texture for all seasons?

    Hi all, At the very end of my scenery project I face a serious problem. Is there a way to define a lightmap texture for every season texture? If not, how do you prevent summer nightlight during winter??? Thanks for input! Volker
  13. Captain7

    MCX Default settings for object placement

    Hi Arno, I filled in default object placement values for lon/lat and heading in MCX's options under general settings. The ground poly wizard uses lat/lon values but not the heading value. If this was not intended for some reason it would be great if this could be addressed in one of the next...
  14. Captain7

    FS2004 SCASM RWY Approach Lightning / two questions

    Hi, I used the SCASM method to add the runway/approach lightning over groundpoly for my FS9 EDAH project. Almost fine. But two problems need to be solved: 1: The lightning type SALS (SCASM code AprL=13) fits best to real thing. But it doesn't contain a flashlight rail which is present...
  15. Captain7

    MCX BGLcomp BUG in latest DR

    Hi Arno, I downloaded the latest development release of MCX this morning and discovered one bug when using the convert & place wizard (FS9). See Screen. Used the very same MDL later with MCX 1.3 and placed it with the wizard without any problem. Cheers Volker
  16. Captain7

    FS2004 EDAH - Heringsdorf Regional Airport

    EDAH - Heringsdorf Regional Airport (released on 06-30-13) Hi, this is my scenery design training project: EDAH Heringsdorf. The Airport is located in the north east of Germany on the island of Usedom. See Google Maps...
  17. Captain7

    DAE to BGL: Texture Path corrupted

    Hi there, first of all a big thank you to the people behind this community and the cool applications like MCX! I had my first successes in scenery creation after reading the forums und trying the very user friendly tools. Something that did not happen when I tried to use the SDK of fs9 8 years...