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  1. PakMac

    Taxiway Lofting Lines

    I found this article over on the Aircraft design \ Modeling forum very interesting and thought it would be of use to those trying to get their Splines(Lines) to look right to loft taxiway center lines. Thanks Bill (Lionheart) for your findings. David
  2. PakMac

    DDS Plugin

    Hi Guys, Just to give you a heads up that NVidia has released a new version of the Photoshop dds plugin Added support for 64-bit Adobe Photoshop Added support for Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Adobe Photoshop CS5 Improved 16 and 32-bit image support Fix load issue for single channel...
  3. PakMac

    Confused which GMAX shortcut you have just click on.

    Well here is a handy tip. You can change the GMAX splash scenery to one of your own. Here's how. Create an image 744x442 that represents the gamepack you are using and place it in the gamepack folder. Right click on your desktop GMAX shortcut and select properties, copy the string in...
  4. PakMac

    Convert Wizard Location Bug

    Hi Arno, I tried to place a model at lat="49.903827" lon="-99.942419" but the Location spinner only goes up to "-90.000000" David See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. ************** Exception Text...
  5. PakMac

    MCX Suggestion

    Hi Arno, Thanks for a great FS Tool and the work you've put into it. Whilst converting some models I thought how nice it would be if there was a facility to move an object to the center refernce point. With the current move dialog box you need to know how far off it is. Regards David
  6. PakMac

    GUID Style

    When generating a report for the FS2004 generic.bgl I noticed the report had FSX style GUID's, although I had set FS2004 GUIDstyle in the options. David
  7. PakMac

    FSXA Volume Shadows

    I was wondering if anyone has had trouble with volume shadows with models exported from 3ds Max? In the attached picture, the building in the foreground was exported from 3ds Max, and the background building from GMax. You will notice that the shadows are flashing on the sunny side of...
  8. PakMac

    edgePavement not sticking in ADEX

    In ADEX 1.47.7 if you click on edgePavement in the runway marking properties it does not stick. If you import an xml with edgePavement set to TRUE it will be there and you can compile OK, when you save your project and open it at a later date it is set to FALSE again. It works OK in ADE9...
  9. PakMac

    Changing GMax material editor startup location

    Discussion thread for Changing GMax material editor startup location. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
  10. PakMac

    Links to Useful GMAX Video Tutorials

    I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread of useful GMAX video tutorials. Here's a few to start the ball rolling, Applying a Multi-SubObject Material Ground Polygon Lofting Technique Building An Airplane GMax - How to Fillet a Vertex If you come across any good...
  11. PakMac

    Snap to position

    Hi Jon, Thanks for the latest update, and for including the "Move selected object to aircraft position if connected to FSX" I jumped straight in and started moveing taxi nodes and parking positions with no trouble, but no joy with fence or apron nodes. I do hope you'll include these in the...
  12. PakMac

    PAPI object causing crash

    When I alter the properties of papi01, position or heading. ADE crashes with the following error. Regards David
  13. PakMac

    Day Night Switching from an API

    I've been trying to adapt an api macro to display a different model at night. The problem I'm having is I cannot get the model to switch. IfVarAnd( :night 28c 6 ) callLibobj( 0 F6E365F2 4C5E34B1 BBE759B4 6E7556B3 ) Jump( :further ) :night callLibobj( 0 CCE9F4ED 43B7A7AC 963EAFA6...
  14. PakMac

    Modeling SDK

    Hi Arno, Any chance of having a Modeling SDK sub-forum? Best regards David
  15. PakMac

    Separation Plane Calculator

    I have put together an Excel spreadsheet to calculate the numbers required for the separation planes of a PAPI 4 as in the PAPI Lighting Tutorial by fredneck. I hope this helps everybody. Regards David CanUK Scenery I forgot to add some instructions. You only need to change the...
  16. PakMac

    Seasonal coding

    Hi, I have been trying to get seasonal textures (FS2002) working in a file with four texture groups, but only the first group is showing up. Here is the textures list TEXTURE_LIST_BEGIN TEXTURE_DEF TEXTURE_GROUND , <255,255,255,255>, 8.767653, "APRONSNOW.BMP" ...
  17. PakMac

    Conditional Objects

    I have two objects one is to be display during the day and the other at night. I know it goes something like this: IfVarRange( :night 28C 2 4) CallLibObj( 0 C9B43C4C 1C31CD13 E3F2ADCA 8D7C9BF9 ) ;Day object :night CallLibObj( 0 C9B43C4C 1C31CD13 E3F2ADCA 8D7C9BF8 ) ;Night object :end...
  18. PakMac

    Library Creator XML 1.0 errors

    Just download the new version and I get the follwing errors:- Export as API or SCM = Run-time error '6' Overflow Check for updates = Run-time error '339' Component 'MSWINSCK.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid. I'm using Windows XP...
  19. PakMac

    CAT and Attached objects

    As pointed out in this THREAD it's not possible to animate attached objects, for my beacon I've decided to go with a static day model and an animated model for night time. Is it possible to do the switch between models at Dusk/Dawn in CAT or will I need to tweak the asm files by hand...