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  1. PakMac

    Suggestions Vote

    S002 05 S008 20 S013 10 S021 05 S022 20 S029 40 Well thats me list of items I'd like to see in ADE. Thanks Jon.
  2. PakMac

    FS2004 Aviasim Leicester Xtreme

    Just think I actually climbed those stairs to the control tower. Logbook Entry: 27-5-1977|C150|G-AVGM|P-1|Luton|Leicester|12:25|13:35|50mins|Test Cross Country| From there I flew to Coventry and then back to Luton. David
  3. PakMac

    Asrock Wolfdale1333-D667 can work with Windows 7??

    I think you should ask this sort of question on the Asrock forum, as there may not be any hardware gurus here on FSDeveloper. David
  4. PakMac

    Windows XP Issue; Folder Icons

    You're welcome, Bill. David.
  5. PakMac

    Windows XP Issue; Folder Icons

    TweakUI part of PowerTools for XP has a repair icons feature. http://windowsxp.mvps.org/tweakui.htm Hope this helps. David
  6. PakMac

    Airline Manager

    Fuel $50 for the next 55 mins.
  7. PakMac

    Why do trees hate Melissa & Doug?

    Cause Melissa & Doug make Jig Saws from dem trees. :)
  8. PakMac

    Airline Manager

    Have you read the Pax Points FAQ? I spent my start up 100 points unwisely, but have now accured 138 points with the aim of getting enough points to start shipping cargo. David
  9. PakMac

    AI road traffic in FS2004

    Have a look at these posts here in the forums. FSRegen & Autoasm They should point you in the right direction. David
  10. PakMac

    Can't install SDK on Win 7

    I copied the SDK folder to my desktop, installation went like a dream afterwards. David
  11. PakMac

    Using a Batch file to run the xtomdl.exe

    A quick search for MS-DOS commands lead me to this website and the FOR command. It's been a very long time since I last used DOS for anything over than copying files from one DIR to another. Hope this helps. David
  12. PakMac

    Bounding/Crash/Fuel Box Display in fs*.cfg

    To see the fuel boxes use ShowTriggers in the Scenery section. [scenery] ShowTriggers=1 No sure what the code is for Bounding boxes though. David
  13. PakMac

    FSX A321 fuel figures: Are they wrong or am I wrong?

    According to Airbus website figures the A321 has a 3,000 of nautical miles with maximum passenger payload. One would have to take into account the operating speed, pedal to the metal uses more fuel, also head winds can play a major part in fuel consumption. Here's some more information on...
  14. PakMac

    Striped ground pattern of a jetway causes collision

    In gmax look in the FSX Tools for the Attach Tool, there is an option "NO CRASH" David
  15. PakMac

    Help Effects are at the wrong possition.

    Have a read of this post in then Gmax forum It seems somebody else is having the same problem. David
  16. PakMac

    Airline Manager

    Hi Greg - I've just bought 20,000 shares in your company. David @ CanUK Airways
  17. PakMac

    Development; What do you do while you build?

    If there's baseball on ESPN America, I'll listen to that with the volume turned right down.
  18. PakMac

    FSX Exporting to AIrport

    If you have the textures for the hangers then yes you can use the .bgl files. David
  19. PakMac

    Airline Manager

    What has got me going at the moment is ATC-SIM There eight airports to choose from, plus many more if you sign up, although the sign up fee is $20. David
  20. PakMac

    Name for a good screen cast capture program?

    For video and screenshots in FS I find Fraps to be the best. For video tutorials in MAX/GMAX then Camtasia is the tool to use. David