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  1. ailgorbot

    MSFS Remove urban traffic in an area

    Hello, I would like to remove urban traffic in a area whre I have drawn a runway. I already add ExclusionRectangle and Rectangle (airport area selected)
  2. ailgorbot

    MSFS Animated Vertex Group - Mesh fail with export (blender)

    Hello, I have an issue when I am exporting an animated character. Any idea ?
  3. ailgorbot

    MSFS Split airport scenery to airport+harbour ->no texture for harbour

    Hello, I trying to split in two my mod : https://flightsim.to/file/7185/lfeq-quiberon one part with airport : I keep the same name : ailgorbot-lfeq (I remove the harbour) second part with harbour : I rename it : ailgorbot-lfeq-port (I remove the airport) In the Airport Editor the boats have...
  4. ailgorbot

    MSFS MCX1.5 : Prepare3D SDK for modeldef.xml and XtoMDL.exe export to mdl -> invisible aircraft

    Hello, I have followed this tutorial : I use ModelConverted 1.5 I don't have the FSX SDK, so I use Prepare3D SDK for modeldef.xml and XtoMDL.exe : https://www.prepar3d.com/support/sdk/ When I resync the airplane, it disappear in the hangar. (we see it a microsecond) any idea ?
  5. ailgorbot

    Happy new year 2021

  6. ailgorbot

    MSFS SimpleAerial : PackageBuildLog_G AddKey wrong key :PREPARE

    Hi, I'am testing SimpleAerial and I follow This tutorial : https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/guide-how-to-create-custom-aerial-scenery.448680/ And But I have got this error : PackageBuildLog_G AddKey wrong key pREPARE Any Idea ? When I try to build the package, I have...
  7. ailgorbot

    MSFS Aircraft Editor : How to fix position fuselage white volume

    Hi, I have tried several parameter in Aircraft Editor, however I haven't found out how to move and scale this white volume for Fuselage. Any idea ?
  8. ailgorbot

    MSFS How to get started with MSFS Gauges

    Hello, I am totally a uninitiated about Gauges. I would like to add a simple gauge like airspeed indicator for exemple on an aircraft panel. I am looking for a clear tutorial. Exemple to follow to get started. Thanks in advance,
  9. ailgorbot

    MSFS Aircraft Editor : SimpleAircraft 2 Fuel Tanks -> 1 Fuel Tank

    Hi, I'am struggling with the Aircraft Editor, and I am facing this issue for the AT3-R100 At this point the simpleAicraft = AT3-R100 for Aircraft Editor. In the simpleAircraft (Now AT3-R100) from SDK, the airplane has 2 Fuels Tanks Left and Right. I would like to have one. When I define only...
  10. ailgorbot

    MSFS Quixel Mixer : is there a preset export ?

    Hi, Quixel Mixer (https://quixel.com/mixer) is free tool. I am novice and I am wondering is there a preset for exporting all textures in MSFS 2020 like Substance Painting preset below ?
  11. ailgorbot

    MSFS Porting and development of AT3-R100

    Hello, With the agreement of berju83 author of the AT3-R100 for FSX and X-Plane (see FrenchVFR site) and also because I fly in real life with this aircraft at ACAF (Toussus-Le-Noble LFPN). I open this post to log my progress, my difficulties and my method to make an aircraft on MSFS 2020.
  12. ailgorbot

    My object doesn't want to rotate

    Hello, I have try to follow this video : But I fail to rotate my object, the spaceship from Independence Day, in its axis Z Blender SDK console Even I export again like in the video. It doesn't move Any idea ?