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    Aircraft.cfg help.

    I just downloaded some AI aircraft for my FS9 including FSX AI Bureaus A320 and textures for Air Canada to United but i have two problems.The first is my United texture is missing it's model radius and parking spot and the other problem is some of my other airlines like Spirit and Jetblue I...
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    AIFP 3.2.15 Problems

    I just recently downloaded the new version and i keep getting an error that says the requested security protocol is not supported and also AIFP 3.2.15 can't read any of the aircraft.cfg files and denies it,even my default FS9 aircraft.Is there something wrong with the application.
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    United Aircraft Flightplan Problem.

    I managed to download the new AIFP 3.1.4 and i also downloaded United Airlines flighplans.I'm using FAIB A320-200,AI Aardvarks 757-200 & 767-300.I noticed that the 757 & 767 don't have their radius size for FS9 and the A320-200 won't show up in the Aircraft Editor Section & shows it missing in...
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    Norton Sonar Detecting Security Risk in AIFP 3104.

    This is a unrelated problem i posted awhile back on this fourm.But i did manage to download aifp 3.1.04 today and i clicked on the application.It showed up fine for a minute,then my Norton Internet Security poped up and told me there was a security risk attached to it.It then removed the...
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    AIFP 3104 Problems.

    I just recently downloaded the new AIFP version 31.04 and for some reason.I'm not able to acess it because i need permission to open it.I also tried deleting the aifp.exe file but i also needed permission to do that task also.Is there anyway to fix this.
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    AIFP 2.2.12 Virus Attachement Warning.

    :redflag:I recently downloaded the new version of AI Flight Planner and my Norton Internet Security Sonar Protection detected a Trojan Horse attached to aifp.exe.Luckily it removed it,but i wondering if anyone else is having the same problem.
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    AIFP Can't Find Repaints Foilder

    So am i supposed to download another new AI Aircraft to AIFP and uncheck that option,so i won't have to encounter that warning that pops up after i click onto AIFP.
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    FS2004 AI GA Aircraft Using Terminal

    I've recently created a new traffic bgl file from scratch and i incorporated both GA and Airliners as well as AI Biz Jets.However i notice the GA & Bizjet aircraft will park at the KLIT airport terminal,instead of the GA Ramp on the other side of the runway.I used ADE to assign the airliners...
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    FS2004 Addon AI Aircraft Won't Appear.

    I've been having recent trouble with new addon AI aircraft that i downloaded from flightsim.com.I downloaded AI Aardvark's MD-80 Base package with American and Delta Airlines textures and AI Malcontents' ERJ-140 & 145 package with American Eagle and United Express colors.I gave them the real...
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    FS2004 Trouble with AIFP

    This is my first post to the AIFP fourm.Recently,i downloaded the program and it worked fine when i opened my default FS9 Traffic BGl file in the Data Source section.I added a couple of new flight plans for a newer version of the traffic file.I was able to go back on it for awhile until...
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    Red Closed Link Question?

    I was wondering what the purpose of a closed taxi link is for in the edit section, when you turn it from blue to red.What does it do.
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    Too Many Default FS9 AI Aircraft

    I recently was playing around with Owl's Nest AI Aircraft Editor and somehow i accidently created multiple Mooney Bravos and other AI GA planes in FS9.Is there a way to fix this problem.I can't remember what i did to them.
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    ATC Menu Trouble

    This is my first post to the FSDeveloper Fourms.I recently have ADE9X and i've been having trouble with the runways.I closed rwy 5/23 of my North Little Rock Airport in the runway pattern properties section of ADE.However when i choose a runway to taxi to.It only shows options for runway 5/23 in...