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    Minimize Drawcalls seems to affect FS2 render visibility

    I am using MCX to convert a DAE format model to AC3D AC format for use in Aerofly FS2 (Great VR performance!). The Sketchup DAE model has many textures and I thought about using Minimize Drawcalls to merge them. It seemed to work and the model with a couple of remaining textures looks fine in...
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    Any way to add a human pilot model to an aircraft virtual interior model

    I am using the virtual cockpit of an airliner along with a voice recognition program that provides a copilot to control the knobs and switches. I would like to have a model of the copilot ride along. Thanks Dave
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    Railroad Track Attach Platform performance

    Arno and others, I would like to be able to land a helicopter on these railroad tracks but I gather there might be a performance problem with lots of platform areas. Right now I have about 20 segments of 400 feet or so. I used MCX to add the platforms: and here is the scene: Maybe I...
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    Can I use TS to create "boulders" in this Canyon terrain

    I have been using SbuilderX in an attempt to get some variation in the terrain elevations from the plateau of the train tracks down to the ravine floor of the canyon. I have just been using a four sided polygon and specified the corner elevations by hand (not using the slope calculations). The...
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    How to exclude default mesh

    I am building a railroad bridge model across a canyon in Arizona and I wanted the mesh data to be more correct than the default low res mesh. I was able to get a Geotiff for the area (NED data) and used resample to generate a new BGL for the mesh but when I view it in FSX/P3D, I see some sort of...
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    Need an Annotator like tool for large area building generation

    I would like to be able to add Autogen buildings to photoreal area BGLs, where I don't have any vector data, that would work somewhat like the Annotator Polygon Region option for vegetation. I would simply pick a GUID for the type of house and then draw a large rectangular area and get many...
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    Ace.exe errors out immediately now

    On Nov 13th or so, My original (FSX/ESP) version of ace.exe, which I use heavily to edit complex XML gauges, started erroring out immediately: AcewXML Parser Error Source C:\Program Files(x86)......xml Line: 0 Column: 0 Error:(0x83600FC1) I tried several backup copies and they do the same...
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    Conversion from fs9 gauge to FSX

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    UpdateAlways Fix XML Map gauges

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    Support tools needed

    Arno, I'm not sure which support tools are needed: 1) OSM to SHP 2) GIS tools to graphically look at SHP 3) Annotator - look at generated AGN files? For the first two, do I need them and where could I download them? I have just been downloading small SHP files from GEOFABRIK for a...
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    With Windows 7 64bit, Unable to load shapelib.dll

    Arno, I am trying to test out ScenProc to generate some trees and buildings. I downloaded the monaco shapefiles from GEOFABRIK and selected the buildings.shp file. My SPC file looks like the following: ____________________________________________________________ #...
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    Adding the landing light fan beam to models

    I found that I can add the fan beam landing light effect (fx_landing.fx) to any aircraft model - example is the trike ultralight - using the attach point editor. However, I cannot see how to connect it to the "L key" landing light switch. I am also adding Shockwave 3D lights but they have some...
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    FSX Object Visibility Range/Radius

    Regardingthe "visibility radius" of an object, I wondered if you have any idea how that is set in a model. I was trying to add a wind turbine model to a hillside and it would disappear about a mile away. A different model would never (maybe > 10 miles) disappear. And I finally found a model that...
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    Add moving aircraft at airport without using an FSX mission

    NOTE: I posted this to the Mission Development area but thought that a few of you who use SAMM might like to consider some easily added dynamic (but not regular AI) aircraft. I thought a few folks who like an airport to have some moving aircraft as well as static aircraft might like this tip...
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    Add moving aircraft at airport without using a mission

    I thought a few folks who like an airport to have some moving aircraft as well as static aircraft might like this tip. You can add a few prerecorded Flight Video files (FSR format) for driving some of the aircraft (you have to record yourself making the flights) and some AI aircraft following...
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    FS9 Static Gulfstream is slow under FSX

    I hope I'm not opening up an old wound or talking about an issue that is already been mentioned in this forum but I just want to know what I am up against. I want to add maybe 10 or 20 static aircraft to an airport. I have a library of most GA aircraft that was made for FSX (and with very nice...
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    FSX Mission Fire effect drawing order issues

    I seem to be having problems with using a fire effect attached to the GEN_SceneryEffect on top of a building in downtown Seattle. I get interference with clouds and other buildings in terms of drawing order - for example, clouds in front of the fire. Is there anything to try - I have...
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    Using Simconnect to feed eyepoint to FSX

    I am interested in using Simconnect to provide the 6DOF eyepoint to FSX so as to just use FSX as the out-the-window scene (with the airplane sim done with separate code) but my calibrated eye shows a definite stutter (missed frame updates) particularly when turning. I wondered if anyone out...
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    FSX FSXME - Substitute Object Capability?

    Hi all, Still learning! One thing I wondered is if you could easily substitute one object for another - this is key when the object has many references - say, over 10. You might have the need to change from a MenuItem or one kind of trigger to another. I ran into this with replacing the...
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    FSX How to add an animated object

    How do I find a list of objects that have animations built into them - like a waving person on the ground - and activate them? I want an object like the stranded folks in the Mt. St. Helens rescue. The PlayAnimateAction info seems to want an "animation GUID" - how would you find that? Thanks...